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    • A reminder due to recent posts
      I was going to start a similar thread when I saw this one. What prompted me to consider the idea, was that I have noticed what seems to be increasing incidents of posters referring to other posters as heretics and blasphemers, etc, or at least imply it by suggesting they are teaching a false gospel, of spreading heresy or that this act or that act is blasphemy. What I find especially disturbing, is that this seems to happen most often with our veteran posters, those who should, by now, have the spiritual maturity do know when to refrain from such things. People seem to get the idea, that because they have believed something for so long, that they must be right. If they are right, then anyone disagreeing with them must be wrong. All Scripture is inspired by God and good for teaching, for rebuking, for correction, for training in righteousness; 1o that the Godly person may be complete, equipped for every good work. When we see error, or misapplication, it is good, to offer correction, if it is done with good intentions, an act of love, a consideration in helping others. Too often, I think, people try to correct others, out of their own self evaluated expertise, a need to be right, arrogant, prideful desire to elevate themselves in the eyes of others. This is my opinion only, and I know that I need to check myself in these ways as well.  Quite possibly, if you are reading this, and think that these things do not apply to you, then maybe you should examine yourself again. I do not suggest that anyone back down for defending truth against error, but we can do that without tossing words around like heresy, blashphemy, false gospel and the like. Consider the way the person will receive what you say - is the way you instruct them, likely to help them listen to your concern, or is it likely to provoke a defensive response?  Perhaps, we should consider that question, before we post, be quick to listen, slow to speak, give little ammunition the the one who seeks to divide us and accuse us, and let's see if we cannot tone it down a little, instead of proving to the world that we know how to bicker. Also, consider it you really even know what a false gospel is, what heresy is, and what blasphemy is, before using those terms.  
    • Cruz's next dirty trick exposed
      From what I read he only inherited 40 million dollars from his father.... 
    • Is the doctrine of the Trinity biblical?
      This is the reason why I believe what I do.  I am not a follower of "mainstream" christianity because it has serious flaws. One serious flaw is the trinity.  There is something wrong when a preacher is kicked out of a place because he does not conform to the "norm".  I equate myself to the prophets of old.  

      As I have told people for a long time...just because it is a rule, it does not mean it is right.  

      The trinity is a lie.  And folks, we need to really understand where it came from.  

      Do you celebrate Easter?  Do you hide eggs for the children to find?  Stop.  But why?  Because it is a pagan fertility ritual, after the "goddess" Ishtar.

      Do you believe in the trinity?  Do you say that there are three in one?  Stop.  But why?  Because it was introduced by those who were trying to get all people in all lands to get along, and stop war.  

      We need to really do some serious research to understand why we believe what we do, (for me, I do not need to worry about that anymore).

      Lets reason together...
    • satan
      The Bible says to guard you mind and your heart.  I believe this is best done when you stay in the word of God. I believe a very good time to read His Word is just before you go to sleep.  Fill your mind with His Words, His Truth.  I believe even what we watch on TV can have an impact on our minds and our spirits.  It's like what someone said about computers, garbage in.... garbage out.
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    • SINNERSAVED  »  Your closest friendnt

      thank you for your post and trust in my words, it is at times I post questions to people ,to just get them to answer , but I know the answer before I ask , it is to show the false teaching and those leading others astray on this sight, I know I am saved , and in the spirit of the holy one, and I am trying to share the love of Christ with all to see the beauty and glory we have in Him
       I hope I can encourage and help in my ability to bring scripture to you , and thank you for the  rep points, blessings to you and I pray all is well with you ,my brother
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    • Eragon

      2 Chronicles 7:14
      "If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land."
      I encourage you all to pray every day for our country. There is no turning back from the path we have taken, we can't erase our mistakes, but we can pray that we don't travel any farther down this dark road. 
      -Download the free 7:14 app. Pray for our country.
      www.7:14movement. com

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    • *Deidre*

      Yay, it's Friday!!
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    • *Zion*

      I'm taking a week off of Worthy, God's dealing with me on some stuff.  God bless you all, love you too much and a half, be good, stay special, au revoire mes cheris xxxxx
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    • 2Joyful  »  MorningGlory

      Hello MG!! Just passing through and wanted to say hi. Things have changed...I need a map to get around on Worthy.  God bless!  
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