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  1. Wish you a Blessed Happy B'Day...... :)

  2. on my mind is that i am looking, or was looking for another site to have contact with others about anything really, with worthy people of-course, then i remembered this site.

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    2. He giveth more grace

      We'll glad you did, xounstaer.

    3. xounstaer

      then i will join in here as well, more then i did.. i'll see.

  3. HEY!! How u been? :-)

    1. xounstaer

      been going through rough times. ty for asking. i am okay now.

  4. doing great. i thank the lord. praise be his

  5. see u guys tomorrow. goodnight.

  6. facebook, it has got so much nonsense as well....

    1. Denise37

      Yes it does.. That's exactly y I don't have 1.. Can u say DRAMA, GOSSIP, & RIDICULOUSNESS!

    2. friendofjesuschrist

      Sin is every where. Stop looking and promoting it, and it can exist less and less everyday.

  7. hoop dat ik van het weekend bezoek krijg van mn moeder en mn tante, ze neemt als het goed is een tv mee voor hier in mn kamer (mn tante).(als je het leest laat dan ff weten wanneer ingrid)

    1. viole

      I hoop that, too.

  8. the start or beginning of a different or new life in this town or city here. i have good hope things will turn out rigt

    1. Denise37

      Yay! May God keep blessing & encouraging u! :-)

  9. beetje online wezen, dat is wat ik aan het doen ben nu.

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    2. Fez

      Ek ook, maar ons mag net Engels op Worthy praat. Ok?

    3. Jayyycuuup

      stop that you 2 lol....hmm does google translate work for this?

  10. blij dat ik weeer internet heb :). maar goed ook de realisatie dat er veel slect in de wereld lijkt te zijn ineens weer doet me denken. beter beetje op facebook kijken dan nieuws kijken, ja miss goede tijden. ik mag niet naar buiten want ik moet wachten tot het behandelplan dat is niet fijn maar ik of we hebben hier nu wel weer internet :)

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    2. xounstaer

      yeah its dutch and it synchronized from Facebook. i said i have internet again and moved to eindhoven netherlands to a long intensive stay treatment part of the psichiatry and have no real freedom besides the net. gtz

    3. Fez

      Bietjie soos Afrikaans, ek kan dit verstaan as ek stadig lees. Marr luister, ons mag nie n ander vertaal hier op Worthy gebruik. mense kan ons nie verstaan nie, en wie weet dan wat ons se?

    4. Denise37

      Ahhhhh, now I understand, thank u for explaining!

  11. hey i can come up with answers like yes maybe or no, but also others like, this one question; is there time in outer space or is time bound at all or or or :)

  12. do you need a spoon or a magnet first before the spoon?

    1. Guest

      Well There Is Junk Food And Then There Is JUNK Food.... Think The Magnet Raises Your Iron Up More Than The Spoon.... Or Not....

    2. Denise37

      U can have a spoon, but the spoon doesn't get attracted till u have a magnet. Kinda like us with the Lord, He's Our magnet, we're the spoons.. He has wat we need in order to be attracted to Him! I hope I make sense..

  13. no thank someone else, i never heard of saterday. or maybe i do :)

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    2. Guest


  14. guess what on my mind.

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    2. xounstaer

      so that means arrest through judas and crucifying too not? and how long would the perios have been between arrest and the exacution of the cross?

    3. Guest

      Post Your Question On The Forums.

      It's More Fun That Way~!

    4. xounstaer

      sorry got no quest i geuss, you?

      im through with it and hope to not die tomorow but if so i ranned it through, it s up for me; meaning, or we moving forwards honestly in a good wa now and has any really ever changed? sure were on it, no ur not while you should!!!xxxx-

  15. all is on my mind :)

    1. Guest

      Mostly All Is Close To Most, You Think :)

    2. Denise37

      Everyday, with each breath that is givin to me..

    3. xounstaer

      thank god i still can breathe and am allowed to breath, not always this is so...x hug me please............