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  • Posts

    • Just wondering about Donald Trump
      Why would Trump be in danger. No it's to much planning to do it. He looks like he is well secure. Why would he be in danger. He is not president yet.
    • Is the tribulation for the jewish people
      I agree, and to try to get them to turn to God.   
    • What is Nutrition?
      In the equation for nutrition, where the sum of nutrition is the total energy you receive by eating, after subtracting the energy required to digest or process food. We could be more inclusive and say that nutrition = food intake, less total work and energy spent. This sum shows how efficient God has made the digestive system, we end up being able to work far more than we eat. Since only God knows the full calculation of that, we'll have to go by what He recommends for our diet.  The original diet before sin was mainly fruit, easy to find and pick, appetizing, and very easy to digest, high energy yield etc. After sin, the human body began to break down - serious help needed there, so God recommended eating the green stuff - "herb of the field" or vegetables, which would supply the recent demand for minerals, amino acids, vitamins, proteins, and medicinal properties. These two categories - fruits and veges, are relatively easy to digest compared to processed and refined foods, and especially red meat.  Meat does not have a high yield of goodness, it is hard to digest, has indigestible fats in it, is prone to decay in the gut, is acid forming, and has a high risk of carrying toxins and diseases. This is especially true today, where the animals are bred for their rump size, and raised in terrible conditions, regardless of state regulations to the industry. God does not condemn eating flesh, but has placed recommendations as to what meats are best to consume, which are listed in Leviticus, and classified into clean animals verses the unclean. The basic difference between the two classes is whether the animal is a predator or not. The clean animals are on the lower end of the food chain, mostly vegetarian, grazers, good digestive system etc. So don't eat a lion, when you can eat a cow. Have a chicken instead of a vulture, and a fish instead of a squid. Remember if you are going to eat meat, you will get the problems animals have - tumors, cancer, ulcers, leukemia, killer bacteria, toxicity, and so forth. If you eat plants and plant products, you eat the plant problems, but not too many people have died from mildew or fruit fly. Have you ever heard of someone going into surgery for having moths? It's very rare - so leave the animals to keep the grass down, and eat fruits and veges. 
    • When Michael stands up
      Yes, there are connecting verses in Daniel and Revelation. Daniel 12 corresponds to Revelation 12, the war in heaven, which takes place near the very start of great tribulation, in the middle of the seven years.   Backing up some.   Israel embraces the person, the little horn, as their messiah, and the 7 years begin.   Then he betrays them by claiming to be God.   So they reject him as continuing as their King of Israel  - ending his stint as being the "Antichrist", no longer in the role of king of Israel.    God has the person killed , and in disdain for him, brings him back to life - now the beast of Revelation 11, who kills the two witnesses.    And he starts persecuting the Jews, and anyone else who doesn't worship him. The two witnesses rise, ascend to heaven, the 7th trumpet blows beginning the process of the kingdoms of the world ending being under Satan's influence.   Fist step is to kick Satan and his angels down to earth.   In the second heaven, Michael "stands up" (a "saying" based upon what animals do right as they start to fight, bighorn rams prime example,  that means about to go to war) and goes to war against Satan and his angels - and they are cast down to earth from their abode, the second heaven.    Michael had even back at the time of Daniel encounters with the prince of Persia and prince of Greece - forcing those angels aside, in Daniel 10. So Satan is cast down to earth and there is a time, times, and a half times, - the worst period of trouble for the nation of Israel ever.     At the end of Satan's time,  at the end of the seven years, Jesus returns to this earth with the Armies of heaven.    We have to keep in mind that along with Satan there are Satan's angels here on earth who are going to oppose Jesus's return - as well as the armies of the nations.     Michael and his armies will fight against Satan's angels - this is what I conclude, as the bible does not specifically say - nor what happens to Satan's angels at that time.           
    • What about Super-foods?
      Nothing wrong with hippies.   I can just imagine what comes out of your kitchen - mmm yum. Good variety, high nutrient yielding foods, easy to digest, are some of the secrets of longevity. So it seems that super foods are quite natural in the diet of other cultures and even with our ancestors, but our industrialized nations have gone for the varieties which favor business, which are not always the best sources of fiber, minerals, vitamins, amino acids, oils etc. hence when we consume these other varieties, we end up helping ourselves to a degree.
  • Recent Status Updates

    • petula  »  FresnoJoe

      I'm so glad you are stronger , Praise God.
      · 0 replies
    • angels4u  »

      Amen ?
      · 0 replies
    •  »  angels4u

      · 4 replies

      I hope this weekend to finish the book on Enoch I'm reading and start on a book on DNA.  Besides that, I'm going to enjoy my 3-day weekend with my wife, dogs and fixing my car, if the relay comes from Amazon comes in time.  I really appreciate Amazon's breath of products, customer reviews and quality service.  I might even get some shooting done at the range.  Hope you all have a safe Memorial Day weekend.
      God Bless, (SObG)
      · 1 reply
    •  »  FresnoJoe

      "Greater love has no one than this, that one lay down his life for his friends.  [NASB, John 15:13]
      How much more is the love of Jesus for us that He laid down His life for us who were not yet His friends?  And let us never forget this Memorial Day the ultimate sacrifice of our men and women in service to this country, who put their lives on-hold, and on the line for all of us.  God bless them, their families and friends.
      Never Forgot, (SObG)
      · 1 reply
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