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    • Fill in the blank!
      Did you like Abernathy ATGNAT?     I like ATGNAT,,,,but I like YOU so whatever you decide will be just fine                      Love,Kwik
    • The daughter of Babylon
      Which witnesses, of course, you do not quote to prove your statement. One wee problem with Peter going to the city of Mesopotamian Babylon is, that city did not exist in the time of Peter's Apostleship: "Another suggestion, of course, is that Peter's Babylon is that of Mesopotamia. While there is no evidence or tradition that Peter ever went east to Babylon, the question cannot be settled so easily. The issue here that must be settled is whether or not that Mesopotamian Babylon even existed in the second half of the first century, A.D. If it can be shown that it did not stand in the days of the apostles, then of course this cannot be Peter's Babylon. In 309 B.C. Antigonis I of Macedonia leveled Babylon. Later, in 275 B.C., Antiochus I took away the remaining civilian population and deported them to other cities. Pausanias, a Greek writer and geographer of the Roman period, said that there was absolutely nothing within the walls of Babylon. The city was later re-founded by Antiochus Epiphanes around 160 B.C., and it was later captured by the Parthians in 127 B.C. In the 30's B.C. Hercanus II was in residence there for a while and from him it is known that there was not much to the city at that time. The Roman geographer, Strabo, writing about the time of Christ said "the great city Babylon has become a wilderness." Evidently, the Euphrates River dried up during the time of the Parthians; after that, Babylon was no more (see Jeremiah 51:41-43). From Strabo to Trajan there is no mention of the city extant. Trajan (the Roman Emperor), eager to visit the infamous Babylon, was disappointed when he arrived at the site; it was only a wasted pile of rubble. Add to this observation that there is absolutely no tradition that Peter ever went to Babylon and that there was never a strong Mesopotamian church, it seems rather obvious that the Babylon of 1 Peter 5:13 can not be Babylon of Mesopotamia, the city of the exile." Whereas, as I have stated earlier, there is much evidence to support the assumption that Rome is the Babylon to which Peter referred: "Three reasons support th[e] choice [of Rome]. The first is found in 1 Peter 5:13 itself; Peter speaks of his associate, Marcus — no one could ask for a more Roman name. Although this in itself in not necessarily determinative, it does give the impression that Peter is in a Roman area. Next, it is common in ancient Jewish writings to find Rome designated Babylon. This is what John does in Revelation chapter seventeen, and possiblye chapter eighteen. Rome had been the source of great grief to the Jewish people, and the term Babylon was most fitting. The figure was so common to them that it would have been easily understood to be Rome. The last reason for identifying Peter's Babylon with Rome is the overwhelming amount of ancient tradition which states that he died in Rome. Clement of Rome (d A.D. 97) wrote that Peter and Paul were martyred together at Rome. (Lest the critics object that this tradition was begun by the Roman church to bolster their position, notice that this statement came from a man who died probably before the apostle John – long before "Roman Catholicism.") Tertullian, writing about A.D. 200 said the same. Eusebius, the fourth century church historian, said the same as well, adding that Peter's grave was in the Vatican (whether or not this is true may be debated, but he could not have been motivated by any "catholic" sentiment, for the Vatican was nothing then). Eusebius cites as his authority Caaius, a Roman writer of the early third century, who said that Peter was buried in a shaft grave in Rome. at least A.D. 170 all Christian burials were in the catacombs, not individual graves. If Caius, or anyone else of his time, had invented the story, he would have said that Peter was buried in the catacombs, for people of his era knew virtually nothing of earlier burial customs." quotes from
    • Pray for me to have strength to wait to find wife
      Blessings my Friend,,,,,   As Dakila said...."No",it does not mean you are not sincere at all,as a matter of fact I believe everything you are saying has been with the utmost sincerity ,,,,no doubt,from the bottom of your heart     Dakila has given a very good explanation of what I am talking about because he has UNDERSTANDING,that is the Wisdom & Understanding that comes from the Holy Spirit,,,,,,,,,,,,,which you will receive too as you come into a closer relationship with our Lord and you grow & mature in your walk,I believe this to be true because of your earnest desire to be nearer to God,,,,,,,,       You did say you are 24 years old ,is that right?That is why I said for 24 years you have known only the flesh,,,,,,,it doesn't matter how long one is a Christian,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,I know Christians that have not forsaken their flesh for 50 years,,,,,    Just because one is indwelled with the Holy Spirit does not mean they will automatically "walk in Spirit " or even recognize the promptings of the Holy Spirit or access the Power of,,,,,,,,,,we have to forsake our flesh,submit "self"       I really think Dakila said it well,,,,,,read what he has said a couple of times      Yes,yes indeed,,,,,,learn from my mistakes & many of us,,,,,we all made plenty,I am sure!-lol     We were all Babes in Christ at one time,now we are the "mature ones" & we are here to guide you,encourage you,point you in the right direction,be here for you & love you,,,,,,,,,,        Pray,pray,pray,read ,read ,read,listen ,hear,seek,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,& ask lots of questions just as you are,already ,just in this conversation your focus is more about YOU & THE LORD and not about finding a wife,,,,,,,,,,,this is what the Body of Christ does,we work together so that each member becomes effective,fulfilling your purpose,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,one cannot function without the other & none of us cannot function without our head,Jesus Christ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,to God be the Glory!!!!!                                                                 With much love,Your Sister in Christ,Kwik
    • What would Jesus do? She's dating my ex
      Welcome to Worthy! ....Ya , well, I don't think  true "friends" date their friends  ex's if they still really care about the friendship .    Like Openly Curious said - be friendly but perhaps it's time to let this old relationship drift away and move on.  Wish her a good life & pray for them.  This could be a future soap opera....she will just be entangling you in the emotional rollercoaster that comes with being involved with an alcoholic and you've moved on from this guy.
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