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  • Posts

    • The seven year Peace treaty, is it true or false ?
      Yes it is true. Just recently the first time in over 2000 years two witnesses in Israel appeared before the Sandhedrin to introduce the new year, and this year being one of 13 months according to the Jewish Calendar which prophecy evolves from. That is to mark the start of the seven years for the New Year with the Tetrade... the four blood moons which we just completed with March 10, 2016 being the fourth blood moon of this year. Next to appear is the 2 witnesses to be present in Israel, and they will be separate from the 2 that appeared before the Sandhedrin. Blessings and tc 
    • Biblical Calculations 1. (70 X 7)
      The ten toes half iron half clay represents Rome and the reuniting of the Roman Empire in the Last Days. That is the right leg Palestine and to the right parts of Asia and the left leg most of Arabia Countries. This shows the place where the action will come in the last days of power, war and destruction to try to decimate one more time Israel. That is my understanding of it. I have heard Chuck Missler teach on this, I have had others show the AntiChrist will be from the Middle East from Egypt being under the Quran. It all ties in together. I know that We have a lot to be thankful for. Blessings and tc 
    • God bless America?
      A lot of people are not aware that the spirit of Patriotism started in Germany with Hitler. The people were swept into it... pride in their country, pride to be self sufficient, pride to put their trust in the arm of the flesh rather than the deliverance of the Lord Almighty. Patriotism must be balanced otherwise people unknowingly follow the spirit of the God of War, which is mentioned as the AntiChrist worshipping and getting the world to worship. How many countries like North Korea brag about the military might? their show of military weapons? why it is the whole world on display to go to war for peace, to defend it... why it has gone mad! World War II that my Dad was in was totally different, it was back then when men still honored the heavenly Father and read the Bible as the Word of God and prayed to him that they came together to defeat the evil of Germany. Now it has risen as the phoenix from the ashes and Nazism has morphed with other world powers into what it is today.  I am a veteran myself and will always respect and honor those who served. However the military today is no longer nationalism, it is being the world's war machine and under the umbrella of the UN not one's own country anymore. That is the remakings of WWII and history is repeating itself but on a much larger global scale. I understand your uneasiness and not being able to put your finger on it. Nothing should take our focus off the Cross Messiah died on or the Blood he shed for us. Blessings and tc 
    • The Great Image.
      Hi Kan & TrevorL, Probably time to start your own thread as regards all that other material & not the Great Image discussion.   Blessings, Marilyn.
    • Biblical Calculations 1. (70 X 7)
      Hi Daniel23, You must be tired driving all day. Just take your time, now bro as we are discussing God`s word & it needs concentration. I posted again as I hadn`t put in a quote from you & that often means it doesn`t get registered to you. Anyway glad you are looking into it. Also has you noticed that you say a lot of comments but you really don`t develop this with the scriptures. I`m also glad you ask earnestly, for I also have some questions for you after we have discussed this point. Let`s take it a step at a time - God tells us prophetically, that king Cyrus will say of Jerusalem, “You shall be built, “& to the temple, “Your foundation shall be laid.” (Isa. 44: 28) This only tells us that the king (told by God) is saying that Jerusalem & the foundation of the temple will be built. It does NOT say that he will do it or decree it. This is where you, I believe are assuming he does it.   God specifically commanded king Cyrus to build the house of the Lord. `Thus says Cyrus king of Persia: All the kingdoms of the earth the Lord God of heaven has given me. And He has commanded me to build Him a house at Jerusalem which is in Judah.` (Ezra 1: 2)   King Artaxeres sends a letter to the commander (adversaries) etc for the Jews in Jerusalem saying that the city may NOT be built.      `Now give the command to make these men cease, that this city MAY NOT BE built until the command is given by me.”` (Ezra 4: 17 & 21)   Then we have Nehemiah asking king Artaxerxes – `If it pleases the king, & if your servant has found favour in your sight, I ask that you send me to Judah, to the CITY of my fathers` tombs, that I may REBUILD it.......(&) let letters be given to me ...`(Neh. 2: 5 – 8)   Thus it is quite clear to me who gave the command, the decree to rebuild Jerusalem. King Cyrus prophetically said it, & king Artaxerxes actually decreed it.   Marilyn.     
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