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  1. Stop and Frisk

    I was thinking the same thing Oak as I hit the reply button..... Chicago is dangerous.
  2. Stop and Frisk

    We were in Chicago last weekend, on the top floor of the parking ramp looking down at the street. We heard sirens and all of a sudden 4 police cars zoomed in from two different directions and stopped this car, now these police pulled their guns and stood behind their doors calling out for the driver then passenger to get out. I'm sure you all are aware of the drill, step out, back to us, back up slowly, lift your shirt slowly, down on your knees hands behind your head...etc.... Anyway, after all of that, I was pretty sure that we seen some bad people go down, well after about 5 mins in custody they let them go back to the car and leave. Mistaken identity or standard procedure? The convention we went to conveyed that they had the right to stop and frisk any convention goers that raised suspicion, or search bags. I seen several getting searched, no one seemed to mind though.
  3. I Feel Resentment!

    You dear sister could of NEVER done anything that could ever compare to what you did. Your something better, would be just a title, what you did is one of the greatest accomplishments you could of ever attained. You freely loved when no one else would. Don't let bitterness or regret take that away from you!
  4. I hate to break this to you, but children are coming out of public schools with those very same problems.
  5. WN: Yellowstone supervolcano 'even more colossal' - BBC

    It would be impossible to tell everyone. How could you get your message out there, tv outlets are the best way, but try convincing them to give you air time for a prediction. Even then, including most christians, hardly no one would believe you. Not because they are "bad" people, but because SO many predictions have come and gone that I think most are almost cynical when it comes to this. I know I am. I'm also honest enough to say that 4 days wouldn't be enough time for me to be in prayer asking God if the person predicting is really sharing what God wants us to know. I would want some sort of confirmation from Him. That being said, if it was me, and I was sure God wanted me to share, I would stand on my roof and yell it to all who would listen if I had to. The least I could do is be obedient.
  6. Crocodile Tears From Obama

    Your second paragraph is spot on Shiloh! This coming from a small business owner that was hit over 3 years ago with the 10% new tax on tanning. It hurt. Still does. I won't be able to afford a minimum wage hike. My doors are close to closing now as it is. I also don't want to hear that tanning is bad for you and the extra tax is there to discourage bad habits...blah, blah, blah. The Gym several miles down from me has tanning beds also, but they don't have to pay that extra 10% tax because they promote a healthy lifestyle. WHAT!? So let me get this straight, if you walk on the treadmill before tanning the bulbs won't hurt you if you over use them? That my friends the the backward thinking world we are living in. But I guess according to all those charts and graphs, studies etc....I'm doing good. (NOT)
  7. My Beloved Wife Has Cancer

    Every prayer I utter throughout everyday will include you and your beloved dear brother!!! (((((((hugs)))))))
  8. Obama Meets With Krauthammer, Gigot

    I knew that he was in a wheel chair, but I didn't know why. I guess it was a diving accident. He jumped into a pool and broke his spinal cord when his head hit the bottom .Fox news has a story about this. If you get a chance its worth watching! He (C. Krauthammer) is an amazing person.
  9. I have a family member (in-laws side) that has smoked it for years and years. She is only 50 years old now, for the last year she has been exhibiting dementia type behavior, but its NOT dementia or senility. The doctors cannot figure it out. She has had toxicology tests the whole nine yards and they cannot name what is going on with her. Just a couple of weeks ago her doc has started asking questions about her pot habit. Sounds to me there is a inkling in the doctors minds that it may be connected.
  10. Help! What is going on with this?

    I have no clue MG. I'm finding myself inside other people quotes when I post. I'm pretty sure its operator failure though.
  11. Could you explain how all the poor Federal Government employees being out of work for the last three weeks helps those people in the private sector that have lost their literal livelihoods, their businesses and such? Nice try, but no one said anything even remotely close to what you are insinuating. I must confess then that I am confused as to why you continuly bring up those people that have lost their literal livelihoods, their businesses and such when speaking of those Federal employess that have not been allowed to work for the last 3 weeks. If them being out of work does not help those who have lost their literal livelihoods, their businesses and such, what is gained by brining them up in this context? Is it not possible to have concern for both? Perhaps you should start a thread on the topic of those that lost their literal livelihoods, their businesses and such? This would be a very interesting topic for discussion It's all part of the same lie thatis being perpetrated on the Nation. It's relevant. There will be no default and the folks who are furloughed by the Federal Governmentwill be reimbursed but the folks who've lost it all in the private sector will see no such help. Meanwhile, Peter will still cry "Wolf!" I agree Matthitjah. I'm barely hanging on to business because of the extra 10%+ tax that was added to my business income when Obamacare was signed in. I wonder if it doesn't go through, will I get reimbursed? How about NO. If obamacare isn't stopped I'm scared to even discuss how the medical device tax will affect me.
  12. WN: CNN Mocks Million Vet March as Tea Party Crazies - Breitbart

    I watched some of the actual organizers of the march also. There was one organizer (Larry Kaplan) that spoke briefly about Obama, I didn't like what he brought into it, and neither did most of the other marchers that heard him. Period. I also don't like that some political people showed up and spoke, this was supposed to be about "we the people" not for political gain. But it was NOT a rampage of tea party members. It just wasn't. But sadly that is what the media will portray it as, and again, sadly most will believe their lies and over hyped incidents. One station guest actually said it was about fringe americans being upset that a black family was in the whitehouse. What a crock, if anyone is trying to cause the people of this country to divide its those stations. Liberals wouldn't tolerate being blamed for a small group of people crashing one of their organized events, so why should we the people be ignored as an "extremist fringe group" Those precious vets being wheeled to the memorial are NOT extremists. Just a quick edit here: There will be more of these events popping up, I'm sure. Its not just about getting rid of democrats/liberals. I see it as a wake up call to both parties, because believe me we the people are NOT happy with either group right now, and that is what I took away from this event. here is a quote from Dennis M. Lynch: Last night I said, "Until this country comes back together we don't stand a chance. And the only way this country is coming back together is through the American people. The politicians won't do it." I stand by that statement. The politicians are driven by special interests, and those interests have nothing to do with you, but rather the money flow that comes in from businesses, banks, lobbyists, etc. I think he is spot on.
  13. best selling author Tom Clancy died oct 1st

    I didn't realize that! Thank you, now I may have to watch them all over again!
  14. Earl Conlon is not part of the truckers ride. He should not be speaking for them. The warnings have been sent out to the news organizations who have quoted Earl as "a legitimate" member of this ride...I guess he's not.