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  • Posts

    • Church Attendence
      By bopeep1909 · Posted
        Salvation is found in Christ.No amount of Church attendance will earn eternity in heaven.It should be a person choice if someone wants to attend a Worship service in a Church.Churches certainly are not what they used to be.I am sure there are a handful of Churches left that preach from the Bible.I have been very disappointed in several Churches I have attended.It is more the world than in the House of God.
    • Church Attendence
      By Ezra · Posted
      Bopeep, Evidently you need to dig a little deeper into Christian worship.  That is not putting God in a box but being obedient to God according to His Word.  Unfortunately Christians are generally not taught properly about worship as revealed in Scripture, and the meaning of gathering or assembling together.  Had the KJV used the word "assembly" instead of "church" for ekklesia, that concept would have been more evident (as in Hebrews 10:25): Not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together, as the manner of some is; but exhorting one another: and so much the more, as ye see the day approaching. How can we exhort one another, if we are absent from the gathering of the saints?  
    • healing
      By simplejeff · Posted
      there's possibly a lot of reasons that healing has been controversial.  maybe, because it is too easy.   oh, well..... here's a little help from the WORTHY LIBRARY >   of particular note on that reference; see that even pagans / heretics, AFTER they were saved by , or turned to,JESUS, were healed. it's not clear yet, not sure it's mentioned,  if any were healed or could be healed if they didn't turn to JESUS.
    • At a Berlin church, Muslim refugees converting in droves
      By MorningGlory · Posted
      Every word true; I wonder how this will play out for Europe?
    • How to give a Donald Trump speech in 12 easy steps
      By MorningGlory · Posted
      Actually, you're not being factual.  Trump blamed illegal immigrants which can mean white, Hispanic, black, Arab, Oriental or whatever.  He called out Mexicans, justifiably, but that's not a race either, it's a nationality.  As for Reagan, he didn't blame anyone for the country's problems; he just gave six million of them amnesty.
    • Result of divisions between Christians.
      By enoob57 · Posted
      You forgot above the Bible is not enough! There are no personal attacks only statements of fact that you continue to deny... but as long as your
      here spreading your heresies and false precepts I will call you out on them! Clearly a hermeneutic
      principle of transition are major factors in rightly dividing the Word... your unwillingness to address
      this shows inability or willful denial of simple truths within God's Word...
      2 Tim 2:15
      15 Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.
      by not rightly dividing your view is skewed from author intent and error is the result... Love, Steven
    • Trump knocks Ben Carson
      By MorningGlory · Posted
      That is probably so but I always think back to an exboss of mine, back in the nineties, who told me, and I don't remember in what context, that we don't need a saint for a President.  We need one who's not afraid to get their hands dirty mixing it up with the sewer rats around the world that he/she must deal with.
    • Mike Huckabee
      By ayin jade · Posted
      There was also financial problems with his church years ago. I read up on it during the last time he ran for office. And I dont mean honest financial problems. 
    • True Gospel opposed by world church. Truth wins.
      By Ezra · Posted
        Therese, Please stop making false accusations. I have quoted directly from a Roman Catholic authoritative source -- the Council of Trent. Every one who reads that can clearly understand and see that it is OPPOSED TO THE TRUE GOSPEL. So this is not false information, or lies, or rumors.  The whole world can now access the Council of Trent document -- -- as well as the Catechism of the Catholic Church . These are supposedly "infallible" for you and if one quotes from your "infallible sources" then that's the end of the matter. Whenever Catholics are confronted with the truth about their false doctrines and practices, they always have one litany "YOU SIMPLY DO NOT UNDERSTAND". That is utter nonsense. You claim that those anathemas do not apply to non-Catholics, when the plain words clearly state that those who reject the Catholic teachings found in the Council of Trent are accursed. So perhaps it is you who does not understand her own churches teachings, since you have denied this repeatedly.
    • Who has 'another Jesus'; a false Jesus ? a powerless gospel...
      By simplejeff · Posted
      I can only speak the truth.     As Yahweh permits.  Too bad for you - you not only don't know what the meaning of 'pray' is , nor who to pray to,  as your ongoing debate with Shiloh clearly revealed, as well as everything else you've posted,  now you show you don't know the meaning of "everyone" either.....   you keep showing that  you don't know the Truth , nor the meaning of anything, and  all those who would help you ,  as Jesus said concerning even Jerusalem, you won't permit/you're unwilling, and , you reject - Jesus and all of His true followers according to all of your own words./ posts.
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