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  • Posts

    • A Forum Idea
      By turtletwo · Posted
      Just wanted to stop by and see if anyone realizes that the "Oldies but Goodies" forum is already up and running? Well, at least a couple of members have posted in it. I hope now that others will feel welcome to come there. I can give you the password, if you pm me. God bless, turtletwo
    • Counseling Ethics
      By 19Duggarfan · Posted
      Yes from what little I know of this the Pastor seems to have cut off the use of a multitude of counsellors, Proverbs 11:14.  And no matter how old one is I believe we should always give honor to our parents, for even at my age my folks look out for my best interests, Ephesians 6:4.
    • Friends
      By Logan · Posted
      Pray for them, and don't compromise your own standards to fit the example
    • Trump tosses Univision reporter out of rally
      By JustinM · Posted
      Sorry for the lengthy reply, I know it's 2 pages long, but I hope you all take the time to read it.  I had a lot of points to address.
    • Trump tosses Univision reporter out of rally
      By JustinM · Posted
      I've been reading through the posts, there's a whole lot of writing and not a whole lot of listening going on. Commentators are allowed to take a position on a subject and try to persuade people to agree with them.  This is called making a persuasive/compelling argument, not "propaganda."  Commentators that are genuine and true professionals know that integrity and credibility are important in their line of work and use tangible sources to back up their facts and data when it is used. Propaganda is when a supposedly neutral party promotes and provides information that attempts to persuade people to support something that they claim they are taking a neutral stance on. Journalists are supposed to report the story and not be part of it.  This is where Megyn Kelly went wrong during the Republican debate, when she became a part of the debate instead of a neutral observer/facilitator/moderator. Mark Levin and Michael Savage, I believe are probably the two most honest commentators I've ever listened to and I have a great deal of respect for them.  They are men of integrity and character and if you take the time to listen to them, you will see the great lengths they go to, to provide truthful and accurate information to their audience.  But, they are men and men are flawed and sometimes they make mistakes.  If someone is being honest and fair, they will understand a genuine mistake when they see/hear one. CNN, ABC, MSNBC, CBS, FOXNEWS are corporate news broadcasters, but they only report stories that garner interest in their networks.  I find that these corporations spend way too much time on politics and not enough time on national news, which means news that comes from the entire nation, not just DC, NYC and LA. WND is my favorite online news source and recently in their commentary section, a person wrote a report criticizing Trump and praising Rand Paul.  This author didn't disclose that he was a campaign manager for Rand Paul in his commentary, though that information was in his "about" section.  He was well criticized for this omission in the comments section.  Conservatives do hold their commentators accountable. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I think what we all agree on is that the illegal immigration in the US is a problem and it is getting worse, what we aren't agreeing on is the solution to this problem. Constitutionally, we all agree that the way the 14th Amendment is being interpreted and has been interpreted by SCOTUS is wrong, what we disagree on is how to fix that.  Some believe a Constitutional Convention should take place, others believe Congress should fix this problem either through an Amendment or passing some law.  People have a problem with Congress fixing this, because they do not trust it and that is fair.  Congress has lost the trust of the American people and needs to rebuild our trust by doing the right thing. We also agree that our border is not stopping people from coming into our country illegally.  We disagree with how to fix this.  Some say build a wall, others say more border patrol and others say don't do anything.  However, some of the disagreements are not practical or rational but ideological and fantasy.  We cannot rely on fantastic ideas to ensure our safety, security and prosperity, the real world is breaking down our door and we have to put ideology aside for now and stop it.  We aren't just trying to stop people from immigrating, we are also stopping criminals from trafficking people and drugs and weapons.  We are also trying to stop terrorists from entering our country, forming cells and radicalizing our citizens. Then the biggest disagreement is what do we do with the millions of people who are here illegally and have been for years.  I think the best thing we can do is if an illegal person commits a felony or identity theft against an American or a resident in the US, they should serve a minimum 2 year term, but not more than 10, then be deported upon completion of sentence.  That will wipe out a huge crime problem in this country.  I think there should also be a 3 strike policy for crimes such as DUI, Assault, Burglary, Extortion, Drug possession, etc. Finally we should de-incentivize illegal migration.  That means first we cut off what non-citizens are not entitled to, then we let them know that if a business hires them it will be fined a year's wage for every non-citizen illegally employed by them.  We also need to bring back a process of assimilation, which we used to do at Ellis Island.  That means eliminating programs and amenities that encourage exclusive habits. Donald Trump, though I haven't made my mind up about him as President, is the only person running for office that has taken a serious approach to addressing this problem. I hate to call you out so directly Painted Smile, but you have only criticized Trump in this topic, but haven't proposed an alternative candidate yourself.  You do understand how this makes you look, right?
    • Reasons Christian's (evangelicals) Should Support and Vote for Bernie Sanders
      By robin hood · Posted
      It is good to hear from someone who has first-hand experience of Bernie Sanders in action . I am sure you will concur with me that there is a refreshing aspect to Bernie campaigning he sticks to the issues......he does not engage in the calumny and detraction of other politicians ......which makes him quite unique .
