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  1. Willa added a post in a topic Hi there....   

    You are welcome here, Blake.  Was your girlfriend a committed Christian?  If she was she would not have left you but would have sought counseling.  In fact, the two of you would have been married because you were fornicating by living together.  Committed Christians follow the Holy Spirit.  If the thing that drove her from you was something like pornography, she would have felt betrayed because you were lusting after other women.  Jesus said that is committing adultry in your heart.  It is very hard for a woman to get over that feeling, just as it is hard for you to get over the loss of her leaving you.  
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  2. Willa added a post in a topic Out of the darkness   

    I also was saved from selfrighteousnes to a relationship with Christ.  It is something only God can deliver us from by showing us how truly ugly and putrid our self righteousnes is in His sight.  Our Beautiful Savior the Great Physician came not for the well but for the sin-sick.  You are most welcome here.
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  3. Willa added a post in a topic Does big foot excist   

    Most sitings are attributed to large bears.  However DNA from an abominable snowman shows it to be a relative of the polar bear, perhaps a common ancestor. Peoples imaginations go wild when they have been scared senseless.  People play on this to gain notoriety or to make a lot of money, so they construe hoaxes.
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  4. Willa added a post in a topic Pastors vs. Husbands   

    1 Peter 5:2-3 NKJV  Shepherd the flock of God which is among you, serving as overseers, not by compulsion but willingly, not for dishonest gain but eagerly; nor as being lords over those entrusted to you, but being examples to the flock;
    Hebrews 13:7,9, 17 NKJV   Remember those who rule over you, who have spoken the Word of God to you, whose faith follow, considering the outcome of their conduct.  Do not be carried about by various and strange doctrines---.  Obey those who rule over (lead) you and be submissive, for they watch out for your souls, as those who must give account.  Let them do so with joy and not with grief, for that would be unprofitable for you.
    According to the context I would presume that we are to obey the pastors in regards to doctrine and perhaps morals.  Women are to obey their husbands, and he is to obey Christ.  We all are to be submissive to one another in a humble attitude.  Perhaps it would be best if the husband went to the pastor and told him he does not want his wife driving the van, or that she will be available one day per month only.  Since her husband is her head, he should take care of it.
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  5. Willa added a post in a topic Submission   

    When I was 18 and stupid I married an unbeliever, fooling myself that he was a believer who did not attend church.  But after compromising and backsliding I rededicated my life to God and totally surrendered to Him 6 years later.  That was when someone directed me to 1 Peter 3.  Even though some do not obey the Word, they will be won without a word by the meek and quiet spirit of their wives.  So I treated him like Sarah treated Abe when he lied and told the king that she was his sister and allowed her to be taken into his haram.  She obeyed and trusted God to protect her.  
    After he was saved God allowed me to say more and express the wisdom He gave me.  But hubby still had the last word, which I honored.  I vowed to honor and obey him.  
    Amplified Version says we should conform ourselves to our husbands.  I think that means that he is what I am not and we complete each other, much like Qint said.  But my attitude should be to admire and appreciate him, to honor and esteem him.   This is something God worked in me as well as to make me quieter and accepting of God's will for me (meekness).  He was saved 11 years after we were married, and they were very hard years.  I prayed for him continually but did not try to change him myself.  That is totally God's job.  Mine is to do my part and get out of God's way, to not hinder his work by disobedience or bad attitudes.
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  6. Willa added a post in a topic Can anyone tell me how to cleanse the inside of the cup and the plate?   

    Remember, that as long as you have you thoughts on yourself, they are not on God and you cannot hear Him directing you to do what He would have you do.  It may be to clean the house or to serve your husband.  Whenever we act in obedience to the Word and His direction, He will bless us.  Find someone who is hurting worse than yourself and try to be a blessing to them.  Find an elderly friend who is confined to their house or to a nursing home.  
      Move past your past.  Life goes on.  Be a blessing.
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  7. Willa added a post in a topic Breaking - Oregon college shooting   

    According to the past president of the college this was NOT a gun free zone, and some students who are discharged vets were carrying but were in another building which was on lock down.  He (the guy interviewed on TV) was not allowed to lend assistance.  The new president says it is NOW a gun free zone.  Since the area is full of gun toten' red necks, this will not go over well.  
    This was a premeditated act.  There were warnings on the web to not go to school that day.  The fault is in others not coming forth and telling school officials and police what they knew.
    Law should prohibit people who are mentally unbalanced from possessing firearms.  We may have one in place now but I was involved in removing guns from a person's home who was unstable due to paranoia plus overdosing on RX meds.  I could not convince law inforcement that there was a serious problem.  A mental health worker assisted me.
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  8. Willa added a post in a topic Discipline yourself for the purpose of godliness.   

