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  1. gdemoss added a post in a topic Why I stopped believing   

    Every one of us has to come to that place.  Can I serve a God that orders the killing of children?  A God who destroyed a world full of people save eight souls?  A God who gives pardons to murders?  The list goes on.
    Every one of us has to decide for themselves if God is righteous or vile.  
    I have concluded God to be a righteous loving God despite all of those things he ordered as written and preserved in the bible as well as all the things that have been ordered or allowed since.
    I understand that it was necessary for you to come here and make your confession.  This will be available agaim for your inspection when you stand before the God you no longer believe in and give an account for yourself.  Unfortunately you will have no advocate in that day.
    I pray you enjoy what little life yoy have left.  Peace.
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  2. gdemoss added a post in a topic Godhead or no   

    Your witness of yourself is received and believed.  You say you do not have the energy to care.  I accept that.
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  3. gdemoss added a post in a topic Should Christians charge for services rendered?   

    Great question!
    Money is a terrific way to expose the heart of a person.  In the old Testament we find that their was a particular currency accepted there.  Lots of examples of wealth and things.  In the New Testament we see Paul offer to pay anothers debt.  We see others Pay for Pauls expenses.  Paul collected money to take to Jerusalem during hard times.  He adminished them to lay up on store as God had prospered them each week.  The idea of working for a living is throughout the whole bible.
    What I would like to address is that there is a time when it is evil to give.  There is a time when giving something away only hurts the receiver and does not edify.  A time when money and things are only used to make slaves out of those who receive.  All such giving is an abomination for the giver has the intent of enslaving the recipients.  For this cause Jesus will once again cast out the money changers and those who sell doves.  He came to free the captives yet men have once again come in to make slaves.
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  4. gdemoss added a post in a topic Godhead or no   

    You obviously don't understand me.
    What I have learned over time is that I believed certain things based upon false presuppositions that could only be revealed by exposing the root of the belief as speculative rather than truth.  All I have stated here is that if you honestly had any idea what the root causes and conditons of this error you suppose to be in Shiloh were then you could expose the root and the rest would be shown a lie. 
    Can you do that?  
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    I will begin with "silence in the face of evil is evil itself".
    Jesus was often silent in the face of evil so that would mean he calls Jesus evil.
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  6. gdemoss added a post in a topic Godhead or no   

    I have.  It appears your not saying what you appear to be saying.  You do not know WHY he believes as he does or you could tell everyone else why it is so.  You could describe the 'mote' in his eye blocking his vision so that we may all see but it seems that you have no idea why he believes as he does.
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  7. gdemoss added a post in a topic Godhead or no   

    I am only asking you to back up your words.  You said you KNOW what he believes and WHY he believes it.  I want to know what YOUR take is on this is all.
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  8. gdemoss added a post in a topic Godhead or no   

    please, indulge me.  What does he believe?  And more imortantly, why does he believe it?
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  9. gdemoss added a post in a topic Tactics Of The enEmy: Identifying eVil in our midst   

    The enemy or InAmy 'without beloved' attacks me from within my own wicked heart through my thought system.  Enticing me.  Seducing me.  "Your special!" "Your different" "They don't appreciate or deserve you" the whispers go on and on to which I answer "go away!".
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  10. gdemoss added a post in a topic As for you, the anointing you received from him remains in you, and you do not need anyone to teach you.   

    John says he wrote those words to encourage them concerning those who would seduce them.  The Pharisees were well known for travelling great distances to make disciples of themselves.  There are some accounts of men coming in and seeking to lead and have everyone follow them.  The pride of life and the love of money, where the phrase love if money speaks to a love of being one who shines rather than a love of currency, distort and destroy whole assemblies like those led by the one spoken of in 3 John.
    I was one of these types without knowing it until someone showed me my ego and pride.  It came through even in the way I read aloud.  Sad really. 
    Today, I understand the comfirmation I have from the inner witness of the Holy Spirit but equally understand the need for the others who likewise have this annointing to confirm my teaching.
    I need all of you.
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  11. gdemoss added a post in a topic Salvation is simple. Don't add to Scripture, or take away from Scripture.   

    That is correct.  They did not have the New Testament.  But Jesus confirmed that they had the scriptures and were misinterpreting them.  I know from personal experience that I can have the perfect word of God before me complete and entire and still be led astray through misinterpretation without ever knowing that is happening.  
    Sam,  how is one supposed to know this?  My experience is that my heart is deceitful and desperately wicked.  I have sin in me twisting every word.  Evil is present with me when I would to do good asking that question 'hath God said?
    The bible is complete and entire but I have found that I need more.  I need everyone of you instructing me.  Even those who are heretics.  By the heretics I also understand truth as they make those who walk in truth stand out like the stars in the night sky!  
    I need you all.  Thank you Sam and Morning Glory!  Bless you both.
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  12. gdemoss added a post in a topic Salvation is simple. Don't add to Scripture, or take away from Scripture.   

    I followed those instructions 'read the bible dorectly' and almost died as a result.  Reading the bible alone leads millions to their deaths and keeps them separated from God (ask the Pharisees and Saduccees).  They all had the bible AND read it believing they had life when they had nothing but self-righteousness.  
    This is not to say that one cannot get it right while sitting reading the bible alone but rather to warn that for some it can be outright dangerous.
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  13. gdemoss added a post in a topic The Bible is Enough. It set free millions from error and death.   

    The bible is not enough.  This man had his own copy.  He needed help understanding what he was reading.  
    Act 8:31 And he said, How can I, except some man should guide me? And he desired Philip that he would come up and sit with him.
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  14. gdemoss added a post in a topic Tactics Of The enEmy: Identifying eVil in our midst   

    It could be possible one day that Jesus will show up and start deporting natural born citizens of a nation for being workers of iniquity.  Wouldn't that be amazing wo watch?
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  15. gdemoss added a post in a topic Christianity is incompatible with evolution   

    I pickeda short quote but only for the sake of quoting you
    I want to thank you for your open honest and helpful insight into your position and reasoning.  I have grown from the encounter.
    I respect you for this.
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