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  • Posts

    • Martin Luther proved pope is antichrist, not a christian at all, but opposed to truth.
      By simplejeff · Posted
      the rcc does not give them a chance to repent. not on purpose. they do all they can to keep people from turning to JESUS. this is
      the sum total, and most all the parts, of their writings, teachings, doctrines, practices, services and lives.
      like hitler, they hope to get everyone either dead or subject to the pope... everyone on earth. btw, the catechism, (20 years ago) of the rcc directly contradicted Yahweh's Word(Scripture), Yeshua(Jesus), and Salvation on every page I read (throughout the book at the time) - simply , as many have seen, by comparing Yahweh's Word (Scripture) with what the rcc teaches as fundamentals / doctrines/ practices.
      They are more and more deceptive every day, every year, every decade - never trusting Yeshua, never obeying Yahweh , but twisting and concealing their evil origin and evil purpose and the evil master the rcc serves.

      Oh, certainly, a catholic MAY BE SAVED. but not by catholicism, only by JESUS and FAITH IN JESUS.
      no more than a Lutheran could be saved by Lutheranism. - only by JESUS and FAITH IN JESUS.

      they have deleted / altered/ banned / censored a lot of the damning material that was readily available ten years ago - and a hundred years ago - on how many millions around the world they have tortured, murdered, raped, robbed(still today, every day), burned,
      hung, imprisoned, and denied human amenities to get their way and to destroy everyone who refused to bow down to the pope.
      keep looking online for this info while it may still be found - within perhaps a year or 3 or 5 or ten more years
      you won't be able to.
    • Martin Luther proved pope is antichrist, not a christian at all, but opposed to truth.
      By other one · Posted
      Do Catholics (the people who make up the Catholic Church) confess with their mouths that Jesus is Lord?   Do they believe that the Father Raised him from the dead.    Maybe Littleflower should answer that......       while I do disagree with much of the theology that the RCC teaches, I really think you go overboard about the state of members of the Catholic Church....   you speak of paganism in the church, but I see that in most other denominations also in the practice of Christmas, Haloween, and much of what goes on at Easter. As for the central control of the Church, I knew Malachi Martin well enough to not disagree with you about the evil that has taken over the leadership of that church.    If you read Tom Horn, you will find that much of the core people of the church would not disagree with you either.  However you seem to be saying that all Catholics are going to go to hell, and that's just not acceptable to hear. I can see putting down individual parts of the Catholic Faith, but it just isn't right to put down "Catholics" as a whole.   I can see why Littleflower seems more than a little upset with your posts. I'd like to see where you get how many people the Church killed from some source I could trust.   I know it was a lot, but to accuse them of still doing so today seems a bit over the top to me. To littleflower I might add here that even if they didn't reach the levels that Hitler reached it very much is the same in that they wanted to kill them all as did Hitler, but to Jeff would say that at least the RCC gave them the chance to repent and become a part of the church.....   with Hitler, if you are a Jew you don't need to breath.
    • This month.. September ministry,. pl pray
      By peacemakerIND · Posted
      You are always welcome my dear Christian friend
    • Is it just me...
      By enoob57 · Posted
      do you think yours was the forbidden fruit
    • Making Supernatural A Natural Way of Life
      By enoob57 · Posted
      Are you saying the sign gifts are in place today as they were then? 
    • Is it just me...
      By ladypeartree · Posted
      I like birds outside where they are supposed to be and I am soooo glad I live in a country that doesnt have a big snake problem and does have last 
    • This month.. September ministry,. pl pray
      By KPaulG · Posted
      Ty for answering, Peace.   God Bless you.   Your brother in Christ, KPaulG.
    • New Here
      By C_Beth · Posted
      A warm Welcome to you, Angie!
    • Thank you KPaulG!
      By AllTheGoodNamesAreTaken · Posted
      May God pour out His blessings to you in Jesus' name. You are a positive and Christ-like influence on this forum. Whether it's following up on prayer requests, uplifting spirits in the chat room, or just saying "Hi" in the mornings, you add such a positive light to this place my brother. You may not be old in years, but you display a maturity in Christ through your fruits in loving others.
    • This month.. September ministry,. pl pray
      By peacemakerIND · Posted
      HOPE IS strengthening well, commitment is doing well.. ty Paul for asking
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