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  1. Chaos - True or False?

    Very logical response. One must employ speculative imagination to conclude these things to be true unless of course one is saying that the Holy Spirit has revealed it as truth. I believe that water as a basis for all creation is the truth based upon the generic meaning of the word combined with the position of water in scripture. But I have no such revelation from God. My imagination scares me.
  2. Chaos - True or False?

    Do we use imaginative speculation to understand the scriptures and creation around us when God has clearly said a mans imagination is wicked from his youth? I have out of the sheer desire to intrude into things God had not given unto me to know. It resulted in yet more evil. I read Hazards assessment of Genesis and Jeremiah and admit that the logic works but it isn't rooted in truth but speculative imagination for the scriptures never clearly declare Lucifer having a kingdom upon the earth and rebelling followed by a flood that destroyed all off the face of the earth. I give assent that this is all possible for each part of the concept can be fit into the scriptures but that is not the basis for discerning truth. As far as Chaos theory goes it is mans explanation for trying to describe Gods creation without God. It errs because it rejects the truth. The scriptures declare plainly how things happen but man refuses to believe. God says then it comes to pass. It is that simple. His word accomplishes its mission before returning. What scientists observe is materials within creation moving to the end which God spoke from the beginning. There is a constant tension between two sides, the destroyer and the savior. Ultimately the savior wins and the destroyer is done away with. The tension that exists is veiwed by man who sees the results of the two then seeks to try and explain all things with his carnal mind ending in eternal error. Evil is the direct result of out of order or place. From the beginning God has stated the order but through disobedience proper order has been displaced and disorder in place but the command has been sent forth that complete order of the whole creation will happen and our ever changing world is working to that end. Chaos does come from disobedience unto God. But let us not confuse the calling of things that weren't as though they were then their coming into being with chaos of this kind for when a potter begins to form a bowl he begins with a lump of clay. Chaos from disobedience was never needed to begin his creation. Beware of speculative imagination that is a breading ground for evil through the pride of life sin. Everyone wants to know something and be somebody.

    I wouldn't think so. It appears that correction versus imputation are done for different means to acheive different ends.

    Good stuff! I am always learning and here are some of my thoughts (how I impute things) Imputing = account unto, and can be seen in both thought, word and deed. The power of Sin is the law, any law given by those in authority over whom they govern whether it be Kings, Presidents, Governors, Parents, Police, etc. God gives gifts unto men which include administrations where a mans voice speaking against another charging them before God has the power to impute sin on site such as Peter did with Ananias and Saphira. Currently, there are many people upon earth with varying degrees of authority who are able to set laws but those laws merely reveal Sin in the person. Sin in man uses them to destroy those who are under the laws by bringing forth death which is separation. Ultimately sin seeks to impute physical death and not just separation. I use this tool in my home as a father to raise my children. I set boundaries for them to operate in. I know that having to give an account for their failures when Sin in them entices them to break my laws will help me lead them to a place where they can recognize sin in them. But to me, the lawgiver, they stand or fall. Ultimately, I choose whether or not to impute their sin unto them but there is also consequences for their sin that do not deal with my decision to impute it unto them or not. For instance: My daughter wanted to play in my truck while I was working and I granted her specific permission to touch certain things but others not. I told her that if she did not listen that she would hurt herself. Within 5 minutes I heard her cry out for me. I asked her what she touched that she should not and she pointed to the glove box. I did not impute her sin unto her but she did have to go through the consequence of injuring herself. It is like Adam who was told what not to do and his consequence that would result yet God made a way for his redemption though he would suffer the consequences until said redemption was brought to pass. We sinned in Adam. We all die. But as it is written that many were made to sin in him many will be made righteous in Christ. Our Faith is imputed unto us. God says, we believe, we receive, praise God! But we still have to deal with the consequences as we fall while we walk here amd now.

    Sin is responsible for death in all who have ever died save Christ himself. The wages of sin is death. Sin entered into the world and death by sin when Adam sinned, and as such death passed on to all men. Sin is personified in Genesis. My conclusion is that sin instructs the individual from within and any obedience to the voice of sin is earning the wages of sin which is death. This is why we are all born in sin and in sin did our mothers conceive us. Natural born sinners who need to be freed from the power of sin unto God. For sin is only imputed where there is a law to be broken yet there is a difference between imputed sin and the consequence of sin to our flesh which is death. It is quite a meaty topic indeed!

    The answer is sometimes but not always.
  7. Brothers and sisters, I am a foolish man. I came to believe January 26th, 2008. I am only 8 years old as a Christian. I was zealously affected after a radical conversion and sought to learn all I could and serve with all my heart. What I acheived in doing so was to ignorantly go about wreaking havoc upon others and bringing things upon myself. This past year I have begun to actually see the bible come to life in the world around me. I have really seen God in everything where I once thought he was absent. I was granted the privilage of ministering to Romans 1 reprobates who need only honor God as God in order to be released from the bondage to sin. I have watched as the self righteous man judged another while doing the same things as it is written in Romans 2. I have even seen the one who has the very oracles of God beleiving that they are teachers of babes who don't teach themselves as Romans 3 speaks of. I have not only seen these but have been each of them along the way. God forgive me. This brings me to a place of gratitude for my salvation. For though I have earned the wages of death, God has given me life because I believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God who takes away my sin. But though I am justified by faith in him, I do not wish to continue in sin and receive the wages of sin which is death as it is written in Romans 6. I have a great desire to give myself to God and be used as a mighty tool in the hand of The Great Craftsman but I am weak and feable minded. I still hang on to dreams of living a wonderful life in this life, building up a home for my family and teaching them righeousness in Christ. My earthly desires hold me back yet I cannot just abandon them wholly. I wrestle daily with sin in me who works in me seeking to bring me into captivity to do the will of sin. I have seen Romans 7 in action where when I would to do good evil is still present with me. Sometimes I feel like Cain saying, "my sin is too much to bear". Though I want to honor God and live in the Holy Spirit, I am failing still. The old earthly desires fill me yet again and lust conceives and brings forth death. I get caught and cannot break free. I am confused because I have the Spirit of Christ in me calling out Abba Father yet the power to be released from sin seems absent at times and I begin to feel worthless and powerless over sin all over again. I praise God that there is a remnant today that are truly faithful unto him for without them I would perish in my best efforts to please God. For I am an evil man who deserves not to see the face of my Creator. Though I would to present my body as a living sacrifice unto God that he might use it for his purposes, offering my body unto him is as loaning him an old beat up car that you don't know if it will start or not. I am not sure that I have the faith of Abraham our father, for my all is not upon the altar. Brethren, please, pray for me.
  8. amazon

