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  • Posts

    • Pre, mid, prewrath & post trib are ALL wrong
      Short version, you believe that the Alexandrian manuscripts are superior to those of the Byzantine. I believe the opposite. As far as Revelation goes, that book has more variant texts that any other book in the Bible. But you have skipped over the more important point that nothing in Rev. 14:1-5 indicates that these events take place on the earth. Nothing. Whereas even your own NASB says that the 144,000 are "redeemed apo/away from the earth," and "apo/away from men." 
    • Who is The 7th Kingdom Beast (and 8th) of Rev?
      A lack of evidence for an alternative only reduces the viability of the alternative; it does not bolster a particular perspective or truth. That's a logical principle. Any premise must stand on supporting evidence and hence can lead to a logical conclusion. You would think I was crazy if I said, "There is no evidence to the contrary, so my claim that I was born on Alpha Centauri and arrived here through a worm hole is true." Your first question would be, "Where is the evidence that supports your claim?" Which is fact what you are doing right now. Which is good. I am quite willing to discuss this topic. I did look back and found the original post and my reply. I do apologize for not remembering I posted a reply to you.
    • Who is The 7th Kingdom Beast (and 8th) of Rev?
      Absolutely not. This statement, “no scriptural support which contradicts my view then my view remains a scripturally viable viewpoint.” is exactly like saying, "If there is no evidence proving unicorns do not exist, then my view they do exist is correct." This of course is ludicrous. Nothing is proven due to lack of evidence. In the same vein lack of evidence does not prove a thing false. In either case nothing is proven true or false due to lack of evidence. No conclusion can be drawn.    In fact the scenario I arrived at is clearly based on scripture and current and past events, to wit:   "It's deductive. Since the world cannot guarantee peace in Israel something extraordinary must occur to galvanize support.(this statement is true based on history and current events) Every attempt at peace in the region has failed because no guarantees can be made, or no one believes the guarantees will stick.(Again, in reading the news this statement is backed by scads of evidence) And no one in the world is viewed as strong enough, or close enough to make a treaty stick.(Based on the statements of Israeli PM's over the years.) After the beast is healed, the WHOLE world is in awe.(Rev 13:4"....and they worshipped the beast...") The WHOLE world asks, "Who is like the beast? And who can make war with him?"(Rev 13:4, "...Who is like unto the beast? who is able to make war with him?") This is rhetorical.  The world knows the answer is, "No one."(This is so clear no defense is necessary.) This global capitulation allows the beast succeed where none could.(Rev 13:8, "And all that dwell upon the earth shall worship the beast...) The beast does not come to power through any earthly or human means.(Rev 13:4, "4 And they worshipped the dragon which gave power unto the beast:)  The beasts power is spiritual(the dragon empowers the beast) and the one act of resurrection vaults him to superhuman status."   To finish the point I made earlier, On 5/27/2016 at 7:33 AM, Diaste said: ...It appears from what I read the deadly head wound that is healed signals the near beginning of the last week....   What a meant by this is quite different from what many believe. Most think the beast is only going to arrive after there is some consolidation of a group power. This is not true as the 10 Kings only have power after the beast is healed and is empowered by the dragon(Rev 17:12, "And the ten horns which thou sawest are ten kings, which have received no kingdom as yet; but receive power as kings one hour with the beast...") The kings have no kingdom until the beast rises. Saying that a 10 nation power base is already established, and the beast rises to power by election through political acumen, intelligence or superior problem solving ability is not backed by scripture. Many also think the beast only appears at the middle of the week. But, the temple has to be rebuilt before that in order for the beast to profane the Holy Place at the midpoint. A rebuilt temple is only going to happen if Muslims can be held in check. That isn't going to happen unless there is someone so powerful that the world bows to him, or is afraid to war against him, or is in awe of him and the dragon. Since the head wound and the power of the dragon are what catapults the beast to world domination this is likely going to occur before the beginning of the 70th week, or right at the beginning of the week.  
    • Why isn't the book of Maccabees included in the Bible?
      True or not, neither the New International Version or the New Jerusalem Bible has "saved" anyone.
    • Poll: Election 2016 a contest of negatives
      The topic was Trump's and Hillary's high negatives, but when they can't be explained away, it eventually comes down to stoning the messenger who dared to post the link.
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