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    • more indept study of Armenian and Calvinist
      I am starting to get that idea, that we do agree on a lot, but that was not always clear to me. One think confuses me though . . .  you say: "I have dug out many of the verses many times in the past only to have you eliminate them from other threads." I have done that? When did I do that? I almost never remove posts or edit them, the exception being when a thread goes nutso, and becomes feudal and ugly. Sometimes I or others, eliminate entire threads or sections of them, becuase they are just beyond salvation, without taking hours and hours to pull the weeds. Sometimes I even do that, but sometimes, there just is not time. Sometimes, I hide threads and try to recover them as I can make time. We lose a lot of good posts this way, this is one reason to keep on the subject and avoid getting personal, it ends up causing the loss of a lot of good stuff that people worked hard on researching and composing. You also said: "And you are taking some of Rhodes' verses out of context. " That sounds to me, that Rhodes is no writing the Bible, I hope you mean to say, that I am taking verse that Rhodes cites, out of context. I try very hard not to do that, and honestly, if I have ever taken any verse out of context, it was unintended and not realized. I have an open invitation, no, a request: If I ever take a verse out of context (something that I have accused others of, frequently, by the way), please, draw my attention to that. I do not mind being taken to task if I deserve it, but if/when that happens, let't get in on the table and address it. I would rather me accused of that, and have a chance to either explain or defend what is there, than have it go unchallenged, and possibly lead others astray. James 3:1 say: Let not many of you become teachers, my brethren, knowing that as such we will incur a stricter judgment. I take that verse seriously. Unlike Chuck Missler, who acknowledges that verse and then tries to use the loop hole of not calling himself a teacher, lol. If you are teaching, you are a teacher. I acknowledge that I teach, and then I try to use words  and phrases like "I believe", "in my opinion" or "as I understand it". I also request that people think about what I say. I do not mean, consider what I am meaning, I mean consider what I am actually saying, with out assuming I am mean anything other that what I said. My words are usually carefully chosen, but I so often hear people repeat to me, that things they think I meant, not what I actually said. For example, someone might conclude, that I counted words, because I said how many words there were. Of course, it gets worse than that, but I spend a lot of time replying to objections, because people equate their interpretation of my words to what I say. I would prefer that people do not interpret me, lol. When I am unclear, feel free to request clarification/expansion. Thanks for the ear. oh, and I did not partially scan Rhodes, I read it several times, I just can not follow it.
    • Study Bible Verisions
      Wow! There are so many very good if not great study bibles available to everyone now! First off the Thompson Chain. Awesome! Dake's Annotated. They just came out with NKJV in it!! Quest Study Bible. Gives the basics in Doctrine and Theology without being turgid. Evidence Bible. Yes it is from Kirk Cameron (actor). This should be a good start!
    • Derailing thread
      I can totally relate.....
    • Legitimizing Pedophilia
      None of my friends do either.  But I see a lot of stuff posted on facebook by those who claim to be Christians and who see nothing wrong with it.  Many younger people are okay with it.   It's this postmodern mindset that is really going to infect our society to the point that the American we were born in will no longer exist.
  • Recent Status Updates

    • angels4u  »

      Amen ?
      · 0 replies
    •  »  angels4u

      · 4 replies

      I hope this weekend to finish the book on Enoch I'm reading and start on a book on DNA.  Besides that, I'm going to enjoy my 3-day weekend with my wife, dogs and fixing my car, if the relay comes from Amazon comes in time.  I really appreciate Amazon's breath of products, customer reviews and quality service.  I might even get some shooting done at the range.  Hope you all have a safe Memorial Day weekend.
      God Bless, (SObG)
      · 0 replies
    •  »  FresnoJoe

      "Greater love has no one than this, that one lay down his life for his friends.  [NASB, John 15:13]
      How much more is the love of Jesus for us that He laid down His life for us who were not yet His friends?  And let us never forget this Memorial Day the ultimate sacrifice of our men and women in service to this country, who put their lives on-hold, and on the line for all of us.  God bless them, their families and friends.
      Never Forgot, (SObG)
      · 1 reply

      Let us remember on this 3-day weekend those of us whose family members and friends have made the ultimate sacrifice for our safety.  To all the men and women in service to this country, both on the battlefield and serving in some support capacity, I solute you, and respectfully ask God to bless you and your families for your service, in Jesus name I pray. (SObG)
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