    Yes, I use Amazon. I save money. One of those ways is to price match at Staples using Amazon.
  9. What is a Christian?

    Yes, this is one of the tragic consequences of hiding things to seek to protect people from the truth. It causes confusion to those who come here. God is not the author of confusion but if peace. When the Holy Spirit leads it leads to clarity and peace. This has been my general complaint about Worthy moderation. From time to time things disappear and I have a hard time understanding whats going on. I know that everyone who moderates does what they believe is best. All my life I tried to do that which is best and never could figure out why it always went bad. Then I read where it is written that there is a way that seems right unto me but leads to death. Then I began to see that there were many like me who tried to do good always but continually missed the mark. God bless Worthy Mods!
  10. I feel sick after I quit

    Yes, withdrawl sucks! I quit after 26 years.
  11. Why the Great Trib May Be of Short Duration

    I am led to believe that tribulation is good for by it I have found patience that led to experience and hope that followed. Q: What is the purpose of the great tribulation? A: To bring in the Kingdom of God upon the earth. A coming time when everyone shall know him from the least to the greatest. All who reject The Self Existent One must be done away with for it is the end of the unbelieving world and the beginning of a new age of absolute belief in the one true God in which Jesus will reign supreme and bring about a perfect knowledge of God. At the Name of Jesus every knee shall bow and every tongue shall confess unto God that Jesus is Lord. Hold on to your hats, we're in for a bumpy ride. Rejoice for this is what we are all hoping for!
  12. Will God take my life if not ready yet

    Tigger, God Love You! I am so happy to hear your concern over your relationship with God due to your sin. That is a healthy Christian response. Come, let us reason together: When a person comes to beleive that Jesus Christ is Lord and calls upon his name for salvation He accepts and the work begins. The first work completed is the new creature created in Christ. Paul speaks of this as the inner man which is incorruptible. This is why he told the Corinthian believers to give the man over to Satan for the punishment of the flesh explicitly saying so that the spirit (the new creature) could be saved in the day of judgement. We need to be careful not to judge our eternal destiny by our corruptable outward man which is perishing. For our bodies are dead because of sin and we groan within ourselves awaiting the redemption of our bodies. But as it is written, if we sew to our flesh we reap corruption. There are consequences for sin. And if I am in my flesh I cannot please God. But if I through the Spirit of Christ in me mortify the deeds of the flesh I am delivered of my flesh. I was a drunkard. I was very sexually immoral. I was completely reprobate in mind and body as Romans 1 speaks of but God shown a light in my darkened heart and sent the Spirit of his Son to deliver me from bondage of darkness into the light. I am washed in the water of the word amd no longer partake in those evils though having known them can still be tempted but yet recoil from them as if from a hot flame. I did not get this way over night. I had to do as the scriptures say and inventory my morality and confess my faults to righteous brethren who would pray for me. I had to become willing to have God search my heart for evil and change my person. I had to honestly look at who I was hurting and seek to make things right with others without injuring them further. I was delivered from smoking after 26 years. I asked for releif in earnest and then resisted the temptation to go back through the power of Christ in me and not of myself. But I still suffer though. Right now my left thumb feels like the tendon is torn or streatched. Yet I am told to glory in my infirmities that the power of Christ may rest upon me. Have I sinned and brought this upon myself? Maybe. No matter. I continue to seek his face and walk in his ways. I pray God reveal the truth about that which your going through unto you.
  13. Valid Water Baptisim Decsion Made for You???

    Did God honor Hannahs dedication of her child? Yes, parents have a say in what happens to their children. Children have no say. All are baptized. How do I know? Who was baptized unto Moses in the Red Sea when the water gave witness of Gods people? Adults only? Children also? Why is it anyone would believe the children are not dependent upon the parents? Does not the scripture say that the children are clean even if only one parent believes? Most I have known call infant baptism dedication. I was dedicated by my mother shortly after birth. I later became a servant of God. Legalists will look for some letter of the law teaching to validate a position. Spiritually minded believers will follow the Spirit of the law. I believe nothing has changed since Moses. Baptize all.
  14. Time and Eternity

    What is gravity? Consider that God said that the man of God should have his family in subjection with all gravity. That Jesus said that if he were lifted up he would draw all men unto himself. Gravity comes from grave and grave is a separation from gre which means victory, therefore I declare that gravity deals with the laws of attraction within a specific realm. For this cause those who are of the earth, sensual and devilish, are brought down to hell while those who have their treasures in heaven are lifted up. Gravity depicts mass and attraction. That was me having fun with it. Thanks for putting up with me! And of course my name is DeMoss which is close to DeMass or demassification, therefore my job is to help you get out of the gravitational pull of the massive government that is sucking in all the masses and place you under the loving care of the Great God in Heaven who loves you! Good day
  15. Staying in communion with God

    Agreed. I begin upon awakening and continue until my lying down again.