    • Why did God create evil?
      By simplejeff · Posted
      I was discussing Yahweh, Who takes no part in evil.  Yahweh did not 'bait' him,   the devil was lifted up in his own pride .... Yahweh is Perfect in Every Way, He never has any shadow, fault, sin, evil, or bad motive at all, of any kind.
    • The things in the Bible ain't necessarily so.....
      By robin hood · Posted
      The Book of Jonah.....It is impossible that Nineveh , the ruins of which have been explored , could have been a city of "three days' journey" . A city of 120 000 infants implies a total population of over a million , far too large for Nineveh . Our knowledge of Assyria , both from Assyrian and biblical records , leaves no room for a conversion of Nineveh to the worship of Yahweh .  The title "King of Nineveh" never appears in Assyrian or biblical records . It is always "king of Ashur" . The literary type of the book is didactic fiction or parable . This in no way detracts from the truth of the book . It is truth in the form of a parable rather than truth in the form of an historical narrative . In the same way the parable of the Good Samaritan is not truth expressed as an history narrative , rather truth as expressed in didactic fiction .
    • This Generation
      By simplejeff · Posted
      "v.34 “This generation”—The Greek text is genea, not aion. The Chinese deem 30 years to be a generation; the West reckons 40 years as such. Neither calculation is applicable here, for had it been either case, all these things would have had to have been fulfilled in the lifetime of those living at the time of Matthew and thus all would have become past history. On the basis of such an interpretation (that is, that the meaning of “generation” is in terms of a given period of years) the historians maintain that Matthew 24 is already past: they argue that Titus destroyed Jerusalem exactly 40 years after the Lord had spoken these words recorded here in verse 34 and that therefore the word “generation” is here used in its most general sense. Some try to avoid the problem by changing “generation” into “race”—the race of the Jewish people. But this is unlikely because (1) Matthew 1.17 says, “So all the generations from Abraham unto David are fourteen generations”; (2) we must not alter a word simply because of a difficulty, and (3) had this word been “race” in its translation, then such an explanation would mean that the Jewish race has the possibility of being destroyed since the Lord in fact declares that “this generation shall not pass away till all these things be accomplished” (v.34). How, then, should genea be explained? We should try to find the clue from the Old Testament: “Thou wilt keep them, O Jehovah, thou wilt preserve them from this generation for ever” (Ps. 12.7). This is a generation not in terms of a physical, but a moral, relationship. “They are a perverse and crooked generation” (Deut. 32.5). The genea (Hebrew, dor) here is not 30 or 40 years or even a lifetime. As long as perversity and crookedness last, just so is the duration of that generation. “For they are a very perverse generation, children in whom is no faithfulness” (Dent. 32.20). The generation continues as long as unfaithfulness persists. “There is a generation that curse their father, and bless not their mother. There is a generation that are pure in their own eyes, and yet are not washed from their filthiness. There is a generation, oh how lofty are their eyes! And their eyelids are lifted up. There is a generation whose teeth are as swords, and their jaw teeth as knives, to devour the poor from off the earth, and the needy from among men” (Prov. 30.11-14). Obviously, such a generation is not limited to a few decades or a lifetime; rather, it points to a period marked by certain immoral characteristics. We may receive further light from the Gospel of Matthew itself: “But whereunto shall I liken this generation. . .?” (11.16-19). “An evil and adulterous generation seeketh after a sign; and there shall no sign be given to it but the sign of Jonah the prophet . . . The men of Nineveh shall stand up in the judgment with this generation, and shall condemn it: for they repented at the preaching of Jonah; and behold, a greater than Jonah is here” (12.39,41). “The queen of the south shall rise in the judgment with this generation . . . Even so shall it be also unto this evil generation” (12.42,45 ). “All these things shall come upon this generation” (23.36).   This evil generation will last just as long as evil and adultery remain. Hence the meaning of genea in 24.34 is a period of time characterized by evil, adultery, perverseness, and crookedness. Such a period has not yet passed away, and will pass away only after all these things are accomplished. “This generation” includes three classes of people: (1) the Gentiles who worship idols and reject God; (2) those Jews who reject Christ; and (3) the apostates—the so-called modernists. Before all these people pass away, all these things will be accomplished. The Lord will come and destroy them. Before the coming of the kingdom, all these things shall be fulfilled." from
    • Donald Trump calling Anthony Weiner a 'perv'
      By thereselittleflower · Posted
      I would like someone to explain to me how a person who personally resorts to bankruptcy to solve his personal financial problems, not just once, but FOUR times, is qualified to lead a country out of its economic troubles?    
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    • momsbrat

      I still reside at Montgomery Elderly Care, in Montgomery, W. Va. I am 75 years of age and still have Cerebral Palsy and still confined to wheelchair or bed. I still teach a Sunday School class here regularly, although this position is shared with others on staff, here.
      I have lived here at Montgomery Elderly Care Center for  almost 11 years,  at the time this is written.
      Bill Neil
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