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  1. nebula added a post in a topic WN: Senior ministers to convene as Israel fumes over Palestinian pact   

    One point I would like to present at this point for the consideration of those following the "peace" deals.
    Some time ago it was pointed out that the reason Israel keeps going with these we-know-they-will-fail peace talks because, oddly enough, it has been a guard of sorts against all-out war. Something like, "If we're talking, we're not fighting."
    This unity deal changes everything.
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  2. nebula added a post in a topic Powerful Asteroids Strike Earth with Surprising Frequency   

    Please explain?
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  3. nebula added a post in a topic weirdest baby name, sorry andy lol   

    I completely agree Bo.
    Unique is cool - but let not the uniqueness be corny or difficult for the general population to pronounce.
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  4. nebula added a post in a topic 18-week pregnant model wants abortion so she can star on reality telev   

    There, out in the darkness
    A fugitive running
    Fallen from God
    Fallen from grace
    God be my witness
    I never shall yield
    Till we come face to face
    Till we come face to face
    He knows his way in the dark
    Mine is the way of the Lord
    Those who follow the path of the righteous
    Shall have their reward
    And if they fall
    As Lucifer fell
    The flames
    The sword!
    In your multitudes
    Scarce to be counted
    Filling the darkness
    With order and light
    You are the sentinels
    Silent and sure
    Keeping watch in the night
    Keeping watch in the night
    You know your place in the sky
    You hold your course and your aim
    And each in your season
    Returns and returns
    And is always the same
    And if you fall as Lucifer fell
    You fall in flames!
    And so it must be
    For so it is written
    On the doorway to paradise
    That those who falter and those who fall
    Must pay the price!
    Lord let me find him
    That I may see him
    Safe behind bars
    I will never rest
    Till then, this I swear...
    This I swear by the stars!
    *Sung by Inspector Javert in Les Miserables *
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  5. nebula added a post in a topic Powerful Asteroids Strike Earth with Surprising Frequency   

    Perspective - these asteroids - err, meteors - burned up in the atmosphere because they were too small to survive the friction with the atmosphere.
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  6. nebula added a post in a topic 18-week pregnant model wants abortion so she can star on reality telev   

    What do you believe is on Jesus' heart - to point fingers, revile, condemn, criticize, hate, degrade? Or to rend our hearts and intercede?
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  7. nebula added a post in a topic Powerful Asteroids Strike Earth with Surprising Frequency   

    Good point! For some strange reason, the name changes as it goes from outer space and into Earth's atmosphere.
    Checking barringer crater....
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  8. nebula added a post in a topic 18-week pregnant model wants abortion so she can star on reality telev   

    As far as the name-calling reaction, I think it does make a difference.
    When I first heard the news, I was sickened and angry. But my next thought was, "Why is this news?" With thousands of other women who have had an abortion for the sake of their career, why make a news report about this actress' horrible choice?
    Let's call it for what it is:
    She's blind to the understanding of when life begins.
    She's bound by the same lie the majority of our society is bound by.
    Her heart is hardened, but like the rest of them, she is so deceived she does not recognize this.
    She's being selfish.
    She's ignorant of the potential dangers an abortion can do to her body.
    And this report is nothing more than a publicity stunt. Whoever made this "report" happen is just as callous as her and every other abortion advocate.
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  9. nebula added a topic in General Discussion   

    Powerful Asteroids Strike Earth with Surprising Frequency
    Powerful Asteroids Strike Earth with Surprising Frequency
    By Megan Gannon, News Editor   |   April 22, 2014 10:53am ET
    Since the start of the 21st century, dozens of incoming asteroids have slammed into Earth, some of them packing far more energy than a city-destroying atomic bomb, a new animation illustrates.
    The video is based on new data from a network of sensors around the globe that is designed to detect nuclear detonations and is operated by the Nuclear Test Ban Treaty Organization. Between 2000 and 2013, these instruments detected 26 explosions on the planet ranging in energy from 1 to 600 kilotons, all caused by asteroid impacts, B612 Foundation officials said. For comparison, the nuclear bomb that flattened Hiroshima in 1945 burst with the energy of 15 kilotons. [Watch the animation of Earth's asteroid impacts]
    Many of these asteroid collisions go unnoticed because they explode too high up in the atmosphere to cause damage on the ground. What's more, these impacts often occur above remote parts of the ocean.....
    More here
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  10. nebula added a post in a topic Teen survives flight to Maui in wheel well of 767.   

    Some more insight - 
    The boy told authorities that he chose the specific plane because it was the closest one. The teen’s actions were caught on tape, but were undetected by security.
    Once the plane landed in Maui, officials said airport surveillance video captured the boy crawling out of the wheel well. Authorities believe the boy survived the five-plus hour flight, despite little oxygen and temperatures of at least -50 degrees.
    The big concern this morning is airport security. A camera caught the teen climbing into the wheel well, but nobody knew until Hawaiian officials called the San Jose International Airport and asked them to look.
    “We are looking at what we need to improve so that what happened on Sunday will not occur again,” said Rosemary Barnes, the airport’s spokesperson.
    The Federal Aviation Administration said about one-quarter of the 105 stowaways who have sneaked aboard flights worldwide since 1947 have survived. Some wheel-well stowaways survived deadly cold and a lack of oxygen because their breathing, heart rate and brain activity slow down.
    Stowaway Spent 7 Hours Undetected Before Plane Took Off
    By ABC NEWS | Good Morning America – 5 hours ago
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  11. nebula added a post in a topic Islanders, can they be saved?   

    And you accuse me of preaching works?
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  12. nebula added a post in a topic WN: Israel Is 'Destroying' Al-Aqsa Mosque for 'Alleged&#3   

    Link broken. Go here:

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  13. nebula added a post in a topic WN: 'Piles and piles' of bodies in S. Sudan slaughter - AP   

    I was interested in who was involved and who was attacked in this.
    The U.N. hasn't spelled out clearly who exactly the victims were, but it is likely that ethnic Dinkas were among the dead. If you were not Nuer, then nothing could save you. And even Nuers who refused to take part in the attacks were killed, according to the U.N., as were former residents of the Darfur region of Sudan.
    According to the sources I read, neither of the two ethnicities are identified as either Muslim or Christian, but rather follow their own religions (animistic in nature but with a deity figure).
    The two have been having conflicts with each other for a long time, and it isn't the first time the Nuer massacred Dinkas.
    Dear Lord, intervene! Bring Your Gospel and pour out Your Spirit upon these people!
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  14. nebula added a post in a topic 18-week pregnant model wants abortion so she can star on reality telev   

    The difference here is that majority of our society are of the same mind as her. Thankfully, even the heathen still regard molestation of a child - of any gender - wrong.
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