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    • Revelation 2:10
      Greetings firestormx,     The ten days tribulation could represent the period of about ten years of persecution that was soon to commence suffered under the reign of the Emperor Trajan who died in AD 117. The Pagan religion was being neglected as a result of the success of the spreading of the gospel throughout the Roman Empire. The letters between Trajan and Pliny give a good insight into this and the policy of Trajan and how Pliny effected this persecution in order to promote the Pagan religion and suppress the gospel. It has been suggested that the persecution against the believers in the region of these seven light-stands was intense during Trajan’s reign. Possibly Smyrna suffered more if the local governor or official was going to be more enthusiastic than other local officials, and this may be why this is specifically addressed to Smyrna.   Kind regards Trevor  
    • more indept study of Armenian and Calvinist
      I repent in dust and ashes--well not quite because it irritates my COPD.  But I misread what I thought you quoted out of context.  It was not a quote at all.  My dyslexia makes me a very poor reader. I do ask you to forgive me for accusing you of that.   The posts I made in the past you may have eliminated because you thought they had degenerated or because you thought they were off topic.  At any rate, I have spent a lot of time looking up and trying to quote the same Scriptures time after time.  This time many of them are in the reply to humbled but not all.   As said, predestination is looking at it all from God's view.  But I do believe that men alone are responsible for resisting God's call.  We who are saved can look back and see how God shaped circumstances and softened our hearts to convict us of sin and to receive Him into our lives.  God's revelation of Himself to me in nature was very sovereign.  There was no preacher nor was there any help from my parents or from church or any person.  The same goes with His conviction of sin and my repentance.  But I did need help after that to understand the nature of Christ and the Trinity.
    • What about Super-foods?
      Yes it was. Apparently it contained a full range of nutritional values, and according to tradition could be eaten in numerous ways. It could be eaten raw, and tasted like almond wafers. It could be baked into loaves and pancakes. If you have heard of anything else please say so. Manna was called angel's food as well. Whether angels ate, it I don't know, but the sanctuary on earth had a table to the left of the first apartment, which had bread made of manna on it, twelve loaves I think. The sanctuary in heaven also has a table, much larger, and has angel's bread or food on it, perhaps to give the angels something to eat as they enter the place, I don't know, but the place is huge. Whatever manna is, the Israelites were given health and vitality from that source of food. It was only when they lusted after the flesh pots of Egypt that disease set in and in some cases started plagues. Which makes us wonder why people would resort to the flesh pots when they have a good supply of all kinds of fruit, vegetables, nuts and grains available. The very diet which God recommended. But manna was a super food like no other, with the exception of the food that was given to Elijah, whereby he lived for over a month without anything else. I forgot to mention the tree of life - eat and never die.
    • more indept study of Armenian and Calvinist
      God has decided what kind of world He wishes to bring into being . We can look over time and find events unfolding in history ,much of it  God designed and some of it 'designed'  by human  activity which is so  often destructive . As humanity is mostly blind ,and lives in the moment, if  God did not provoke and guide our actions and thoughts we would just go round in circles , mainly in a downward spiral  . I do not believe that God cre
    • prayer for protection and deliverance
      Hey Fresno Joe. I dont live far from you. I live in lockport illinois. I dont think it is that  far from you.
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    • angels4u  »

      Amen ?
      · 0 replies
    •  »  angels4u

      · 4 replies

      I hope this weekend to finish the book on Enoch I'm reading and start on a book on DNA.  Besides that, I'm going to enjoy my 3-day weekend with my wife, dogs and fixing my car, if the relay comes from Amazon comes in time.  I really appreciate Amazon's breath of products, customer reviews and quality service.  I might even get some shooting done at the range.  Hope you all have a safe Memorial Day weekend.
      God Bless, (SObG)
      · 1 reply
    •  »  FresnoJoe

      "Greater love has no one than this, that one lay down his life for his friends.  [NASB, John 15:13]
      How much more is the love of Jesus for us that He laid down His life for us who were not yet His friends?  And let us never forget this Memorial Day the ultimate sacrifice of our men and women in service to this country, who put their lives on-hold, and on the line for all of us.  God bless them, their families and friends.
      Never Forgot, (SObG)
      · 1 reply

      Let us remember on this 3-day weekend those of us whose family members and friends have made the ultimate sacrifice for our safety.  To all the men and women in service to this country, both on the battlefield and serving in some support capacity, I solute you, and respectfully ask God to bless you and your families for your service, in Jesus name I pray. (SObG)
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