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  • Posts

    • prayer request
      I pray also in agreement with the above prayer from David of Derby. Amen! Amen! Amen!
    • more indept study of Armenian and Calvinist
      I do not think that you are properly applying that. If a man's life does not reflect the faith in his life, that does not mean his theology is wrong, certainly notion everything he says. If a Christian commits an act of adultery, his fruit is bad. If he said that Jesus is the Son of God, should re reject that teaching because his fruit is flawed? I  imagine there are scores of pastors, maybe hundreds or thousands, who have produced some bad fruit. That is not the measure of truth, that is just hypocrisy. Are you totally free of that? I am not. The measure of a teaching, is comparing it with scripture. Personally, I find some of your theology to be suspect, at least in peripheral matters, as I know you do mine as well. John Calvin, if he is in error, was in error on peripherals, even if they are important ones. In any case, I again stress, that this topic is about theology, not personality. Let's measure that and not throw the baby out with the bath water. On the plus side, I agree that it should be a matter of prayer for us all, and I would not reject the idea of you praying for me.
    • 2Thessalonians2:6-7 explained
      here's something interesting -- the "restrainer" in 2 Thessalonians is referred to using masculine singular tense. 

      but in the very same letter, the addressee "the church" is feminine:

        3588 [e] tē τῇ to the Art-DFS 1577 [e] ekklēsia ἐκκλησίᾳ church N-DFS 2331 [e] Thessalonikeōn Θεσσαλονικέων of [the] Thessalonians, N-GMP (( this is from 2 Thessalonians 1:1   ← full text in the link ))
        i think this obvious gender mis-match throws a serious wrench into the interpretation that the church itself is "the restrainer" / "the withholder" 

      so here's something you'd never grasp if all you ever study is the words of the kjv ((or any English translation, because English language does not carry gender information)), without that the Spirit guide you in your understanding. 

      not that we cannot comprehend the mystery of God without studying Greek/Hebrew -- because by the Spirit we are taught all things, even if we do look at the original languages! but that there is certainly great value for understanding and knowledge for us if we are able to learn to look into these things. their ready availability all over the internet for us is a huge blessing in our time! 
      all the same we should all be careful not to think we're 'experts' just because we have resources. i am not trained in these languages at all. i just know how to look things up. if someone who is trained to comprehend this stuff would correct me, please do so!! i would love to gain understanding by the rebuke  
      English does not carry gender information or all the tenses and cases that Greek grammar uses. so information is necessarily lost when we translate the scripture to English. our language simply cannot contain the information in the original -- it is a "lower dimension."
      this information - present in the scripture as written - can only be found by (1) the guidance of the Holy Spirit miraculously teaching us and/or (2) studying the original languages. 
      if you're kjv-only, here's another reason for you to drop the pretense. 
    • A christian woman marrying a muslim man
      I would add, in addition to all of the good advice in this thread, that the EMOTION of love, is not a good basis for a marriage. It is nice to have, but it is optional. Love of that sort can come and go. In a marriage, the man and woman should love each other, not just as an emotion, but in the sense of always seeking the well being of the other. If a Christian chooses to marry an unbeliever, in defiance of scripture, I believe that to be a case of idolotry, with the spouse being the idol. You cannot put another person, or your own desires over God. Missionary dating, is never a good idea. Missionary marriage, is an invitation to a catastrophe! You had the good sense to ask for advice, follow that up with the good sense to take it! Pray for strength, do what is right. In the meantime, if you love the man, pray for him, but stay unattached. If later, he converts to Christianity, and sticks that out for a while and matures in the faith, you can reconsider it.
    • 2Thessalonians2:6-7 explained
      the kjv is not the be-all / end-all source for what the scripture says -- this was written in Greek, not ye olde Anglish. 
      it's a translation - a good one, to be sure, but it isn't perfect, and as the English language usage evolves, some things as written in English 400+ years ago are better stated today with different words. 

        Strong's Transliteration Greek English Morphology 2532 [e] kai καὶ And Conj 3568 [e] nyn νῦν now Adv 3588 [e] to τὸ that which Art-ANS 2722 [e] katechon κατέχον is restraining, V-PPA-ANS 1492 [e] oidate οἴδατε, you know, V-RIA-2P
        notice that the word in the scripture translated into English "is restraining" ((or in the KJV, "is withholding")) is a verb. not a noun, but the scripture speaks of "that which" is restraining -- referring to a being, here in verse 7, "the [one] restraining" -- in nominative masculine singular case:
        3440 [e] monon μόνον only [there is] Adv 3588 [e] ho ὁ the [one] Art-NMS 2722 [e] katechōn κατέχων restraining [it] V-PPA-NMS 737 [e] arti ἄρτι at present Adv 2193 [e] heōs ἕως until Conj 1537 [e] ek ἐκ out of Prep 3319 [e] mesou μέσου [the] midst Adj-GNS 1096 [e] genētai γένηται. he might be [gone]. V-ASM-3S
      if you can explain how this Greek word doesn't mean "restraining" then go for it. 

      ((Greek breakdown copied from 
  • Recent Status Updates

    • angels4u  »

      Amen ?
      · 0 replies
    •  »  angels4u

      · 4 replies

      I hope this weekend to finish the book on Enoch I'm reading and start on a book on DNA.  Besides that, I'm going to enjoy my 3-day weekend with my wife, dogs and fixing my car, if the relay comes from Amazon comes in time.  I really appreciate Amazon's breath of products, customer reviews and quality service.  I might even get some shooting done at the range.  Hope you all have a safe Memorial Day weekend.
      God Bless, (SObG)
      · 1 reply
    •  »  FresnoJoe

      "Greater love has no one than this, that one lay down his life for his friends.  [NASB, John 15:13]
      How much more is the love of Jesus for us that He laid down His life for us who were not yet His friends?  And let us never forget this Memorial Day the ultimate sacrifice of our men and women in service to this country, who put their lives on-hold, and on the line for all of us.  God bless them, their families and friends.
      Never Forgot, (SObG)
      · 1 reply

      Let us remember on this 3-day weekend those of us whose family members and friends have made the ultimate sacrifice for our safety.  To all the men and women in service to this country, both on the battlefield and serving in some support capacity, I solute you, and respectfully ask God to bless you and your families for your service, in Jesus name I pray. (SObG)
      · 0 replies
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