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  1. Where did satan come from

      the "fool" was your part, rjp... I asked you something, that's true, but my demand was not meant as a demand to leave the subject level in part of your answer. When you came up with insulting, I would be glad if you could not write such things as "not my fault". Thank you. Thomas
  2. Where did satan come from

    Good day Willamina, look: this discussion came to a close for me the moment I was getting insulted. So please understand that I am not going to answer your question.... For me it's that simple: one insult => finish.
  3. Where did satan come from

  4. Where did satan come from

      The reason for this is that the same person could insult me again.   
  5. What does "in the day" in Gen. 2:4 mean?

      Good day John, my point here is that one day stays one day in the creation account. Greetings, Thomas
  6. What does "in the day" in Gen. 2:4 mean?

    Good day Paul.     You said this in the other thread, already.   There I wrote:   The moment sun and moon were introduced in Gen 1. the use of day remained unchanged. The wording in its context did not change whatsoever. And the evening and the morning were the third day. Gen 1:13 KJV And the evening and the morning were the fourth day. Gen 1:19 KJV   I hope that we can avoid going round in circles..   Thomas  
  7. What does "in the day" in Gen. 2:4 mean?

    Good day Openly, thanks for your efforts.     You seem to be referring to Gen 3:20 (KJV) and you seem to interpret  "all the living" to be humans only. However, Eve was not Adam's mother obviously. Other Bible translations say "became the mother of all the living". This would have been correct after the flood, anyway.     Thomas
  8. What does "in the day" in Gen. 2:4 mean?

      You might be right.  I totally agree that there might have been dozens of years in between. However, who were the other people? (I don't want to have this discussed here, ok? But feel free to say your opinion to this once again, it's just that I won't answer this any further, because I think this could get us away from the OP, here)   Thomas
  9. What does "in the day" in Gen. 2:4 mean?

    Good day Openly   what you're trying to convey here is that 1 day as mentioned in Gen 2:4 equal 7 days. To put it simple, it means 1=7 according to what you wrote. Did I get you wrong? I find this disturbing.   For God is not a God of confusion but of peace. As in all the churches of the saints, 1.Cor 14:33   Thomas
  10. Scientific Dating Methods

    Jesus first
  11. Scientific Dating Methods

      Hello Paul,   I've explained my position concerning your question already in an Paul. The OC, as I understand it, is not designed to have drawn out discussions among believers, so would you agree that it might be helpful to stop the Gen2:4-day debate between the two of us here? Actually, I like the policy of the OC on this site. Let's wait till nonbelieving or seeking fellow people come in and ask questions.   Have a good debate, Thomas
  12. do scientists believe in God?

      Good day Neb,   from what I read in wikipedia, the "Dialogue" was banned obviously for being insulting. You seem to be right with this one.   However, according to the same article, he was found guilty of heresy and because of this reason he had to spend the rest of his life under house arrest. The verdict could have centered solely around a promise. The article further mentions that the inquisition board in 1633 focused on the fact that in 1616 he was ordered not to teach heliocetrism. Giving an order is not the same as receiving a promise, as you surely would agree. A broken promise to a man concerning one's own free speech should, in my opinion, not result in a punishment, anyway.   Thomas
  13. do scientists believe in God?

    Good day Alpha,   but maybe it also has to do with the Roman Catholic Church, among others, having spoken against science. For me, the proceedings against Galileo Galilei is such an example. The RCC punished and threatened him just because of having expressed a scientific opinion. Even if his opinion wasn't the science of the day, why punish? When people think of Christianity and science these days, this is certainly one of the first things popping up in their minds, I think. For this reason youngsters who want to become scientist might be predisposed against Christianity.   Thomas
  14. Scientific Dating Methods

    Hello Gerald, glad to see you back.     they are.   Thomas
  15. Scientific Dating Methods

      That was said subsequently. A child that starts reading .... at Gen 1, doesn't necessarily have this passage in mind. Why should God start the creation account using a huge metaphor? I don't think that God wanted to have a metaphorical meaning of a word right from the start. Moreover, there is no reason stemming from Gen 1 to think he did, in my opinion. Even if you still want to apply this to Gen.1, it would be totally unclear what morning and evening could mean, besides. Evening of thousand years