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  • Posts

    • Is it just me...
      By ladypeartree · Posted
      Logan you are not 21 nor are you last 
    • The Lord Jesus Christ
      By shiloh357 · Posted
      I don't need to look at the Bible any other way, because I am right and you are wrong.   I can afford to be close-minded when I am right.    Yes, you did.  And you're wrong.   He does, in the Person of the Holy Spirit.   Jesus can do that because he is God.   I am both listening and reading. And I am rejecting what you teach because you don't believe the Bible and are spreading heresy.  True followers of Jesus do not believe as you believe.  No, that passage in Romans 10 says Jesus sacrifice for sin is once for all.  His mediation as High Priest is a different issue.  But this man, because he continueth ever, hath an unchangeable priesthood. Wherefore he is able also to save them to the uttermost that come unto God by him, seeing he ever liveth to make intercession for them.  (Heb 7:24-25) Jesus lives forever and  He "ever lives"  (present tense) to make intercession for us as our High Priest.  It is a continuous ongoing priesthood. That's your theology.  Prove it. It doesn't confound anyone.   There are lots of things about God that we are incapable of figuring out but we can still trust the Bible even if don't understanding the nuts and bolts.   But the Bible does demonstrate the Trinity even though it doesn't explain it.    I guess some people have the faith to believe the Bible and others don't. I am not pigeon holing you at all. l am simply working from your rejection of Jesus as God.   Your views are heretical and are not Messianic. 
    • Making Supernatural A Natural Way of Life
      By FAITHEY · Posted
      Intro: Supernatural is supernatural. It is a thing or event that could just simply blow your mind! Yes it's impossible, unbelievable and indescribable! That's what ordinary people react! Take a close understanding to what Jesus did in the Bible and how He responded and performed His miracles! -He turned water to wine; -walked in the waters; -calmed the storms; - commanded the fishes; -fed and healed the multitudes; --even his taxes and his disicples, he paid out from a fish? All of these are impossible yet He made it so so easy! Of course, you would say He is God, He can do everything, and we are just human? Would you believe you can do what he did and even greater things than that? Read: Jn 14:12 I will show three ordinary persons in the bible who became extraordinary, natural ones became supernatural in the Lord! These men made supernatural a natural way of life. HOW TO MAKE SUPERNATURAL NATURAL TO US? 1. Be empowered by the Holy Spirit Peter - In his preaching 3000 added to the church! And more and more Jews turned to Jesus! He was empowered by the Holy Spirit, because He waited, humbly waiting in prayer, allowing God to work in him! Are you allowing the Holy Spirit to work with you? Read Acts 1:8 2. Be strengthened by Christ Paul - after three days He encountered Jesus and he began to win the Gentiles and established more churches! He wrote almost half of the new testament! Even though he persecuted the church before, he was transformed to mightily transform others! In his weakness Christ is made perfect! And in his strength, Christ is only source! Who is your source? Read Phil 4:13 3. Be filled with power, love and sound mind Timothy - After Paul planted so many churches he needs an equally anointed man to sustain the ministries and it was Timothy, Paul's faithful assistant and beloved son in faith! Even though he is so young, he made a difference! Do you want to make a difference to other people? Read 2 Tim 1:7   CONCLUSION & CHALLENGE If we are just so willing and obedient, God will use us mightily! Supernatural must be a way of life! It should be nothing but normal as we expand the Kingdom of God! Let us experience supernatural everyday with Jesus! Let us be empowered by the Holy Spirit, strengthened by Christ and filled with power, love and sound mind!
    • The things in the Bible ain't necessarily so.....
      By thereselittleflower · Posted
      Bullinger can be quite radical in his views. I can find nothing to suggest Jonah died in the bellow of the sea creature.    
