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    • Biblical Calculations 1. (70 X 7)
      Marilyn, Please don't think I am being obnoxious here when I say what I am about to say, because I assure you that I am not. As I read through your post I had the uneasy feeling that you are under a veil of confusion. That for whatever reason, you cannot read it as it is, but have some type of block that is preventing you from being able to do so. Again, I don't mean this as anything negative to you, (and please try to hear me on this) but rather Satan has confused the words for you so you can't read them. Maybe I am wrong, but I will give you some examples of what I am talking about: The first part of your statement is accurate, though I would add that the people already had began returning from exile, lived in the city of Jerusalem and began making regular offerings and sacrifices before the foundations had been made... They did this because it had been decreed  by Cyrus 7 months earlier to "restore and build" Jerusalem. I know you previous statement you emphasized that scripture doesn't specifically mention Jerusalem in his decree. I would argue that the decree was specific to fulfill The prophecy of Jeremiah that said the exile from Jerusalem would end after 70 years (in other words the people would be restored).  But I also mentioned that in Isaiah 44:28 God says, "“who says of Cyrus, ‘He is my shepherd and will accomplish all that I please; he will say of Jerusalem, “Let it be rebuilt,” and of the temple, “Let its foundations be laid.” ’” This very specifically says that "Cyrus will say  (decree)" Jerusalem will be rebuilt and that the foundations will be laid.  To which your response was: "BTW Isa. 44: 28 is the Lord saying what He will do" ‭I don't get it. Yes that is exactly what I said the problem was. If Cyrus was NOT the one to issue the decree AND restore and rebuild Jerusalem, then this verse would be FALSE and we would have a fallible God. This is where I really believe there is some serious tricks going on with Satan and God's people... Because I KNOW you are not doing this intentionally.  The second part of your statement I quoted (above) says this (my emphasis added with underlines) ....there came much opposition who wrote to king Cyrus saying that if the city is rebuilt then the king would not have dominion over it. (Ezra 3: 11.    4: 1 & 16) The king replied, 'Now give the command to make these men cease, that this city may NOT be built until the command by me.` (Ezra 4: 21) The first sentence is incorrect: the people did not write any such thing to Cyrus. Why would they? He is the one that decreed it! There were two different instances of letters regarding the opposition to the rebuilding of the temple:  The first is letter to Artaxerxes (Ezra 4:11-16), which is the one you incorrectly attributed to Cyrus. It was Artaxerxes who received that troubling report from Reshum and Shimshai regarding the current rebuilding of the city and its walls. This is MANY years after the decree of Cyrus and the end of the exile. This chapter does not specify when in his reign this occurred, but it was likely before Nehemiah returned to finish the wall.  As you incorrectly attributed the letter of opposition to Cyrus, the same applies to the command (decree) for the work to cease... This statement was from Artaxerxes not Cyrus.   “As soon as the copy of the letter of King Artaxerxes was read to Rehum and Shimshai the secretary and their associates, they went immediately to the Jews in Jerusalem and compelled them by force to stop.” ‭‭Ezra‬ ‭4:23‬  This obviously is VERY clear and I am a little surprised to see that you framed it the way that you did... (I will get back to that in a minute. The other of the letters is to King Darius (Ezra 5:8) which they report the rebuilding of the temple and quote the people of Jerusalem referencing Cyrus' decree (Ezra 5:14, this is the 1st time that Cyrus' decree is confirmed outside Ezra 1). Then Tattenai (the governor writing the letter) asks King Darius to look in the royal archive for a record of the decree. King Darius does find the decree (Ezra 6:2-5, another confirmation of the decree) and then issues a decree of his own that basically states that they are to financially support the rebuilding and otherwise stay out of the way of the people doing what Cyrus already decreed.  Now back to what I mentioned above, about my surprise to how you completely misreferenced Cyrus to the acts and words of Artaxerxes. Now one of two things happened here and I have already let it be known which I think it is, but I will leave this up to you to respond (but I pray this wakes you up to this veil of confusion I mentioned): a) There truly is a veil of confusion and you misunderstood the verse you quoted and the plain context it was written in. Or b) You intentionally took words out of context and outright lied, in order to make Artaxerxes fit your narrative. Now again, though I don't know you... And haven't much experience with you in the forums, as I am brand new still, I don't believe "b" to be the case. However, that being said... You really missed the mark on how you laid this out... If the mark is to be true to God's word and not add or take away. So that tells me that the deception/confusion is thick around this area. I know why it is powerful and why it has a hold on A LOT of Christians, but that is a talk for another day... I truly pray that I was able to open your eyes to this, not meaning I am right and you're wrong, but rather the level of what I will claim to be true supernatural deception (Satan) that is going on around the Daniel prophecies and the Artaxerxes decree that never happened.   Side Note: I know I didn't touch on the fact that Artaxerxes issued letters on behalf of Nehemiah to provide him safe passage and to provide him supplies to rebuild the wall.... Because that is all that he rebuilt... Walls and the house he would live in. This also was not a decree... It was permission granted to Nehemiah's requests.   
    • What is Nutrition?
      In the beginning, the couple were advised to eat of the fruit of trees or plants. God said that the seed is in the fruit of the tree, the tree gives it away. From this we may define the fruit as the part of the tree which is given away, or falls off. That's what God recommended as the nutritional intake for man. The animals were given the herb of the field and green growth for food, so they would keep the grass and trees trimmed and pruned. Seeds such as grains and nuts were also considered the fruit of the plant. So the total diet of the human couple was, fruit and seeds. After the fall their bodies began to degrade, demanding a greater supply of minerals which was to be found in eating the green herbs of the field, in leafy vegetables, the stems and roots as well. God now recommends them to eat of the herb of the field. Genesis 3:18. Eating flesh was not ordered by God, but after the flood, God allowed the consumption of flesh to help overcome the food shortage.  Even so, not every animal was right for food, but a selection of animals called clean animals, - ones which lived on plant foods, rather than being predators. And the animal also had to have the right digestive system to be called clean. The clean animals were classified as those which chewed the cud, and had split hooves, not a single hoof like a horse, or toes. And the animal had to have both characteristics. So a pig, although it has split hooves does not have the right digestive system. Eating animal is a second rate source of food. Eating plants is a first class diet.  Plants foods contain the necessary nutrients in the right form for complete digestion, but meat is relatively difficult to digest, and does not yield the concentrations and availability of nutrients as plants. Plants provide the right kind of fiber and are generally not subject to rot once consumed, whereas meat can rot in the bowels before being excreted.   Note that with sea food, there are also conditions laid out for them in Leviticus 11. The animal must have both fins and scales. Exoskeletal creatures like prawns and crab, and of course mussels and oysters, are scavengers, filtering unclean water and considered unsuitable to eat. The Bible also defines what insects can be eaten. They must have six legs, or four feet and two hands as the Bible puts it. So spiders and millipedes are out. The clean sea foods are those at the bottom of the food chain, and the same applies in general to the clean land animals and birds. It makes sense that if you really need to eat meat that the animal is as close to the original diet as possible, that it is not a scavenger or predator, but surviving on plant foods.
    • Derailing thread
      Okay let me get this straight ... there's no places to eat out in Wales  
    • The New Animal thread
      There's nothing wrong with my cat... he adorable   He only bites when you touch him  
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