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  1. Whoa need to talk? I just messaged you earlier before I saw this. Hope to hear from you soon.

    1. Denise37


      nah.. im good.. juss rough patches I suppose.. I don't know, they say to leave things in Gods hand, so that's what I've been doin.. but thanx


      That's great :) But if you ever need anything, just remember that I'm here. I know what it's like to have no one to talk to, whether by my own doing or someone else's. I'll always be there for a friend, if even just over worthy messages :P

    3. turtletwo


      My heart goes out to you. The Lord knows the details. But I just wanted to let you know that I care.

  2. Whoa need to talk? I just messaged you earlier before I saw this. Hope to hear from you soon.

  3. A new believer in our church accidentally ended up here at my church tonight. We ended up studying the Baptism of the Holy Spirit. He received it tonight, and I cannot wait to see what God is going to use him for!

    1. worshiper70


      That's so awesome! Praise God!!

    2. veryberry


      Praise the Lord!

  4. He was led by chains to His death to break your chains and bring you life.

  5. Ahh spiritual warfare, we meet again. Thanks for coming back so strong, it shows I'm doing something right. On the other hand...go away.

    1. NeedYouLord


      The only way I can take any comfort in getting through it is...It isn't strong enough to last...and it won't...just tell it How Big Your God Is!!! In The Name of Jesus...

  6. The outreach is today. Four meetings, two schools, and the last one at night is bringing the gospel. Please be in prayer!

    1. NeedYouLord


      Still praying...In Jesus Name...

  7. Hey lance, miss ya.. hope ur doin well.. God bless u brother!!! :)

  8. Had a wonderful two days here in Bulenga. God's presence came and did a work among us. The worship practice on Saturday night was mostly spent on our faces in tears after He came. Only to find that after almost two hours I got up and noticed the entire church was full of people. What a great day, and an honor to bless the heart of God.

    1. Keki


      that's great to hear. May God bless the ministry. Hope we will get to meet at some point but if not, then I still thank God that some one from worthy is in my country at a time we are celebrating Jubilee...Leviticus 25.

    2. NeedYouLord


      In His Presence Is Fullness of Joy!!! Yes Lord!!!

  9. how are you doing brother

  10. Preaching again in Nateete Uganda. Last night was the holiness of God and depravity of man, and today is God's hatred to sin and sinners, and the reconciling of His love and justice by going to the cross. Pray for that this church grows in a deeper love through the awesome sacrfice on the cross.

    1. LisaMarie savedbygrace
    2. friendofjesuschrist


      Praying for all every where every day.

      Hate the sin not the sinner

      MATTHEW 5:44-48

      But I say unto you, Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you, and persecute you;

      That ye may be the children of your Father which is in heaven: for he maketh his sun to rise on the evil and on the good, and sendeth rain on the just and on the unjust.

      For if ye love them which love you, what reward have ye...

  11. Arrived safely in Uganda. Starting to get busy now with teaching. Keep me in your prayers for wisdom to be able to prepare well. Lord bless you all.

    1. Denise37


      Ahhhhh.. I'm SO excited for u!

      God bless & be careful! :-)

    2. NeedYouLord


      Yes Lord...Magnify Your Word...Through Your Children...In The Name of Jesus...Whew

    3. PinkPaws


      Praying. God's blessings be upon you.

  12. I beleive the Lord has placed in my heart anew the love for His presence and His Scripture. Thank you Lord for by your glory persevering me through that Valley of Trials. A reminder that the next time I am in a valley similar that your promise to never let anything snatch me from your hand is very real, forever and ever to the praise of your glorious name!

    1. Denise37


      Amen, brother! He's got ur back.. :-)

  13. Make a 3 word sentence

    Vivaciously yawning rabbits T M P
  14. Trying to find a place in Chicago to stay on the night of the 30th if possible to fly out on the 31st. This will be a fun one to figure out :P