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  • Posts

    • What can Christianity offer me?
      By LuftWaffle · Posted
      Dear religionseeker, Asking what Christianity can offer you is like asking what believing in gravity can offer you...
      Gravity is true or it isn't. The belief doesn't offer you anything, other than simply knowing that what you know is true. However, there are certain perks to believing what's true about gravity, such as not falling off cliffs etc.

      Likewise the question you should ask about Christianity is whether or not it is the truth. Believing the truth about God instead of believing what isn't will then have its own perks, such as being in good standing before the living and real God of the universe and getting to know this God.  
    • New Here
      By 7Dove77 · Posted
      Angie,Many Blessings to you, Welcome to Worthy,May you enjoy your journey here.... 7Dove77
    • Why did God create evil?
      By Hall7 · Posted
      Not sure if anyone has said this on this thread yet because I haven't read all the replies but here is my take on that question- Everything God created was good, the devil wasn't always evil and wasn't known by that name nor had an evil mind when he was created, he was one of the good guys until- Evil created itself out of pride, a prideful angel who thought himself better than God and in turn became evil-  After God created man and the fall of man, He decided to use this fallen angel as a tool here on Earth, for many good reasons as stated in the above replies-
    • Result of divisions between Christians.
      By thereselittleflower · Posted
      Jeff, why do you constantly sow division with false claims bearing false witness against your neighbor? Catholics are saved by Grace through Faith. Catholicism is all about Grace. And this is what you have failed to grasp.   The result of division is being manifested in this very thread  - bearing false witness against other believers.    Bearing false witness creates darkness, not light.              
    • How to give a Donald Trump speech in 12 easy steps
      By thereselittleflower · Posted
      If we get Donald Trump as our next president of the United States, it will be a disaster.
    • Making Supernatural A Natural Way of Life
      By thereselittleflower · Posted
      The supernatural is a sign to the unbelievers. We are to walk by faith. While God desires to give us good things, the supernatural is not ours to command.  We are but servants of the Living God. There is a danger to seeking the supernatural.  There is a temptation in this. The temptation is to think we are very mature if we experience supernatural things in our lives, that somehow God has favored us because we have matured and drawn closer to Him. But this is not necessarily true. It can be very unlikely to be true.   God greatly desires that we seek His Face, not His Hand. God greatly desires that we walk in faith that is strengthened by an absence of the supernatural, for dependency on the supernatural weakens our faith. Faith is the substance of things HOPED for, the evidence of things NOT seen.   If we are always SEEING the supernatural, then instead of strengthening our faith, it can do just the opposite, for then we are walking on what is "seen" and experienced, rather than what is  purely by faith. "You believe because you have seen.  Blessed are those who have not seen yet believe."   If we seek the supernatural, we can become so dependent on it, that we become like the older child still suckling at its mother's breast instead of maturing and moving on to solid food.   Be careful.   Make seeking God's Face your way of life. Seek God's face above all else.                 
    • salvation
      By Omegaman 3.0 · Posted
      The problem I basically have with that idea, otherone, is it is unimaginable, that an unenlightened, unregenerated person, would make a better decision, that one who has come to understand, and given a new ability to resist sin, and a desire to follow God wold, know what I mean? Not saying that it is theoretically impossible, just thinking that I have a free will to gouge my own eyes out, but I cannot imagine making that choice and choosing to 'change my mind and reject God and His salvation, would be a far worse decision. According to scripture, believers are given eternal life, it just seems like if they cn 'unchoose" that, then it was not eternal after all. I guess my bottom line is, that perhaps a believer COULD lose salvation, but a true believer won't, God is able to (and does) preserve them.  Having said that, I will say no more here, as the topic is discussed in detail in other threads, and this is not really the place for that.
    • Trans student seeks use of girls locker room
      By thereselittleflower · Posted
      Good for them.
    • Why did God create evil?
      By Ezra · Posted
    • Need help
      By xyluz · Posted
      oh... ok... If the problem is Media Player 11, why not install another media player there are some free ones that are really nice... it doesn't have to be windows...
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