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  1. Age Old Question!

    It's over. We broke up. I have never felt so alone and miserable. I feel absolutely hollow. All of that time and effort, all of my love and tears, all for NOTHING. He already has someone else lined up. He's a LIAR and a CHEAT and I feel like a FOOL. 
  2.     All I would say to Obama is: Learn from the mistake of those who gave away Gaza!
  3.     They'll be no resolution as long as one side (the "palestinians") are determined to annihilate the other side.
  4.     He'll have to keep up appearances. The call will be made through grinding teeth. 
  5. I wonder if Obama's phone call to congratulate Bibi will be tense...
  6. So awful! Praying for the wounded and the loved ones of those killed.  
  7. I am very happy that Bibi won!  
  8. Please Pray For Our Marriage

  9. Israel and its election system

  10. How to be Openly Anti-Semitic in England

        http://www.americanthinker.com/articles/2013/09/the_palestinian_use_of_propaganda.html     http://tabletmag.com/scroll/116997/video-shows-palestinians-faking-injuries     http://www.thomaswictor.com/fake-atrocity-video-from-gaza/     http://www.strategypage.com/htmw/htiw/articles/20121229.aspx     These links are just from a casual search. There are tons more. Go to You Tube and look up faked palestinian atrocity videos. There are a bunch - including the one cited by Shiloh where the "corpse" falls off the board and quickly gets back up and under his funeral shroud. 
  11. How to be Openly Anti-Semitic in England

         It's like how they often show "wounded" or "dead" palestinians being carried to ambulances, then driven a few blocks away where the "victims" get out and walk off.  
  12. Can't he just "name and claim" where he wants to go and transport there? 
  13. "idolatry of the bible"

      Practicing homosexuals, or homosexuals in general?
  14.     I'm not saying for certain it was demonic. I'm just suggesting we need to be open to the possibility of trickery.