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  1. This is where I work

    What a beautiful video that little girl stole my heart. I have always had such a soft spot for the homeless. I grew up very poor but was never homeless because my grandparents always took us in, I can remember at least twice we went to live with them. There is a strain on children when they don't have that security of a home that I can see in there eyes. It just makes my heart scream no, not so, this can't be. I wish I had a job like yours onelight. May God Bless you.
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  3. Praise God for His Help and Strength

    Praise the Lord. Glory to God . What good gifts He has for His children...
  4. its not safe for Punxsutawney Phil

    We were misled into believing it was time to pull out our shorts and sandals only to have them now in the way in our closets.
  5. Hi! I just dropped in to say hello and get ready, we are going home! : )

    1. ears


      Hi joi, it will be good to meet you when we get home Sis.

  6. Wow, it sounds like she idolizes you and behind that is some jealousy with a history trying to deceive everyone. Try to focus on the fact that God placed you right where he wants and has allowed you this trial and claim it as one of your trials. Praying peace for you in this.
  7. God's Astronomy Lesson

    I feel that this article is telling us that this writer was writing of truths that was unknown at that time ,hence totally God inspired.
  8. Do you think she knows that she is lying? I know someone who really believes her thoughts are real. She has memories of childhood that never really happened. Sometimes I call her on it and say I don't remember it that way but other times it just seems sad. Do you know if this person does the same to other people? I pray you find peace with this situation. May God bless you.
  9. He is so GOOD to me

    You have more than kings.......Praise God for He is soooooo good.
  10. What do you dream about the most

    GBU desi,
  11. What do you dream about the most

    I was curious because I use to dream allot about a stairway.They were always scary dreams. I don't have them anymore,Praise God.
  12. What is your favorite smell?

    Fresh bathed babies and bread baking.
  13. My Hummus Dip

    great recipe worshiper....
  14. God is great.