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  • Posts

    • Bidding Godspeed - Invoking God's Blessing
      You may have noticed AlgotS, that when I leave Chat, or when others exit Chat, that it is not habit, to say Gbu  (God bless you), but rather I just say "Bye".  That habit,  is based on 2 John 10-11, the passage you quoted. Now, of course I assume that most in Chat are actual Christians, but I just chose long ago, to not have my default exit verbiage in Chat be God Bless you. Certainly I am over reacting to that passage, taking beyond it's intention, but I am just being cautious. I should probably rethink this, and come up with a standard exit line, that reflects what I really want to say, perhaps something wordy, like what I say in one of my videos: "May God bless you as you follow the Son"
    • Intelligent Design and the Language of Life
      This latest installment on the subject of DNA pointed me to a former atheist now Christian named J. Warner Wallace.  He has two books out on this subject that I have bookmarked for future purchase as soon as I can find my Amazon Visa card.  It's lost, but in my house somewhere.  Anyway, I don't know why I get obsessed with certain subjects, DNA being the latest.  I also have a long-term obsession with Creation. Your intelligence showed through in our various threads on physics, intelligent design, time and infinity.  You are God's gift to any thread you post on.  God bless you and all you love. SObG
    • cruz ends candidacy
      Yes, she does love our country and she's a real political junkie.  She gets election news on her phone while she's working! I think you're probably right about the MSM going after Trump hard but, since he's been dealing with them for decades, I think he'll be able to handle it.  I just saw in Yahoo news that Kasich is dropping out too.  THAT surprised me.
    • Galatians assignment
      You are not Paul, and you can not live the life of Paul, refusing to have a wife and children, and setle down in some place, and have a source of income providing the necessaries means for them.........and taking his children to a baseball game and to the 4th of July celebrations.   And you are not a Monk, living in isolation behind four walls, even though you will be growing grapes, and the rest. Hope that you can read between the lines, for this program is design to equip you with skiils to live as a self sustain individual with the help of these programs and faith in Jesus who can help us to grow stronger, and put up a battle against the tsunami that will come and try to overtake us, paralyzing our minds, and our whole been, for Jesus said is the sick that needs me more.  For I don't want to judge even some atheist who have done good and without faith in Jesus Christ. For what do you know is the specific will of Jesus for you.  He wants you to have peace with him, even as you are battling some things that took long time to become part of you, be stubborn in your fight, keep your faith strong, no matter what, and Jesus will give you the victory. For is a victory against many batlles that will come your way, which you have not seen, but you have to fight some of your battles with him, some alone, and some of the battles he will fight them for you.  For the scriptures you posted is a good theme, for the program you are in, and perhaps that what they need to here, that you will do your fight with Jesus on your side, and if you loose some battles, you will still go ahead, for there is a lot of reflection and learning in any situation we are in.  For our society is not like the OT, discard the afflicted, and cast them away, or lock them up. But it is a society of compation that value the life of every one, just like Jesus Christ believes in rehabilitation and never gives up, and it is satisfied when they see change in people, yes Jesus can help us, and he wants to help us bring a change to our self's.  For as believers we don't fight our own afflictions to go to Heaven, for hatred it is the strongest affliction on mankind, even thought Jesus said: ask them to believe with their hatred still in them, if not whom am I going to Save.  Jesus Loves you, no matter what, and in any situation.  PS Now I see that Galatians is about rehabilitation, Paul trying to point the road out of mixing the OT, with the NT. 
    • Differences over missile defense, fine print snag U.S.-Israel aid deal
      I dunno ,I think if anyone is in need of a funding for defense package, it is Israel,,,,,,,,,I do think we can only do "so much" & perhaps it is too much for us to offer,I wouldn't know,,,,,,,,,,,,,when it comes down to us or them,we have to take care of what we need first before we can just give anyone what they ask for,,,,,,,,,,,   God is our Provider,perhaps when you think of others FIRST,He will Bless us bountifully,,,,,,,,,,maybe we need to think differently & start being who we claim to be "One Nation Under God",,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,God help us,Bless us,Bless Israel,,,,,,pour out your Spirit                                                                                                  With love-in Christ,Kwik
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