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  1. conviction or shaming

    What is the Holy Spirit? The Spirit of God that moves men to do acts of righteousness that cause others to see and know their sin. Luk 5:8 When Simon Peter saw it, he fell down at Jesus' knees, saying, Depart from me; for I am a sinful man, O Lord. Conviction comes from seeing others do that which is right moreso than from people saying what is right but speaking by the Holy Spirit may convict. Luk 13:15 The Lord then answered him, and said, Thou hypocrite, doth not each one of you on the sabbath loose his ox or his ass from the stall, and leadhim away to watering? Luk 13:16 And ought not this woman, being a daughter of Abraham, whom Satan hath bound, lo, these eighteen years, be loosed from this bond on the sabbath day? Luk 13:17 And when he had said these things, all his adversaries were ashamed: and all the people rejoiced for all the glorious things that were done by him. Again he spoke but it was of the works he had done that were righteous. 1Co 14:24 But if all prophesy, and there come in one that believeth not, or oneunlearned, he is convinced of all, he is judged of all: Prophesying about the wonderful works of God by the Holy Spirit convicts the hearers. For this cause, when I am given the opportunity to share how pitifully sinful I was before Christ and of the total heart transformation he preformed in me, I do not hesitate. Those who are as I once was are without excuse after I testify of the mighty works wroght in me by God. Therefore I spend my time amongst drunks and theives professing Christ in me and deliverance from sinful pleasures of the flesh that I was given over unto. The fear of God IS the beginning of wisdom and knowledge. Fear therefore and depart from sin or face being given by God unto a reprobate mind to do all kinds of evil. God is not mocked indeed! I tempted the Lord and found him to faithfully execute judgment against my wilful transgressions. Do not forget the words of the writer of Hebrews who taught us that the beginning is rough but gets better over time. Heb 10:32But call to remembrance the former days, in which, after ye were illuminated, ye endured a great fight of afflictions Strive for oneness with God in the Spirit and grow in grace and truth. I have found that God does not make to hard of terms for those who truly seek to please him but the rod is hard when we get wilful. Peace!
  2. Does the spirit of God live within Jews?

    Amen! The human 'race' was over. A winner declared. The one whom Moses foreshadowed has come!
  3. Thank you, Butero, for reminding me that we need to consider that what we think we see in others may be that which resides in us. Classic Romans 2. May we all do as we were admonished earlier and examine ourselves. Salt and light full of grace and truth? Or reprobates full of envy, debate, murder and deceit? Ouch! Thank God for brethren who care enough to lead me to what matters most, an honest self appraisal of Christ in me rather than deadly poison under my tongue!
  4. Does the spirit of God live within Jews?

    Yes, the Holy Spirit indwelt people before Pentecost. Pentecost was the outpouring of the Holy Spirit upon ALL flesh.
  5. Galatians assignment

    The beautiful epistle to the Galatians! Leaving justification by faith as presented in Romans and the carnality of early Christandom of Corinth many soon after fall into the pit of returning to the law. The endless debates over not being able to understand what is right and wrong outside of the law of Moses traps many who are yet carnal into legalistic thinking and division. But thanks be to God for the excellent argument against returning to the law of carnal commandments that did not profit the original hearers either. And the encouragement to walk by the faith of the indwelling spirit of Christ who leads and guides Christians to love God, their neighbor and each other without the law of carnal commandments that he nailed to his cross as he took them out of the way of true unity of purpose under Gods reign. My favorite part is the explanation that the laws purpose was to bring them unto Christ. As it is also written that one learns of sin by the law. After the law has revealed sin and brought one to Christ then the law has finished its work and Christ writes his law upon the heart of the believer who follows his commands from within rather than without. Thank God for Galatians! Christ truly is the end of the law for righteousness for them who believe.
  6. Bible Translations

    Agreed. Let's take Manuel for an example. His belief requires the KJV for salvation. Right, wrong or indifferent tge belief moves a person to action. And that action can be with a full force passion. This is what I am learning about me and others. Our actions depict our beliefs regardless of our words. You have a great respect, passion and love for the KJV with an equal distain for other translations based upon your personal exerience and study which you believe to be led of God. I love your passion and your zeal. And I understand your position, for I was originally KJV only having a belief that it was the only God approved inspired translation without error and complete. I did a lot of academic study and comparisons concerning different texts etc. My reasoning led me to believe as I did and I thought my position was inspired. So I should empathize with anyone who is of that mindset. I have begun to see how it is that brother delivers brother up unto death beleiving they are right when they do so. How men come to believe in comitting horrific atrocities like genocide while thinking God is leading them to do so. Somewhere along the line it became important for me to understand that God lives in me through the Spirit and that that Spirit must be my authority in all matters including matters of written inspiration for the written word of God even perfectly preserved does not profit those whose hardened hearts have made it to no effect through vain traditions. I realize that I am still growing in my knowledge of God and Christ. That I am capable of misunderstanding and of being deceived but I do beleive that it is entirely plausible to believe that God has a genuine purpose in any translation, including the loosest paraphrase so that I might even be in danger of blaspheming his work through ignorance in me by relying upon my own academic carnal experience that isn't truly Spirit led. Therefore, I acknowledge the many points you make concerning differences in the texts but refrain from drawing any conclusions as to the authenticity or blasphemy of their origins or intensions. Thank you for understanding.
  7. Christian how do you interpret this verse?

