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  • Posts

    • Breakdown of all the end times timeframes in sequence
      The 7 years - Daniel 9:27 The 1260 days - Revelation 11:3, Revelation 12:6 The 1290 days - Daniel 12:11 The 1335 day - Daniel 12:12 The 2300 days - Daniel 8:14 The 3 1/2 days - Revelation 11:9 The 42 months - Revelation 13:5 The time, times half times - Revelation 12:14, Daniel 7:25, Daniel 12:7 _________________________________________________________________________      
    • Hillary's campaign is tanking - CNBC
      No, Sanders is not a Democrat.  He is not running as a Democrat.  He is running as a Socialist.  That is the stated platform of his campaign.  He has said repeatedly that he is not a Democrat and is a committed socialist.   So, I'll go by what their campaign says they are. Polls can be manipulated to say whatever the pollsters wants them to say.   Sanders might to better than Hillary against Trump but Sanders can't really beat Trump.  And it's Sanders supporters who are causing all of the riots, not Trump.   You don't see Trump supporters going to Sanders rallies and beating up Sanders' supporters and busting windows and fighting the police.  Trump isn't playing dirty at all. No, the reason Trump does so well against the other GOP candidates is because Trump exposed the fact that the GOP doesn't listen to the American people.  His campaign for better or worse, pulled back the curtain and showed the people that the GOP isn't really conservative and that as far as the GOP was concerned the average voter is too stupid to vote.  Trump's campaign showed the voters that the GOP is going to run the candidate that they want, not the candidate the people want.  And like I said earlier, Trump also tapped into the nationalistic pride of the American people as opposed to the globalist agenda that characterizes both the Democratic party and the GOP.   They are globalists who want to eventually get rid of our borders, our national sovereignty and create a borderless world.  The "Make America Great Again"  motto is anathema to the globalists.   Most Americans cannot see the globalist agenda even when the globalists state it outright like Kerry did at a recent college graduation speech. Trump is exposing a lot more than most people realize because they are focused and offended because he calls some guys, "losers."  Guess what, some of those "losers"  are now endorsing Trump.   The "mud slinging" is offensive to a lot of people but Trump won because he goes for the jugular and he hits back hard and gives back better than he gets.   The reason he will obliterate Hillary is because she is a catastrophically flawed candidate.   She has soooooo much baggage going into this.   If any other candidate were under FBI investigation, that alone would have halted their campaign.  For me to say that she is flawed doesn't really cover it.   The woman is a traitor and a felon.   She needs to be in prison.  The Obama's hate the Clintons, which is well known in the public  domain.  Heck, you or I  could run for president and beat Hillary Clinton. Sanders supporters are people who think they are going to get free stuff, pretty much.  The man has never worked a 40 week in his life.   He lived on welfare until he held public office in Vermont.    He used to write pornographic stories.  His wife just bankrupted a local college in Vermont and is being sued by the Diocese of Vermont for fraud.  He is not as clean cut as you think.   And he is doing nothing to stop his supporters from rioting at the conventions or at Trump rallies.  His supporters are more like the Hitler brown shirts that were always disrupting rallies.   He wants a political revolution which in socialist speak, includes violent protests.
    • What is the doctrine of the Trinity?
      Greetings bopeep1909,     I do not find this definition in the Bible, nor the word “The Trinity”, nor the many concepts that are used to try to explain the Trinity.   The following is one example of Apostolic belief: 1 Corinthians 8:6 (KJV): But to us there is but one God, the Father, of whom are all things, and we in him; and one Lord Jesus Christ, by whom are all things, and we by him There is one God the Father, and our Lord Jesus Christ is the Son of God.   Kind regards Trevor  
    • Why isn't the book of Maccabees included in the Bible?
      One reason we do not treat the Apocrypha as inspired is because it is not treated as inspired by Jesus or the apostles.  Nowhere does the NT treat the Apocrypha as part of the Word of God.   That is ONE criteria.  That is not the only criteria.   There are other reasons why the Apocrypha should be excluded.  If simply not being cited by the NT was the only criteria, it would pose a problem.  But thankfully that isn't the case.
    • Zoo That Killed 400 lb Gorilla
      Yep they should have kept a close eye on him. The kid crawled through a barrier that no one else ever had, then crawled over or through a second barrier that no one ever had before. The kid took a bit of time doing so, time the parents were not watching. And it was just before he did that, that he joked about jumping in the water down there. So really the parents should have held on to him or watched him every second they were at that exhibit. 
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