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  1. gdemoss added a post in a topic Does big foot excist   

    I found Bigfoot and it was relatively easy!
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  2. gdemoss added a post in a topic President Obama’s 'Faith'   

    I don't know exactly how to perceive what he has said throughout the article.  The mentality to me says over and over that we are our own gods.  I fail to agree with just about anything he says.
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  3. gdemoss added a post in a topic President Obama’s 'Faith'   

    march 27 2004 interveiw with sun times.  When asked what sin was he replied going against his own values.  One interesting point anongst many in the article.
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  4. gdemoss added a post in a topic Submission   

    You ought to admit that I have agreed with you when I believed you were right.  Your example I said was correct.  It would not work  and I do recall aleast one other time that I agreed with you  it is not hopeless.
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  5. gdemoss added a post in a topic President Obama’s 'Faith'   

    I read an article where Obama was questioned directly about his faith before he was ever president and from his answers I deternined that he believed he was God incarnate.  He never directly said such a thing and I could be wrong.  It was what I heard in what he was saying.
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  6. gdemoss added a post in a topic Submission   

    You have an interesting way of seeing things.  I agree the method you presented here is silly and would not work.  You did not however prove that what I showed would not.  What I have said stands.
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  7. gdemoss added a post in a topic Submission   

    And this is where we part ways in understanding.  He merely needed her to answer him back at all to open the door to being deceived.  Allow me to explain why I believe this.
    The conversation could have simply went:
    Did God say you could eat from any tree in the garden?
    No, any but the one in the middle.  If we eat of that one we will die.
    No you will not die!  God doesn't want you to eat from it or you will become as gods knowing good and evil.
    At this point the damage is done.  He created a choice that was logical and therefore had merit.  Eve not having the eyes of her understanding opened was defenseless against the assault.  The author of confusion placed her in checkmate in two moves.  
    God sent his Son to die for sinners.  Jesus sent his disciples as his father sent him.  No sooner than the Spirit of Christ went into the world the spirit of antichrist followed after bringing people 'another' Jesus, 'another' gospel, 'another' spirit.
    I am being led to believe that whenever the truth is sent the counterfeit follows.  The counterfeit need not have error in the ones who hold the truth to gain access but merely need and opening through the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes and/or the pride of life.
    Therefore I have concluded that it is counter productive for me to argue the point of whether or not God told them not to touch it either. It is irrelevant.
    Thank you for your thoughts on this!
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  8. gdemoss added a post in a topic Can anyone tell me how to cleanse the inside of the cup and the plate?   

    Coals heaped upon the head I am led to believe refers to that which is leading your enemy to seek your hurt. The flesh and blood human is not your real enemy.  We want to save them from that which leads them to distruction.
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  9. gdemoss added a post in a topic Submission   

    I am led to extend the study by that which is in me guiding me.  The description of how Eve was deceived is found in 2 Cor.  Have you thoughts on the correlation there?
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  10. gdemoss added a post in a topic Submission   

    weird this is not the quote I quoted.  Bug alert!
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  11. gdemoss added a post in a topic Submission   

    I agree that a second witness would be helpful for sure.  You have provided testimonials of others who hold your position as true.  However none of which have provided any solid evidence that proves God did not say.  We end in a stalemate unable to conclude any dogma concerning the issue.  I respectfully do not accept your position as neither true or false but something unprovable and therefore unfit to put credibility in any doctrine based upon it.  Thanks for sharing your position though. Be well.
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  12. gdemoss added a post in a topic What causes confusion in Eschatology?   

    My confusion usually begins within myself in the imaginations of my heart.
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  13. gdemoss added a post in a topic Submission   

    You are the one who declares she got it wrong.  I declare there is no valid authority that says she got it wrong.  It cannot be known.  The opinions of men such as you present are of no value to me for it is written that many shall come in his name declaring that he is Christ and deceive many.  I wonder why you are so animent on proving yourself right.  Nevertheless you have not convinced me of anything except your desire to be right.  Have a good day!
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  14. gdemoss added a post in a topic Submission   

    Sam, I have nothing to show that God actually said not to touch it.  I do not need too.  I am only saying I believe Eve who testified that God said not to touch it. I have no reason to doubt her.  
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  15. gdemoss added a post in a topic Social awkwardness   

    Ricky, the search for the truth about ourselves begins with questions.  In the end I found that I need to ask God to help me become the person he meant for me to be.
    There is a difference between me wanting me to be different for some perceived benefiit for myself and me wanting to change because I believe that God would have me to be different than I am because being who I am breaks the commandment to love God and to love my neighbor as myself.
    Have a great day!
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