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  1. The beast that goes into Perdition

    Thank you for sharing your understanding! It is apparent how your veiw is molded by your full theological perspective.  I can appreciate that because I am saying much less about my position than I am revealing.  I too hold my position based on a broader veiw but I have not shared due to the nature of it to bring about confusion and strife that will not profit the hearers. Better for me to limit my discussion to the section of scripture being dicussed. Paul says that the glory of a woman is her hair because it was given to her as a covering.  I accept this at face value.  I see no need to add to it or take away from it.   I ask.  I seek.  I knock.  I am a child who waits pateintly for answers and my father provides them. I am with you in that covering her head is a sign of great humility.  Thanks again for sharing.
  2. Can God judge some while sheltering others?   Rev 3:10Because thou hast kept the word of my patience, I also will keep thee from the hour of temptation, which shall come upon all the world, to try them that dwell upon the earth   Yes.
  3. How to let go of worry??

    We all have trouble trusting God!  Most have no idea why though. Do you want to trust God more and therefore be less worrisome?  Clean house. Learn how to take a personal moral inventory and confess your faults to others before God.  Take time to honestly consider whether or not you want your faults removed.  You'd be suprised how many of us want to hold on to the very things that are killing us!  Make sure to come before God and ask him to remove your defects.  Then take some time to consider how many people you have injured through your sin and begin to make amends to people wherever possible except in any case where you would bring more harm. Many of us have a hard time seeing ourselves and others cannot get past the self justification mindset of an eye for an eye.  Others of us blame our behaviors on others saying to ourselves I only did that because of what happened to me.   I use to worry that God wouldn't save me from calamity or suffering but today I know different.  Today, as long as I am walking in Love giving grace in truth unto others God has been sheltering me.  Jesus said that if we do what he said in the sermon on the mount then the storms would come and the winds woyld rage but our house would stand. It is about what we do and how we live.
  4. Short Post

    Mat 5:12 Rejoice, and be exceeding glad: for great is your reward in heaven: for so persecuted they the prophets which were before you.  
  5. Short Post

    I confess.  I do not know Christs new name.
  6. The beast that goes into Perdition

    Son of perdition or condemnation.  Want to underatand?   Look at what it means to be a son by the word sonic.  Doesn't sonic means that which pertains to sound?  YES! For he said their sound went even unto the ends of the earth. For God said.....and it was. In the beginning was the word and the word was God....God created all things through him....and God said! We hear then we do through our 'thought' or 'taught' system. Let him who has ears to hear, hear! We have been given the power (Spirit) to become the sons (sonic) of God.  We all speak (make sound of words) by a spirit. What shall we say then of this beast?  Who is his father?  What will he sound like?  And what shall he say of his father?  Perdition is an end.  His ways all lead to destruction.  His sons (he has many) all say the same thing.  Yes we can.   God said, lean not unto your own understanding and the ways that seem right to a man are the ways to death or perdition.  Therefore I declare that they will see problems and rely upon themselves for salvation (climate change) and what they do to save themselves will destroy them. The Self Existent One Is Salvation!  I AM THAT I AM.  May we all place our faith in Him that can because he said in and of ourselves we cannot!
  7. Short Post

    The sermon on the mount appears wordy until you realize that Jesus taught everything we need to know about his way of life to make it through all the storms in life in 3 chapters.
  8. The beast that goes into Perdition

    Yes, it is my understanding that you are at odds with.  It is I who believe the hair is the covering spoken of.   You asked " IF it were just the HAIR, then why did God bother saying it at all since 99% of women already HAVE HAIR !!!!" My understanding of the text is that it speaks to the length of the hair.  That is why I cannot read it as a separate covering.  Men have hair too yet it is expected to be kept short and well dressed, not covering the head. The argument that it is nonsensical to speak about the hair this way was brought up by Therese and it appears you agree. I continue to seek Gods discernment on such issues and have not found any reason to believe that a separate covering for the head outside of long hair left down being a veil is being spoken of. Many of Pauls passages do similar things where he speaks about the same thing from many angles to bring his point out.  They also seem confusing.  Romans 7 is one about the laws relation to sin.  1 Cor 2-3 is another where he develops the idea of the church being Gods building. For this cause, I do not bring contention but openly share that I don't see what you all seem to so easily see.  Thanks for being understanding.
  9. The beast that goes into Perdition

    No Serving.  That is the way it sounds to me.  I read it again and again, all I get is that God gave woman her hair for a covering so therefore she should wear it long and leave it down when praying or prophesying.  If I am missing something then I don't know what it is.
  10. The beast that goes into Perdition

    Thank you for demonstrating how your logic works.  It makes sense why you don't understand where I am coming from.  
  11. I understand this is how you interpret this.  I disagree.  Peace.

    Agreed.  You are limited to yours.  I am limited to mine.  I find that many times I am separated from another based on the logic set being employed.  I understand that we won't agree and I am not bothered by that.  We will each act according to how we understand the scriptures and to our Master we will stand or fall.  I praise God that The Master asks the forgiveness of those who act in ignorance.  Peace.

    Yes, you are limited to your logic. I agree.

    You must add to what is written to determine that he meant he was the beginning and the end of time.  He only said he was the beginning and the end.  There is no reason to believe that that cannot mean that he is the final authority on all things as in nothing begins or ends without him.   The passage you quoted as you have quoted appears that it is calling for time to cease but this is only appearance for it can simply mean that the time allowed for something to happen has expired. I don't expect to ever win you over in any discussion.
  15. When are Acts of God, Acts of God?

    Everything in this arena is directly controlled by God.  They are Acts of God. God has been and is responsible for deliberately choosing to take the life of untold trillions of people over the course of history.  And righteously so.  Even Jobs, the perfect man, 10 children.  I take great comfort knowing that God controls the elements.  Jesus knew this and as such slept soundly in the bow of the boat in the middle of a raging storm.   It is all about authority.  The faithful have faith and said faith has power.  Jesus demonstrated his authority over the heavens by rebuking the wind.  Over the earth by rebuking the waves.  He spoke by the Spirit of God. Men have called down fire from heaven and prayed that the heavens would not give rain and it was so.  It is written that men will call down fire from heaven in the site of men again. We ought to be careful what we say for who knows what may come of the words we speak.  Many were talking in Sodom and God said let us go down and see if it is as we are hearing.  Wonder what they were saying just before Katrina hit? God is active always.