    Buteros post above gives excellent insight to the meaning of the verse. Before I became a believer, the previous was a description of me, for I walked in the Spirit of antichrist according to the prince of the power of the air. I was as a roaring lion seeking whom I might devour and I had a particular dislike for all things biblical. The man responsible for preaching Christ to me went home after meeting me and told his wife he had met the first man ever possessed by a devil. He was right. Upon my conversion though I became like a wave of the sea tossed to and fro by every wind if doctrine. I was unstable at best and my new found faith tested at every turn. I suffered great humiliation at first and eventually was driven out of my church for disagreeing with the pastor. As I grew I became more mature in my faith and less able to be moved. Those things that were bitter sufferings for me early on are nothing to deal with today. The more of the scriptures I live through the more I love and appreciate what they say. An early mentor of mine told me to put my bible on the shelf and get out and minister unto the spiritually sick for a time then come back and reread my bible. I was reluctant but having obeyed I have a whole new appreciation for scripture. The bible is not an academic exercise. It is best understood, for me, by practical application because by the grace of God when I exerience these things I have a frame of reference for understanding them. Thanks for the topic!
  8. God sends them a spirit of delusion

    Yes, and see an example in the OT where he sends tge one to be a lying spirit in the mouth of all his prophets. The fear of God is the beginning of wisdom for sure!
  9. work for food stamps

    I used to hold similar opinions about government assistance programs but after I began ministry work with the poor I had a change of heart. It became quite clear to me that they were spiritually sick and in desperate need of people with Christ in them to walk with them daily yet the churches were nonwhere in site. The local churches were holding food pantries but when I visited I saw no ministry, just a hand out and move on. Most of the people I minister to are out of work and on government assistance for there is no church assistance as the churches point them to the government here. What I do is work to get them to God as quickly as possible so he can work in their hearts to bring about change. Unfortunately due to my own past errors I only have 10-20 hours a week to spend munistering to the broken. Many of which have a faith in the God of the bible but are ignorant about how blessings and curses work so they go about bring curses upon themselves that leave them needy and unoccupied while believing that the world has wronged them. This past week I watched as a man who constantly professed Christ to others went to prison for allowing his home to be used as a meth lab. His preaching Christ came as a result of trying to get back right with God after his arrest but what I saw missing was a true understanding of who Christ is as well as constant bedevilment by the thoughts that plagued him from unconfessed sin being brought to mind regularly. The man was/is in no condition to be self supporting. He needs ministry. He needs to be taught of Christ by those with Christ in them who can do so in word and deed but that takes time and energy. There are not enough laborers in the field. Yet another man I am still working with who came to me from prison as an atheist is now gainfully employed and putting together a family life as he continues to seek to know God better. Please pray that God send more laborers into thefield.
  10. God sends them a spirit of delusion

    I can appreciate your position. I have watched the development over the course of many threads. Just because God does something does not mean that it is his preference. God is not willing that any should perish but that all should come to repentance yet not every one does. Some refuse to believe. Therefore because they reject the truth there is nothing left but the lie. Just as those who do not honor him as God when God was presented unto them. There is nothing left so he gives them over to a reprobate mind. Accept the truth. Walk in truth. Live.
  11. Ted Cruz picks Carly Fiorina as running mate

    Yeah good old 'yes weaken' otherwise yes we can...
  12. Bible Translations

    Excellent point Butero, but I suppose one stillenteres the debate by simply speakingagainst it. Thank you for the spelling correction, I do make spelling mistakes regularly. I can also appreciate that you believe me to be arguing from a point of ignorance. I am sure there is truth to that for I do not know all things. I have much to learn. I am, however, fairly settled in the translation debate. I see no need to debate. I see it as a distraction from ministry that brings out jealousy, envy and strife where there need not be any. As for my previous comments above, after reveiw, I have found them to be rash, careless and without salt. It repents me to have made them out of the weakness to refrain my pen. I find that I am not above jealousy and envy for my ego can get the best of me.I do believe that we are wasting our time in debating translations but should appreciate your concern for corruption of the word of God. Peace.
  13. Bible Translations

    To speak against ignorance.
  14. What is Nutrition?

    I believe health is important in this life but how to maintain good health is debatable for it isn't what goes in the mouth that defiles a man but what comes out. Moses strength never failed nor did his eyesight fail, not because he read nutritional guides on cerial boxes but because he lived off of every word that proceeded out of the mouth of God. What was the nutritional information on the cow dung sandwich the prophet was told to eat? He who is if little faith eats herbs.
  15. What is Nutrition?

    Thanks for sharing but I don't come away with the same teaching as you from that scripture.