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  • Posts

    • Sentimental Christianity and the Death of Our Children
      Sentimental Christianity and the Death of Our Children
      By Shawn Meyer   When the world is at peace and all is well, maybe we can afford a cupcake Christianity that is built on sweet sentimentalism with "Jesus words" sprinkled on top. Maybe then we can suffer a theology that refuses to see and think and would just as soon pretend Jesus never commanded his disciples to be wise as serpents and on guard against evil men (Matt 10:16-17). For most of our history, Christianity was embraced by men and women who applied wisdom to love. They were realists who understood the world in which they lived and naturally processed events in light of the ideologies that drove them. Christianity wasn't a philosophical refuge for spiritual utopians, nor was the Bible a reference book of cliches. "Judging not" had nothing to do with assessing ideologies; it was about the consistency with which one assigns moral standards to himself and his neighbor. "Turning the other cheek," "doing unto others," and "loving your enemies" represented general principles for personal relationships. Applying a hermeneutic of common sense and with Jesus' intentions in mind, these principles were understood to have little or nothing to do with foreign policy and national security. How times have changed! Nowadays, many are happy to embrace just about any policy so long as someone tags a line from the Sermon on the Mount and slaps the "love" label on it. It's the mindless route for Christians and as dangerous as dumb. There are many good Christian brothers and sisters who disagree with me. They claim to have calculated the risks. To their credit, many of them are not only calling for us to accept Muslim refugees, they have already demonstrated their willingness to make personal sacrifices to extend Christ's love to those in need. They've gone to dangerous places and taken risks for the gospel that many Christians haven't and wouldn't. On the question of accepting refugees, I do not challenge the sincerity of their love; I challenge the depth of their wisdom. Going to dangerous places with the gospel is different than inviting dangerous people to live among us. I used to share the gospel in a maximum security prison with hardened killers. I never offered to put one in my spare bedroom.   For the rest of the article>>>
    • Read Scripture the way Luther did
      This book was offered at the Nuremburg trials by the Nazi's as part of their defense, that if Luther were alive then, he would be there, on trial with them.          
      If God operates in perfection, then there is no reason to change his mind.   Changing his mind implies imperfection.   It implies that God does things that don't work, that are less than perfect, and so he changes his mind to go down a better more perfect path.    Perfection precludes a change of mind.
      Actually, Phil 2:5-11  makes the case that Jesus was limited (voluntarily and temporarily) in certain divine prerogatives while on earth.   Jesus did not take His equality with God as something to be exploited to his own advantage according to Paul and he emptied himself of those prerogatives.   He did not give up any attributes, but imposed upon himself a willingness to operate as a fully human person in complete reliance upon the Father. People forget that Jesus was modeling the Christian life.   Jesus did not deal with Satan in His divinity, otherwise he could not have been tempted.   Had he not been tempted, he could not have modeled for us how to handle it.   Jesus dealt with temptation in his humanity, overcoming it with the Word of God and with the power of the Holy Spirit and that is exactly how He expects us to deal with temptation. Jesus prayed, as a man, even though He was God.  Again, he was modeling prayer for us.    Jesus, more than once, proclaimed that he was doing the works of His Father and that His words were the words of the Father.   Jesus did not, according to him, operate apart from the constant direction of the Father.    It is clear that Jesus, as a man, though still fully God, accepted and voluntarily took upon Himself the limitations of a man for the duration of His time on earth.   Note that as God Jesus was, prior to this incarnation, omnipresent.   Yet in a physical body, he was not omnipresent thus limited to one place in space and time.    That does not mean Jesus was not fully God.  None of the limitations he operated under, in any way, diminished his deity. Where does the Bible say that God had not fixed the future date of the return of Jesus?  That is an assumption you are drawing.  Show from the OT and from the Gospels that it is clear that God had no idea when the Second Coming would come.   There are over 1,500 references to Jesus' second coming in the OT.  36 OT prophets speak of it.   Please show from them that God had no idea, no fixed date for the return of Jesus.    Who says the future is not fixed?   Where is that supported in Scripture???  Actually, a future that is not fixed diminishes God entirely because God always operates in the fullness of time.   God is not in the dark about the future.  If God is in the dark about the future, then He is blind to any potential obstacle to the plan of salvation.   If God is in the dark about the future, then God cannot guarantee salvation to anyone.   We cannot trust that God will be able keep us saved, that something won't come up that God didn't know about and completely thwart is ability to be faithful to His promises.    Sorry, but I am not buying into your feeble, fleshly assumptions.  I will stick to the Word of God which teaches that God is 100% omniscient.  That's the truly Christian perspective.
    • Ben Shapiro: The Truth About THANKSGIVING
      He was not there.  I was not there.  Were you?  But everyone talks like they were.   What the biblical Christians did from the beginning was live like newly saved people do as is evidenced in the scriptures.  They all acted in various ways under various situations.  What the church has been doing for 2000 years is growing and maturing through generations. Communism as it has been taught and lived throughout history is a failed system for sure.  I agree wholeheartedly.  There is much more to Gods system of self government under Christ than what any of those who have tried to implement historically have ever been able to achieve.   There are those among us now upon the Earth who are waking up to the truth about God and his Son who has been reigning in Heaven over the Heavens and the Earth for 2000 years now.  These understand that Satan knows his time is short and that he is executing his final plan before his removal while the rest of us occupy until Christ comes. Stewardship is not ownership.  'My' belongings are not miine.  Not even my own body belongs to me.  Communism?  No, I live under an absolute theocracy where the goal is demassification with the elimination of all forms of human government through lack of necessity but this will not be realized worldwide until all the seals are broken and judgment meted out. There have been a lot of well meaning people trying to bring in Gods kingdom without knowledge.  Failed attempts at being the one to being peace.  The biggest failure to do so will be Antichrist though just as Judas did he will believe he knows who Jesus is but will not.
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