    Thank you for your well meaning advice.  My body needs some carbs like lactose, some protein and a little fat to eaven out the carbs absorbtion at that time.  Chlorophyl won't do that very well.  I actuall drink buttermilk with live enzymes.
    Dark green veggies give you plenty of chlorophyl and a lot of vitamins and minerals as well as phytonutrients besides.  Why waste your money on popping a "chlorophyl" pill.  They sell those for dogs' bad breath, too.
    Some things get buried because the facts are found to be inaccurate.  Since I haven't read the original papers there is no way to verify the claim.  But I rarely fall for dietary claims that are not verified by my diabetes registered dietitions.
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  9. Willa added a post in a topic Giving under compulsion   

    A Baptist church I used to attend had us pledge to tithe when we became members.  But this is something I wanted to do anyhow.  But my hubby saw the legalism and refused to join.
    It is like the difference between praying because we love to be in communion with Abba Daddy, or praying because someone is forcing to do it as part of punishment.  You eagerly give off the top of the pay check because you believe in the mission and purpose of the church, because you want to bless it and support the pastoral staff, and because your act of obedience is a form of worship--giving yourself totally to God, a living sacrifice... Or else you give what's left over because it is expected of you to give.  Some people consider it paying their dues like it is a membership fee.  And that is what some churches make it.
    For years we were told that God wouldn't bless us unless we gave.  That is also compulsion.  The last time we visited that denomination the pastor had people come forward and leave money on the stage if they wanted a blessing, and if they wanted a bigger blessing they were to come again and leave more money.  That was the whole service.  No sermon.  I can't help but thinking of Christ and the money changers and turning a house of prayer into a den of thieves.
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  10. Willa added a post in a topic Martyrdom in the US   

    I agree woth other one.  They only time I can spell is when my computer does it for me, and then it sometimes changes the words.  So I flunked typing and spelling due to my dyslexia, and read and spell phoeneticly.  
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  11. Willa added a post in a topic Questions about the pope and the Catholic faith   

    Dear friend,
    It really helps to not try to wiggle out of what the Bible clearly states.  When Peter refers to Paul in his letter 2 Peter 3:15 he calls Paul our beloved brother and does not refer to him as the Apostle Paul.  Had he conferred this title it seems likely he would have used it.  When Jesus said "upon this rock I will build My church", he referred to the big rock, Petra, or cliff, not the little Petros or stone that he called Peter.  Perhaps he was referring to Peter's confession of Him being the Messiah as the big rock.  I don't know.  But he did not say Petros Peter.  
    Making Jesus our Lord entails submitting to the authority of the teaching of the Bible.  It says that the Scriptures are God breathed.  I do pray that you come to love it as God's love letter to you. 
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  12. Willa added a post in a topic Do we really understand the person of the Holy Spirit?   

    Jesus said He came to reveal and glorify the Father.  The Spirit came to reveal and glorify Jesus.  They are one God.  To know Jesus is to know the Father and to know the Spirit is to know Jesus.  Each reflects the character of the other.  They are different in form but united in character.  To be born of the Spirit is having the Spirit of Jesus and of Father God living in us.  So when we are unable to love and forgive in our flesh, the Spirit causes us to recall the words of Jesus on the cross praying" Father, forgive them, they know not what they do."   Christ lives within us!  He forgives those people.  How can we not forgive.  Likewise we serve a Father who spared not His only Son but sent Him while we were yet sinners to die for us.  He demonstrated His love in that way.  We can hardly comprehend such love.  But God came for and died for the unlovable.  That's US.   And we are also to demonstrate His love to the unlovable, having Compassion for those who don't know any better because they are lost and unredeemed.    As God said of wicked Ninavah, they don't know their left hand from their left.   (I always identify with this since I am dyslexic.   lol)
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  13. Willa added a post in a topic Questions about the pope and the Catholic faith   

    In Paul's own words, Galatians 1:1 NKJV  Paul, an apostle (not from men or through man, but through Jesus Christ and God the Father who raised Him from the dead),---so Paul denied being made an apostle by Peter and he claimed to be made an apostle by God.  It pays to read the Bible and not make assuptions based on man made traditions.
    I agree with the others that you are a sincere, sweet person. Even if you do have some unbibical ideas. Blessings,
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  14. Willa added a post in a topic How do you witness?   

    We went to a Shaky's Pizza for the first time in years.  I shared with the waitress who delivered it to our table that we had eaten dinner at a Shaky's in a small town over 50 years ago on our wedding night.  She was amazed.  Confessing she had just filed for divorce for the 3rd time, she asked what the secret of our success was.  (Thank your Jesus!)  So I told her it really helped when I rededicated my life to God and a few years later my husband was saved.  Then we were both pulling in the same direction with Jesus at the center of our marriage.  She nodded thoughtfully and was called back to work. 
    It doesn't take much to plant seeds like this.  It wasn't planned and we weren't given much time.  Hopefully it made a difference.
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  15. Willa added a post in a topic Calling all prayer worriers!   

    Some things are biological--dna weaknesses.   Being prone to cancer can fall into this.  We can do something about high blood pressure.  Don't eat salt.  We can do all that is possible to eat a diet low in sugar and refined carbs, and maintain a healthy weight to defeat diabetes (unless it is childhood diabetes.)  We can eat things low in animal fat to help with heart problems.  
    I don't believe that generational curses affect those Christ has redeemed.  But it is true that the enemy can steal your joy if you let him.  So start singing praises to God simply because he is worthy.  He has told us to keep ourselves from all covetousness, which is idolatry, and He will never ever leave us or forsake us, or let us down or leave us without support.  No not ever!!!  We can stand on His promises.  He is our ever present help in time of need.  He never told us life would be easy. But we can have His joy as our strength.  We can nestle in His everlasting arms.  We can have peace and joy in the midst of it all.  Whatsoever things are pure, lovely and of good report, think on these things. 
    Praying!  I do feel your pain and desperation.  Our God is faithful.
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