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  • Posts

    • What are you thankful to God for today?!
      By 19Duggarfan · Posted
      So okay our Wal-mart store got a gal who was very slow (and this an understatement) she really tried and was a sweetheart; but because no one else wanta to work with her; because you really could go faster on your own, they always put her with me which was literally tearing up my body, Praise God she quit.  That sound mean but my body was really feeling the wear and tear from just 3 days.  I really wish our management would have put her on door greeting, maintence or just something that didn't require speed.
    • The Fear of the Lord, The Beginning of Wisdom
      By TryingtoSurvive215 · Posted
      I really love your post! Fearing God is the beginning! Thank you for sharing!    (Mat 10:28)  And fear not them which kill the body, but are not able to kill the soul: but rather fear him which is able to destroy both soul and body in hell.  
    • Grumbling and gratitude...
      By TryingtoSurvive215 · Posted
      The best way to give thanks to the Father is to pray to him and thank HIM for another day and all that HE has provided for us. Even though we may have problems of all shapes and sizes, just remember HE is there to help us and guide us through our everyday tasks.   (1Th 5:18)  In every thing give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you.   Peace and Love  
    • We ALL Have a Universal Moral Code In Us
      By LuftWaffle · Posted
      Hi Siegi91 Don't worry. I'm also struggling with the new interface, so I can only imagine the difficulty with a phone. On to the discussion. Yes, I'm happy with your summary of what I'm claiming. If morality is reducible to physical processes then morality itself becomes somewhat meaningless, just like it would be meaningless to say that lithium is reacting to air in an evil way, or that electrons are flowing through copper wire in a morally good way. To ascribe moral value to deterministic physical processes seems to be a category mistake. You say that if your caring is reducible to physical processes, how can you not care, because you are in fact determined to care? You're right, your caring is determined by physical processes. So can the rapist say that his uncaring toward his female victim is exactly the same, it's just deterministically driven? You are just as determined to care as the bad guy is determined to not-care. So what makes one evil and another good? Morally all actions become equivalent because morality in such a scenario is pure illusion and ascribing moral value becomes meaningless. The reality is merely that some chemical aggregate interacted deterministically with another, whether he interaction is a man torturing a puppy or air oxidising a nail. There's no OUGHT attached, there's simply physics and chemistry, right? So if you're assuming that we are not logically justified in separating moral perception from any other physical process, then there is no truth value in any moral claim. Physical processes cannot be wrong about anything or right rationally or morally, yet is seems some people were wrong about slavery and rape as an act is morally wrong. It seems to me then that the problem must lie with your assumption that morality.
    • Hello to all!
      By TryingtoSurvive215 · Posted
      Greetings everyone! I am new to this site, but not new to the word of Christ and his Father! I was once searching for God and I had many questions that no man could answer. The Most High God showed me many things over the past few years. I have learned so much and I love spreading truth to people. When I first was enlightened, I used to be upset when people would ignore me and laugh because I believe in a higher power. Now, I have learned that this truth, knowledge and wisdom is not for everyone. (Mat 22:14)  For many are called, but few are chosen.  I am a firm believer that everyday that we are blessed with is another day we have to come closer to The Most High God and his Son. I look forward to getting to know all of you! Peace and Love  
    • Sarah Palin seems to stump for Trump
      By Steve_S · Posted
      I really don't think it's that difficult. It's not easy to blow up a 5 foot thick wall made out of reinforced concrete. Manning it is easy. We patrol a very porous border right now with just border patrol agents. As I mentioned earlier, you simply use the military (one of the actual reasonable functions of which is indeed border defense). We have active duty units stationed all over the country equaling over a million people. You simply pull some of those from garrison on a 3 or 6 month rotation and station them at the wall. You build towers at intervals directly behind it with interlocking lines of vision. You also place motion sensors all along it and sensors at ground level to detect tunnel digging (this technology in particular is pretty incredible right now). You don't have the military actually engage people who are attempting to cross. You use them for visual and electronic monitoring and have the current active border patrol force switch to primarily enforcement. If they are placed at reasonable intervals, say five miles apart, then they can rapidly respond to any area where a breach is occurring. You put a paved road directly behind the wall that runs the length of it and you put several layers of 15-20 foot chain link with razor wire on top behind that, maybe 2 to 4 layers at 50 foot intervals. What this basically does is trap anyone who tries to cross, ensuring that there's no way that they can negotiate the other fences before they are captured. If your stations are five miles apart then you are never more than 2.5 miles from any crossing. This would require roughly 350 or so response teams along a 1700 mile or so wall. The US border patrol currently has about 21k agents and most are assigned to the Mexican border (the only hard numbers I can find, as DHS does not publish this, is that, at most, around 2k of those patrol the canadian border). That leaves, reasonably, around 18-19k for the Mexican border at current levels. So, if you parse this out, assuming you keep maybe 3k agents out of rotations in order to have rapid reaction teams, accounting for covering for things like vacations, sick leave, etc., you end up with 15000 agents for 350 checkpoints. This leaves you around 40 or so guys per checkpoint. Assuming you rotate these guys on 40 hour shifts, you can probably have about 10 or so guys man each check point at all times, which leaves you with 10 guys no more than 2.5 miles away from any attempted crossing, 20 guys no more than 5 miles away from any attempted crossing, 30 guys no more than 7.5 miles away from any attempted crossing and 40 guys no more than 10 miles away from any attempted crossing. Right now these guys go out and patrol hundreds of square miles at a time with no more than teams of 2 to 10. This would be a *drastic* improvement over the current situation. As far as direct assaults on the wall/border using things like explosives, etc... Well, in that case you have