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      Are you referring to a universe where the outcome is fixed or not fixed? If the future is fixed, how can my actions have any impact on the outcome? If my actions do have impact, then how can the outcome be already fixed? I see there are others on this thread that see things the way I do, so it is not my own imagination. 
    • Third temple: mere possibility or concrete reality?
      Shalom, inchrist. Actually, YOU missed the point. Paul (Rav Sha’uwl) never said that he wished King Agrippa to be called a “Christian.” Furthermore, every Jew today finds it easier to be Jewish with purpose and reason for living when they understand that THEIR Messiah is Yeshua` haBen-David, Anointed to be King of Israel. Well, actually the verse in Greek is this: Petrou A 4:16 16 Ei de hoos Christianos, mee aischunesthoo, doxazetoo de ton Theon en too onomati toutoo. UBS Greek New Testament   And, the translation is as follows: Ei = If de = but hoos = like/as Christianos, = a-Christ-follower, mee = not aischunesthoo, = let-him-be-ashamed, doxazetoo = let-him-glory/make-famous de = but ton = the Theon = God en = in/on too = the onomati = name/authority toutoo. = this-one.   But if like a Christian, let him not be ashamed, but let him make God famous in this name.   There’s nothing about “suffering as a Christian" in this verse.   That’s not EVEN close! Isaiah 62:1-5
      62:1 For Tziyon’s sake I will not be silent,
      for Yerushalayim’s sake I will not rest,
      until her vindication shines out brightly
      and her salvation (rescue/deliverance) like a blazing torch. 
      2 The nations will see your vindication
      and all kings your glory.
      Then you will be called by a new name
      which Adonai himself will pronounce. 
      3 You will be a glorious crown in the hand of Adonai,
      a royal diadem held by your God. 
      4 You will no longer be spoken of as ‘Azuvah [Abandoned]
      or your land be spoken of as ‘Sh’mamah [Desolate];
      rather, you will be called Heftzi-Vah [My-Delight-Is-In-Her]
      and your land Be‘ulah [Married].
      For Adonai delights in you,
      and your land will be married —
        5 as a young man marries a young woman,
      your sons will marry you;
      as a bridegroom rejoices over the bride,
      your God will rejoice over you. 
      CJB Sorry, that “new name” for His people is not “Christian” but “Cheftziy-Vaah!" Chefetz = Delight
      -iy = my
      V- = in
      -aah = her Make sure you READ FIRST! Nope. It’s NOT nonsense because a “Christian” is NOT synonymous with a "born-again believer," believing that Yeshua` is the Messiah, especially after 2000 years of pathetic and disgusting so-called “Christian” behavior! Even now, with your insensitivity and your prejudice showing, your claim that a Jew must be called a “Christian” if he or she believes that Yeshua` is the Messiah, is narrow-minded and frankly WRONG! He or she is a "Messianic Jew." I’m sorry if you can’t understand that, but it’s true nonetheless. I can make that claim because you haven’t checked the original languages and you’re trusting in your belief that you can use the English translations from two different words in two different languages and equate them as though they were the same! THAT'S WRONG! Just because they were both translated into English (in one particular version) as “reconciliation,” that doesn’t mean that they are the same concept! It’s as wrong as saying that “love” in 2 Samuel 13:15 is the same as “love” in John 3:16! Unless you can find a verse in the OT that was quoted in the NT to give you some honest comparison between the two languages, you’re grasping at straws! You’re trusting in your luck, and that’s trust misplaced. Here are the two words, according to Strongs: OT:3722 kaafar (kaw-far'); a primitive root; to cover (specifically with bitumen); figuratively, to expiate or condone, to placate or cancel:
      KJV - appease, make (an atonement, cleanse, disannul, forgive, be merciful, pacify, pardon, purge (away), put off, (make) reconcile (-liation).
      (Biblesoft's New Exhaustive Strong's Numbers and Concordance with Expanded Greek-Hebrew Dictionary. Copyright © 1994, 2003, 2006 Biblesoft, Inc. and International Bible Translators, Inc.) NT:2433 hilaskomai (hil-as'-kom-ahee); middle voice from the same as NT:2436; to conciliate, i.e. (transitively) to atone for (sin), or (intransitively) be propitious:
      KJV - be merciful, make reconciliation for. (Biblesoft's New Exhaustive Strong's Numbers and Concordance with Expanded Greek-Hebrew Dictionary. Copyright © 1994, 2003, 2006 Biblesoft, Inc. and International Bible Translators, Inc.) These words ARE NOT THE SAME THING! And, there are NO verses in the OT that use this word quoted in the NT ANYWHERE! Sorry, but you don’t know that! In fact, you CAN’T know that! IF they were like two different, straight lines that lie on the same plane (having the same definitions) going in two different directions, eventually they would intersect and one would have a contradiction. Each line would block the other. HOWEVER, if they are NOT on the same plane (because the definitions are different, as shown above), then they may not intersect at all but lie SKEW to each other and thus never contradict at all! All you see is your 2-D viewpoint and have yet to discover that there is a THIRD dimension! Just because you can’t understand how both could be true doesn’t mean that they aren’t both true! It’s similar to how the Rabbis would discuss the differences between the Messiah the Son of Joseph (the Suffering and Dying Messiah) and the Messiah the Son of David (the Conquering and Reigning Messiah). How could both be true? They came to all sorts of conclusions. Some even suggested that there had to be two Messiahs! It wasn’t until Yeshua` came that the solution was seen by those who accepted Him as the Messiah. He was rejected by the Pharisees and Elders and crucified, fulfilling the Suffering and Dying Messiah. And, in the Resurrection and the Ascension and the promised Return of the Resurrected Messiah, He SHALL fulfill the prophecies of the Conquering and Reigning Messiah! They couldn’t