    • Donald Trump calling Anthony Weiner a 'perv'
      By Omegaman 3.0 · Posted
      Not that is is a great answer that addresses all of the issues, and not that I want to persuade you to get on the Trump bandwagon, but I did address this  question, in case you missed it, I did so here:
    • Trump tosses Univision reporter out of rally
      By shiloh357 · Posted
      Yes, at first, I didn't like Trump.   I figured he would be a flash in the pan, a loud mouthed blowhard and would probably stumble all over himself and made huge gaffs have to bow out.    But as I have listened to him, he hasn't said anything all that bad.   He is talking about the administration and the Rep. establishment in terms that Americans have only been thinking.  He is saying things that Americans have been saying but have been ignored by the Rep. establishment.   He represents us rather than the establishment who represent themselves and have tried to tell us what we think and have tried to tell us they know better than we do what's good for us. Trump, once I got to hearing him, says some good things.  I prejudged him too soon. The crack about the anti-Christ was bit uncalled for.  It is Obama who wooed people like the anti-Christ will.  If you want to see how the world will fall all over the AC  look at how Obama was treated like a messiah by everyone, not only in the US but in the world.   Obama could do no wrong and for the first year or of his presidency, not even late night comedians were allowed to crack jokes about him.   There were songs written about him, there products marketed in his image.  Shopping malls had kiosks with Obama hairspray, Obama key chains, Obama T-shirts, Obama air-fresheners, etc.   He received the Nobel Peace prize for being himself, essentially. 
    • Trump tosses Univision reporter out of rally
      By shiloh357 · Posted
      It's not like the Democrats have a candidate to be proud of.   Hillary Clinton is not popular among young voters or anyone else on the Left.   Obama has left her to twist in the wind.   Clinton is under immense FBI investigation for flaunting the laws and her disregard for protocol put the country at huge risk. She doesn't have the rock star status either her husband or Obama had in their elections.   She bores people to death.   She has a cult following but is losing ground rapidly.  She feels that laws are for peasants and she and her husband, in the past, always managed to just ignore problems by waiting for the news cycle to change and hope the everyone is sufficiently distracted enough to forget  how crooked they are.    That is changing because when you are running for president, everything stays in the spotlight.   Clinton, like Obama is a liar , a serial liar at that.  She thinks she is above the law and was expecting a coronation, not an election.  She assumed that she was apparent nominee and probably didn't expect that she would have to work as hard at damage control and PR as she is now.   Bernie Sanders is nothing but a socialist, not even a Democrat and he runs on that platform.  He is also a pacifist and the last thing we need is a pacifist in the White House.   He would not defend this country.   Like Obama, Sanders would prefer to be a president who can't be bothered with foreign policy.  He simply wants to concern himself with his socialist agenda here in the US.   Obama is weak and incoherent on foreign policy.  We are not a socialist nation and we don't need or want a socialist president.   Even young democrats understand that Capitalism is better than socialism, especially in the US. Biden is a complete stooge.   He is just as bad as Clinton and people don't want another president like Obama.   Obamacare has been a nightmare for millions of Americans and liberalism has been a huge disappointment for voters.   Young voters who voted for Obama when they were in college, now have some life experience, eight years later and still can't find jobs and are now strapped with paying for a healthcare plan they can't afford or face huge fines.   We are looking to end Obamacare and replace with something far better.  We don't want another for years having to live under the stupidity and tyranny of liberalism. I think  you will find that many Americans will support ending the anchor baby laws.   Citizenship in the US is a privilege and not a right.   It is unfair to the immigrants who come here legally  who do their due diligence to have other immigrants come over here by breaking our laws, and receiving more benefits than the immigrants who are legal.    There is nothing extreme about ending the anchor baby laws.   The anchor baby is actually the product of a misinterpretation of the 14th amendment.   The 14th amendment was meant to protect the children of slaves who might have been disenfranchised if they were born to parents who were slaves.   It was meant to grant the children of the slaves American citizenship.   It was not meant to give citizenship to every baby born in the US to non-citizen parents.   Far from being extreme, if we ended birthright citizenship, we would be preserving the Constitution's original intent. He has got the right stuff at this point, and if the Liberals don't like Trump, then he would likely be the right person.  I have found that liberals typically are wrong about everything in politics and are bad for America.  If there is a policy that liberals hate, that's probably the right policy to have.
    • China and Russia are using hacked data to target U.S. spies, officials say
      By WorthyNewsBot · Posted
      Foreign spy services, especially in China and Russia, are aggressively aggregating and cross-indexing hacked U.S. computer databases -- including security clearance applications, airline records and medical insurance forms -- to identify U.S. intelligence officers and agents, U.S. officials said. View the full article
    • The things in the Bible ain't necessarily so.....
      By Esther4:14 · Posted
      So, e.w. bullinger's description of the account of Jonah suggests that Jonah does actually die in the belly of the fish and is almost a literal comparison to the resurrection of Christ; minus the fact that Christ has been transformed back into a body that will never die when He was resurrected, and Jonah would die again at some point like Lazarus would even though Jesus brought him back to his life in the flesh.  I do not know why you couldn't have just said that, but okay I found it.  Thanks.  
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