the US military right there already with rapid response teams set up for this sort of thing. In a military style assault from a foreign nation posse comitatus does not apply and they would be defending the homeland, fulfilling their constitutional duty. For maintenance of the wall you keep a handful of detachments of the Army Core of Engineers every 100 miles or so along the wall. These guys are trained to build bridges and entrenchments in combat situations. Repairing a wall is nothing for them. There would always be a detachment no more than an hour a way if repairs are needed. This plan would be based on a multi-tiered defense with mobile response units and well trained surveillance units being stationed along it. It would make far better use of the border patrol's allocation of assets by using the military, who is already standing and spends a lot of their time on bases in the interior US, for surveillance and support. You use the border patrol to make the interdictions and arrests of civilians attempting to cross. You use the military in the event of an assault. You have in ground sensors that tell you when tunnels are being dug and you already have the army core of engineers on hand to destroy them when they are found. None of this would be incredibly expensive because these are things we are *already* paying for. The up front cost would be construction. Now, I make this argument from the position of someone who is against building a border wall such as this! I recognize that most of the people who come across are doing so in dire straits from desperate situations a lot of the time. I make this argument for one main reason: I believe that building a wall is not only feasible, I believe that it would be fairly cheap and easy compared to some of the other things that our government sinks money into. I have an inherent problem with the argument that it is not feasible, because I believe that most of the officials who make an argument that it is not feasible are simply doing so because they do not want it built. That sort of thing makes the building of a wall more likely to me, not less. Saying something is not possible that is very possible does not make it less likely that will happen. It is simply wishful thinking. All that has to happen is for someone to come along and show that it can be done and then your one argument against doing it is gone. I have seen polls done that say as many as 63 percent of american citizens support a wall on the border. The lowest number I have seen in any poll was one that had it at 51 percent, but even in that poll only 37 percent opposed it. My point here is that if anyone with the political will to do this gets into office and the only argument is that we cannot do it, they are *almost certainly* going to be able to do it. Modern technology is pretty incredible at building things such as this and there are hordes of private contractors that would love to get a government contract for this sort of project. You have to remember, walls more impressive than the one that I just mentioned were built thousands of years ago. The idea that we could not do it now efficiently is simply not reasonable in my mind.
    • My Unforgettable Journey
      By TryingtoSurvive215 · Posted
      Hello HeNeverLeftUs, Your testimony is truly amazing! Thank you for sharing your story with everyone! The Most High works in mysterious ways. HE will show you things and even reveal things to you in dreams.    Peace and Love
    • ex-Muslim looking for a piece of advice.
      By TryingtoSurvive215 · Posted
      Hello Undecided, You are truly blessed to have heard the call of The Most High God! When it comes to family, they may not accept it first, but, all you can do is pray for them. Prayer is the most powerful thing and our only communication with the Father. When first being awakened, it is good to repent for the things you have done. Asking for forgiveness and acknowledge the fact that you are a sinner. Also, accepting Christ as the Son of God and acknowledge that through his sacrifice, we will be forgiven. If you ever need help with scriptures, please contact me or anyone else on here and we will all help. We need to stay strong together through this journey that The Most High God has placed us on.   Peace and Love
    • do you believe that the first white horse has been released already
      By Esther4:14 · Posted
      huh?  It has been three years since what? Maybe you missed the part where all of these three things line up and happen during what Revelation chapter 6 refers to as the sixth seal, "The seven years will more than likely only represent the time of the beast and the witnesses characterized by sackcloth (Revelation 6:12; Revelation 11:3); and the reference to 1260 days (Revelation 11:3; Revelation 13:5) places all of this taking place at the same time when the sixth seal is opened.  But, the seals will have already been opened." Maybe next time you refer to someone as being deluded you will be inspired to show that you are not by using scripture to defend your position.  You don't have to agree with me, but disagreeing and insulting are two different things.      If you don't agree, keep the insults to yourself.  Yell into your pillow.  Why not tell our father in Heaven what you think of me and see what sort of discernment He can give you before you go calling people deluded as though you have some anointing to speak for Him in regard to others.  Maybe you should check with him first and then journal before you go calling people deluded.  Then, if you find you have a legitimate counter argument using scripture to defend your position, let it out. 
    • How the whole world ends up before Jesus Returns.
      By simplejeff · Posted
      When Yeshua returns, it is written .....  and most all the world is wrong..... But for TODAY, right now, tonight, tomorrow, each day --- DO what is required  ...................................  OR ................................................................ DON'T DO what is required.   .................. TODAY ,     "each day",   while it is still called today.  Before it's too late. Yeshua said what to do.   Yochanan the immerser did also.   the apostles did also.  i.e.  "it is written" .  and Yeshua said the Father has appointed what to do - 'the schedule' of everyone's days,  and  "whoever knows what to do, and doesn't do it, for them it is sin"  ....   and  "if anyone sees someone in need, and tells them "  <like> 'go and be warm' 'go and be full' (when hungry) but does not share what they have,  they have done that to the Master Yeshua Himself. i.e. --- no excuse 'waiting' to be whisked away;  rather as a  good servant,  be doing what is right and good daily, not knowing when the owner will return. i.e. --- if 'the rapture' happens,  some day,  that won't change the true believers day to day life living by faith in union with Yeshua the Messiah and doing what the Father says to do.   (the sheep hear the shepherds voice, and are guided by Him, not by religion,  and they won't follow the butcher).
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