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    • Rants By Fellow Christans Why I Stop Listening To Them
      Btw, Butero, you were correct with saying  " at least they care enough about your soul to warn."  People also have their own tapes that play in their heads and often times, they will imagine something being said in a way that was not actually given or meant.. I take advice or warnings the same way as you do, I consider it and reflect upon it, if it fits I apply it , if it doesn't no harm done- I don't get offended and angry, when the only reason someone would bother  & take the time is if they cared, and who knows the Holy Spirit might be using them so, I listen and might pray about it.  
    • Chris Christie drops out
      "Quantitative easing" (banker speak for diluting the value of your money) to infinity! Good time to bring in gun-grabbing Bloomberg, whose rag just advocated doing away with cash. If we really do make it to the election, he might steal it, coming across as the "moderate" alternative between Hillary and Trump. I believe he said he will make his decision whether or not to run next month.
    • The world can't afford another financial crash – it could destroy capitalism as we know it
      Do you think our government can be judged and people not suffer the consequences?  
    • Goggle AI Brain Counts as a Driver Feds Say
      We are in the midst of the 2nd machine revolution -  in 10 years AI will be doing white collar jobs.   I think yes, they will be able to do exactly that.    
    • Is Paul Really Speaking Of A Personal Struggle With Sin?
      As I said your wiki article is suspect.  It cherry picks sources to say what it wants to say.  For the claim you make they use one source. They don't actually examine the other sources or contrary position.  The author downplays the alternative scholarly position quite dismissively.   The wiki you presented is quite biased actually. In contrast, the one I linked you to about the Gospel of Thomas examines both. And I find nothing in the one you referenced saying that  "  it was originally believed it began late in the first century, which would be around 80 AD, but now it is believed it was later than that. " Actually, it was the opposite - as we see in works such as referenced below: "Recent Trends in Gospel of Thomas Research 1991-2006": The next stage in the history of the Gospel of Thomas brings us to the end of the 19th and beginning of the 20th centuries when, as the result of archaeological excavations by B.P. Grenfell and A.S. Hunt of the ancient Egyptian town of Oxyrhynchus (modern Behnesa, c. 120 miles south of Cairo), there was recovered literally bushels of Greek papyrus fragments. From an ancient third-century A.D. dump there emerged textual fragments of great variety: official documents and correspondence, non-literary notes and personal letters, as well as other literary fragments including parts of Matthew, Paul, 1 John, and the Book of Revelation. So impressive was this documentary find that by 1983 nearly 50 volumes of Oxyrhynchus papyri had appeared with Greek text, introduction, and notes to over 3400 items. Important for our study was the discovery in the Winter of 1896 (with its publication the following year) of a fragment (P1), which contained eight interesting "sayings of our Lord." The epigraphers dated this fragment to c. 200 A.D. Eight years later in 1904 there appeared two new fragments, P 654 and P 655 dated respectively to the mid-to-end of the 3rd century and to c. 250 A.D. Matters remained thus until the important discovery in 1946 of the Gospel of Thomas among a large cache of Coptic, mainly Gnostic, treatises. The discovery was made near ancient Chenobaskion, near modern Nag Hammadi (c. 60 miles north Luxor). Interestingly, the manuscript find was made near the traditional site of Pachomius' cenobitic monastery; in fact the 12/13 codices, containing 52 treatises, were probably discovered in a large jar buried in a nearby monastic cemetery. While the stories of the discovery and of the intrigue surrounding the early handling and subsequent publication of these almost rival those of the contemporary Dead Sea Scrolls finds,5 the history of the Gospel of Thomas was considerably simple. Its text was made available to the scholarly world in 1956 in a volume containing photographs only of the papyrus sheets of parts of codices I and II, Thomas consisting of plates 80-99 of that volume.6 Translations in a variety of languages began to appear in the late 1950s.   While the Coptic version of The Gospel of Thomas dates to the early 4th century, scholars other than Quispel also estimate the original text may have been composed as early as the first century and probably in Syria. The combined scholarly research and analysis would contend that the early Christian movement eventuated in Syrian monasticism which succumbed to the Gnostic proclivities inherent in that genre. This would date the original composition of Thomas in the vicinity of 70-80 CE.11 In 1991 two landmark studies were conducted and published on the authorship and development of The Gospel of Thomas and the historical Jesus. Historian John Dominic Crossan strengthened Quispel’s earlier theory of redaction and believes that much of the collection is “very, very early,” having been pieced together in the 50s under the authority of James [the Just]. This first layer is distinguishable “in those units with independent attestation elsewhere.”12 Crossan goes on to speculate that after James’ death in 62 and the migration of the Thomasine Christians to Edessa, a second layer of material was added, “possibly as early as the 60s or 70s under the aegis of Thomas’ authority” and adding that this secondary layer is made up of “that which is unique to this collection.” Together, these dual points of primitiveness and multiple attestations have Crossan concluding that Thomasine sayings carry a “very high degree of authenticity.”13 11, 12, 13(Perrin, Nicholas. "Recent Trends in Gospel of Thomas Research (1991-2006): Part I, The Historical Jesus and the Synoptic Gospels." Currents in Biblical Research 5, no. 2 (2007): 183-206. Accessed October 10, 2012. Academic Search Premier. )   I find there to be a very good evidence for the tie between early stages of Christian gnosticism dating from the first century to  both the writings in the Gospel of Thomas and John's writings.    
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      He is dressed in a robe dipped in blood, and his name is the Word of God.
      (Revelation 19:13)
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    • bopeep1909  »  *Zion*

      Thinking about you sis and missing your great sense of humor.
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    • Catsmeow  »  LadyKay

      Lady Kay: I think you'll fit in very well at my Google forums; they're more user friendly than most non google sites like Facebook (a well known name but a pain in the neck). Google makes everything so easy it's laughable. You can look like a genius online by the technology (polls, music vids via youtube, etc.) and I run three (3) forums that are starting growing quickly. I need people who have a relationship with Jesus Christ but can assist those who've fallen into temptation. That is, I am much more balanced and don't get my girdle all bunched up, (using a metaphor). I know we can't reach others if we ignore our experiences which help us understand and reach others. We each have talents that God can use; He promises to use all things to His glory for those who love him and are called according to his purpose. 
      Why not use your background in D & D and Potter to help those who are gravitating toward Christ but need help or guidance in that direction? I'd like you to see examples of this up close and personal. That is - I have a very, very special forum ready to go live and need specially selected people for different categories or genres (of issues). For some of us, it's suicide prevention, cutting and addictions (that's one of my strengths) and for another it's rock/metal/grunge/gospel/rap music category. For another it's, "D & D" or "Occult themes" - I'm looking for specially appointed moderators for these categories....
      It's time we, as believers, outta get out of our comfort zones and reach out to others who need help and guidance. In helping others we help ourselves as well. That's my thought. Anyway, I like your attitude...and would like to take you on a personalized tour of the site I have that hasn't gone *LIVE*'s about to. I have two others that are doing for teens (under 18) and one that's for adults/veterans of the US military (18 up). The one that's NOT gone live yet....(my 'baby') is very's the most important one: It's for the backslider and prodigal. I'm interested in find just the right mix of people who've experienced certain things and understand some of those darker, I'd like to talk to you if you're getting tired of the same ol' same ol' business as usual attitudes. 

      The fields are ripe but the workers are few...My gmail a/c is:
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