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    • Worthy Fantasy Football Update
      This is the week 12 Fantasy Football update.  Congratulations to George's Gladiators for not only clinching a playoff spot, but with a win this week, clinching first place for the regular season.  They will be the number one seed in the playoffs regardless of how they do the final two weeks.  Here are this week's scores. George's Gladiators 109.62, Broncobusters 86.64 Terminators 100.92, Radiation Monkeys 69.18 Patriots Cowboys 73.84, EIDO Jailers 48.84 Fort Blackhawks 140.38, Chicago Bears 49.50 (Standings) x-George's Gladiators             11 - 1    1250.22    874.34 Terminators                            8 - 4   1191.24     995.70 Broncobusters                        8 - 4   1178.00     966.26 Radiation Monkeys                 7 - 5   1098.82    1028.00 Patriots Cowboys                   6 - 6   1000.82    1048.28 Fort Blackhawks                     4 - 8     929.38   1134.74 Chicago Bears                         4 - 8    790.14    1049.50 EIDO Jailers                            0 - 12    750.86   1098.44 (Week 13 Schedule) Terminators (8-4) vs George's Gladiators (11-1) Fort Blackhawks (4-8) vs Broncobusters (8-4) Patriots Cowboys (6-6) vs Radiation Monkeys (7-5) EIDO Jailers (0-12) vs Chicago Bears (4-8) Things to watch this week.  Terminators, Broncobusters and Radiation Monkeys will clinch a playoff spot with a win this week.  Patriots Cowboys can keep their playoff hopes alive with a win over Radiation Monkeys.  EIDO Jailers is still without a win, but is favored this week.  Good luck to everyone. 
    • Hiring friends to do work...
      Well, shame on you for not turning them in from the start.  So do you want to let them keep stealing our money because it makes you look like a vengeful ogre.    
    • The Master Craftsman
      From   BEETLE 
      If diversity and adaptability are the measuring sticks for success, then beetles are the most successful animals on the planet. There are 350,000 known species, with up to eight million more out there waiting for names: new species are being discovered at an average rate of one an hour. If you lined up all animal and plant species in a row, every fifth species would be a beetle. There are about 750,000,000,000,000,000 individual beetles going about their business right now.   CATFISH 
      Catfish are swimming tongues: they have more taste buds than any other creature. Their entire bodies are covered with them. A six-inch catfish may have more than a quarter of a million taste buds, not just in its mouth and gills, but on its whiskers, fins, back, belly, sides and tail. The channel catfish has the best sense of taste of any vertebrate and is able to detect less than a hundredth of a teaspoonful of a substance in an Olympic swimming pool full of water.    KOALA 
      Koala means "no water" in the now extinct Dharuk language of south-eastern Australia. Koalas hardly ever have to drink because their diet consists entirely of eucalyptus leaves, which are 50 per cent water. They can even tell the age of the leaves by their smell. To qualify as lunch they have to be between a year and 18 months old, as young leaves have almost no nutritional value and older leaves contain poisonous prussic acid. Eucalyptus is so low in energy that koalas spend 20 hours a day asleep, like sloths.   LIZARD 
      Geckos can walk vertically up glass and scientists have recently discovered how. Their feet are covered in half a million tiny hairs, each of which splits into hundreds more with diameters less than the wavelength of light. This creates a powerful bond between the electrons in the two surfaces. One square centimetre of adhesive tape based on this principle has already been manufactured. If enough can be made to cover a human hand, you could hang by it from the ceiling.   OCTOPUS 
      The male blanket octopus takes sexual discretion to a whole new level. He is 40,000 times smaller than the female and his technique involves tearing off his mating arm, placing it somewhere on her body and then swimming off to die. Given that this is roughly equivalent to a herring nudging a blue whale, it's unlikely she's even aware of him. Meanwhile, his disengaged arm crawls into her gill slit, where it can live for as long as month, until her eggs are mature. She then retrieves it, tears it open like a packet of café sugar and sprinkles the sperm over her eggs.   PIGEON 
      To keep alive in the wild, a pigeon needs to keep its eyes open for predators. Having eyes on the side of its head gives it a field of view of 340 degrees and, in order to fly at speed, its brain can process visual information three times faster than a human's. If a pigeon watched a feature film, 24 frames per second would appear to it like a slide presentation. They would need at least 75 frames per second to create the illusion of movement on screen. (This is why pigeons seem to leave it until the very last second to fly out of the way of an oncoming car: it appears much less fast to them.)   RAT 
      A rat can swim for 72 hours non-stop. It can jump down 50 feet without injury. It can squeeze through a half-inch gap, leap three feet, climb vertical surfaces and walk along ropes. It can survive longer than a camel without water. It will eat anything that's edible and lots of things that aren't (lead sheeting, soft concrete, brick, wood and aluminium).
    • Is it just me...
      ok as long as I'm last.......     btw I'm 68 so you can't send me to bed...   I'm probably the senior adult here.....    well senior anyway. last
    • Warning From Germany
      It's the other way round. They are deliberately showing more footage with women and children in whenever they can in order to make the immigrants seem harmless. However it's not easy as there aren't that many women and children. I know people who have been to the borders and seen them coming in. They are rude. aggressive and mainly young males.
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