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  • Posts

      Females are "named" in genealogies when there is anything remarkable about them, or when any right or property is transmitted through them. See (Genesis 11:29; 22:23; 25:1-4; 35:22-26; Exodus 6:23; Numbers 26:33)  I know Gen 3:15 and Gal 4:4 show us Christ would come through women without the seed of man. But, Mary is not listed in that genealogy. Scholar that set out the idea of it being Mary's genealogy Say "it probably is" or "most likely is" because the scriptures you posted but there is no basis to prove it by scripture. But, we do have clear instructions no one can speculate about, 2 Timothy:  23But refuse foolish and ignorant speculations, knowing that they produce quarrels. Then Titus 3:9 But avoid foolish controversies and genealogies and strife and disputes about the Law, for they are unprofitable and worthless. Personally I believe if their was a wisdom to be known about the Luke genealogy and taught to reveal truth about Christ there would be 2 or 3 biblical references cause truth is established by 2 or 3 witnesses and there would be a clear instruction to lead us to it and there is not. 
    • Zika virus..
      I pray that God's will be done in this terrible pestilence. 
    • fulfilled feasts
      Believe it or not, most of the church has no clue of the relationship of the Spring feasts to Jesus work. I have taught on this for a long time, and know how most Christians are shocked. And the purpose of most of the feasts has nothing to do with the sacrifices. Or the priesthood. As far as the priesthood, the New Covenant priesthood is not comparable to the Levitical priesthood, as I've already said. The New Covenant priesthood includes all believers, so there is no unique role to being a priest in the New Covenant, so priests have nothing to do with the feast days under the New Covenant.  
    • The Body of Moses, what happen to it ?
      Hello Saved,  Do you thing I am an expert in this matter, because I am attempting to give my peace of mind. No I have not come to judge your day with Moses, but to saved it. Where do you want to go with this post. Do you want to go to the future? If you do, you are free to speculate, and having establish your own club, of similar speculators, and you are more in number, the more justified you will be in your speculations, and see that you get some big names to endorse you, so you have something to bost about, but you can not bost on Jesus in your speculations. Having said that, do you really want to find out with scripture to what happen to Moses or not. By now you may say to your self, why don't you cut it out and spill your beans, so we can see what you 've got. Moses when he went to the mountain he was all alone, people knew what God said to Moses, but it is impossible to know what happen over there, because there were no one to wittness it. So let's start with the hard facts, and bring into the picture the need to have a closure in this matter, and what they needed to say to the people, and to have them mourn for Moses, and to give them peace, if the had this belief, that Moses is not around to watch them in the Spirit, and deal with them accordingly. So they said to the people; Moses is burry, have your peace, we are free from him. For a people wanting to have their way, this is a very comforting disclosure. So the people, went on the expedition looking for Moses body and they did not found it. What do you expect them to say; But why God did not let the people have his body and bury him, and mourn for him, they way they had mourn for Aaron.  And perhaps take the bones of Moses to the new place, the way they did with Jacob. You see that Moses did not let them do that for Aaron. But Moses was given the promise to take the people out if Egypt, or was he also given the promise to lead the people in the new place. Strange as it is, even the Lord who was with them in the dessert, in the pilar of a cloud and fire, he told them neither Moses and nor I are going with you in the new land.  Don't you find that strange? (there were many speculations, as to what happen to Moses and to his body, Jude mentions another one in his letter, and perhaps that one may have develop out of what Peter and Jonh have told them what they wittness on the mountain. But for sanities shake let's aplly the test, we never have any president that God took a dead body to haeven and to do what with that? And where is Moses? If he had died and left his body?  And we don't have any president that God can take someone to haeven after he is out of the body, and he is in heaven but his body is return to dust, before Jesus Christ.  On the other hand we have a latter president that God can took someone to Heaven, and he can do that if he takes him before he dies, and they were witnesses to testified to that.  But still the people went to look for the body of Eliah, as in the case of Moses and he can not find it. Making their own speculations according to the power that was working in them, their own comprehation about this matter. But the wittness at hand told them; don't bother to look for him.  Also if you understand these matters, everyone before Jesus Christ had the separation from God and when they died someone else comes to take them and keeps them, and that one was not God and the place to keep them was not heaven. Hope you understand that if you believe Jesus Christ, he open the way to heavens for mankind, the new inheritance.  Bye now I hope that you will be able to evaluate thoses matters on your own.  And try not to say "with God every thing is possible", to justified something that is sugested, but out of the will and order of how God has made things, and remember, " thow shall not tempt the Lord thy God", you see that Jesus did not say that everything is possible in those situations.  Thank you, that's enouph, I leave something for some other beavers.     
    • Creation and an Old Earth - One Possibility
      I really hate this passive aggressive "if you don't agree with me you are not saved" stunt so many Christians try to pull.  It only serves to drive people away from Christ, not towards him
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    • bopeep1909  »  *Zion*

      Thinking about you sis and missing your great sense of humor.
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    • Catsmeow  »  LadyKay

      Lady Kay: I think you'll fit in very well at my Google forums; they're more user friendly than most non google sites like Facebook (a well known name but a pain in the neck). Google makes everything so easy it's laughable. You can look like a genius online by the technology (polls, music vids via youtube, etc.) and I run three (3) forums that are starting growing quickly. I need people who have a relationship with Jesus Christ but can assist those who've fallen into temptation. That is, I am much more balanced and don't get my girdle all bunched up, (using a metaphor). I know we can't reach others if we ignore our experiences which help us understand and reach others. We each have talents that God can use; He promises to use all things to His glory for those who love him and are called according to his purpose. 
      Why not use your background in D & D and Potter to help those who are gravitating toward Christ but need help or guidance in that direction? I'd like you to see examples of this up close and personal. That is - I have a very, very special forum ready to go live and need specially selected people for different categories or genres (of issues). For some of us, it's suicide prevention, cutting and addictions (that's one of my strengths) and for another it's rock/metal/grunge/gospel/rap music category. For another it's, "D & D" or "Occult themes" - I'm looking for specially appointed moderators for these categories....
      It's time we, as believers, outta get out of our comfort zones and reach out to others who need help and guidance. In helping others we help ourselves as well. That's my thought. Anyway, I like your attitude...and would like to take you on a personalized tour of the site I have that hasn't gone *LIVE*'s about to. I have two others that are doing for teens (under 18) and one that's for adults/veterans of the US military (18 up). The one that's NOT gone live yet....(my 'baby') is very's the most important one: It's for the backslider and prodigal. I'm interested in find just the right mix of people who've experienced certain things and understand some of those darker, I'd like to talk to you if you're getting tired of the same ol' same ol' business as usual attitudes. 

      The fields are ripe but the workers are few...My gmail a/c is:
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    • C_Beth

      God bears the world’s weight on His shoulder, yet holds His children in the palm of His hand.
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