see how He could fulfill both sets of prophecy, but He did and He shall! If you want to talk “ridiculous,” nothing could be more ridiculous than believing God has “conditional prophecies!” THAT’S NUTS! There is SO MUCH DETAIL in the prophecy from chapters 40 thru 48! So, all of that prophecy will be thrown out because Israel doesn’t make the right choice? Isn’t He the God who “declares the end from the beginning”? If so, then why would He need “contingency plans?” Why would He waste time talking about a scenario that WOULD NEVER TAKE PLACE?! That’s NOT like God! We see the many possibilities of our choices throughout our lifetimes, but He already KNOWS the choices that we all will make, and He has already planned for them! We see all the branches of the decision tree; He already knows the ONE branch that mankind will take from the beginning of time and into the ages! One must believe that God’s Word is true regardless! God will not let the words of His prophets, not even Ezekiel, fall to the ground! They are HIS words and HE doesn’t contradict Himself! First, you don’t know that there will be “constant streams of animal blood.” It may only be for the inauguration of the Temple or it may only be for the duration of the Millennium, the last 1,000 years before the Fire and the re-created New Earth! Isaiah’s prophecy of the animals being herbivorous and tranquil is primarily for the New Earth, although it is possible for His Kingdom during the Millennium, although not the entire earth at that time. I’ve already said as much. Nonsense. It has EVERYTHING to do with a Temple that will be erected. It would be kinda hard to “bless the Comer” from the House of the LORD if there wasn’t first a “House of the LORD,” a “Temple!” Furthermore, verse 27 says, Psalm 118:27
      27 God is the LORD, which hath shewed us light: bind the sacrifice with cords, even unto the horns of the altar.
      KJV It would also be kinda hard to “bind the sacrifice with cords to the horns of the altar” if there weren’t first the "altar!" Well, what YOU don’t seem to grasp is that the present-day Zionist Jews DON’T NEED to have a “divine mission” to rebuild the Temple! They believe they have a “DIVINE DUTY” to rebuild it! What Bible are YOU using?  ‘Cause the one I use makes it clear that there SHALL be a Third Temple BEFORE the Messiah returns because the Messiah comes back to the welcome from that Temple! And, just what attempts might those be? Until the Jews had the Land back in 1948 it hadn’t even been contemplated, let alone attempted! Matthew 23:33-39
      33 Ye serpents, ye generation of vipers, how can ye escape the damnation of hell (Greek: tees ge-ennees = "of-the valley-of-Hinnom")?
      34 Wherefore, behold, I send unto you prophets, and wise men, and scribes: and some of them ye shall kill and crucify; and some of them shall ye scourge in your synagogues, and persecute them from city to city:
      35 That upon you may come all the righteous blood shed upon the earth, from the blood of righteous Abel unto the blood of Zacharias son of Barachias, whom ye slew between the temple and the altar.
      36 Verily I say unto you, All these things shall come upon this generation.
      37 O Jerusalem, Jerusalem, thou that killest the prophets, and stonest them which are sent unto thee, how often would I have gathered thy children together, even as a hen gathereth her chickens under her wings, and ye would not!
      38 Behold, your house is left unto you desolate.
      39 For I say unto you, Ye shall not see me henceforth, TILL ye shall say, Blessed is he that cometh in the name of the Lord.
      KJV Luke 13:32-35
      32 And he said unto them, Go ye, and tell that fox, Behold, I cast out devils, and I do cures to day and to morrow, and the third day I shall be perfected.
      33 Nevertheless I must walk to day, and to morrow, and the day following: for it cannot be that a prophet perish out of Jerusalem.
      34 O Jerusalem, Jerusalem, which killest the prophets, and stonest them that are sent unto thee; how often would I have gathered thy children together, as a hen doth gather her brood under her wings, and ye would not!
      35 Behold, your house is left unto you desolate: and verily I say unto you, Ye shall not see me, UNTIL the time come when ye shall say, Blessed is he that cometh in the name of the Lord.
      KJV Neither passage says anything about the Temple per se, but the passage that He quotes DOES! I’m adding to the Messiah’s words, eh? OR, could it be that you’re SUBTRACTING from the Messiah’s words by not looking carefully at what He is quoting! Notice the words “till” and “until?” The desolation of their house is NOT a permanent condition!
        There most assuredly IS a physical Temple, in fact, two - 3rd and 4th - that shall be built before and during the Millennium! Daniel 11:25- is talking about Antiochus IV Epiphanes. Those who don’t learn from history are doomed to think that prophecy must be repeated!
    • Rick Warren Joins Hands with Pope
      I agree with you, Ezra. I myself wouldn't shake hands with the Pope. Christian leaders are indeed "to be held to a higher standard of accountability." However, it is easy to say that "Men like Graham, Warren and others should be publicly telling the world that the RCC represents False Christianity, and then preach the true Gospel without fear of favor". Doing that exactly is another matter. It would take someone who is MUCH MORE than Graham and Warren to fight that kind of war on the front lines.
      Yes, bound... and as Patriot said...bound is not locked away - it's here but limited in what they can do. I have always found that people don't wish to deal with the reality that demonic forces are ever present. Christ dealt with them and the demons even said then "It's not our time yet" ( in a nutshell ) so put us in those pigs over there..... Nothing from that point on, that I am aware of says demons are out of play until a later time. How can we struggle with principalities and powers if they are all locked away? God Bless, Hip  
    • Rick Warren Joins Hands with Pope
      What about what happened to King Saul?
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