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  1. BlessedByTheBest added a topic in Science and Faith   

    Ken Ham vs Bill Nye - Debate 2-4-14
    I'm looking forward to this free live stream.  Sign up so you don't miss it if you find this interesting.
    God bless.
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  2. BlessedByTheBest added a post in a topic My Fellow Worthians...   

    God bless you Gary
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  3. BlessedByTheBest added a post in a topic Is it sin or unbelief that denies salvation?   

    beat me to it.    although i would say, unbelief is THE sin.
    this is the source of the original lie, doubting God's Word.
    when we sin, we are essentially falling away from and denying the power of Christ to deliver us from sin; and thus denying his sacrifice and resurrection-victory-righteousness which is imputed to us for the purposes of overcoming.
    unbelief causes us to walk in our own strength, which is powerless against sin.
    God bless
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  4. BlessedByTheBest added a topic in General   

    The Secret Code of Creation / Astronomy Reveals Creation
    2 hour-long videos, but worth the watch.  I encourage the board scientists to comment! God bless.


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  5. BlessedByTheBest added a post in a topic Proof That God Exists   

    actually, I believe and I know, and don't need your luck but appreciate the sentiment.
    Heb 11:1  Now faith is the essence of things being hoped, the evidence of things not having been seen. 
    the reality is that true Christianity is not a religion, but true fellowship with God.  Walking and talking with my Creator is no fantasy just because you claim it to be.
    calling Christians gullible and peoples' faith laughable is civil?  i wouldn't care to hear your rudeness.
    I don't hate Atheists, I actually pity them.  they remind me of how twisted and feeble human intelligence can become devoid of any spiritual nourishment.
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  6. BlessedByTheBest added a post in a topic Proof That God Exists   

    actually, Christians won't see death, just rest until Christ returns to judge the wicked..  unfortunately, those professing to be wise only look forward to a cold grave.  what a bleak outlook.
    oh, and you can have a civil discussion about peoples' beliefs without actually ridiculing the believers.  just a suggestion.
    but i suppose you would only value such advice if you actually had anything worth discussing.
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  7. BlessedByTheBest added a post in a topic Proof That God Exists   

    are we supposed to take it on FAITH that ALL the rest of your ridiculous claims are absolute truth as well?
    please read this before you get banned. 
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  8. BlessedByTheBest added a post in a topic The Book of Revelation/Past or Future   

    thanks for your time brother, i am edified as well in taking a closer look.  God bless you.
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  9. BlessedByTheBest added a post in a topic Proof That God Exists   

    cool D-9!  we haven't chatted in a while.  
    i think i understand what you are saying..
    "(Absolute Truth - True for all people at all times everywhere)"
    here is my take on it..
    absolute truth must be universal.  universal as in, it has always been and always will be.
    absolute truth transcends time.  it is true simultaneously at all points, within and without time's confines.  it cannot be affected by outside influence or observation.
    the truth never changed because it was not dependent upon either of the twins' perspective of it.
    to proclaim that truth is relative is a relative truth.
    our conscious reality itself is relative.
    the truth is(for lack of a better word)  , 
    in duality, absolute truth exists and it does not exist.  both answers are right! lol
    this is because any concept of absolute truth we can attempt to describe is relative to our individual perceptions.
    in unity, absolute truth just is.
    unified with God through Jesus Christ, Christians "know" absolute truth as far as it can be known on this side of eternity.
    partaking of the fruit from the tree of knowledge, caused our fall from unity with God.
    because absoluteness is devoid of relativity, then only that which is infinite can be absolute.
    my brain hurts..
    if you disagree with their definition, how would you word it?
    God bless.
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  10. BlessedByTheBest added a post in a topic Proof That God Exists   

    evidence of a Creator is plainly seen in creation so that man has no excuse.  this alone should be proof enough to a prideful man bereft of an all-encompassing knowledge of the experience in which he is confined.
    on the contrary, it has been rightfully stated that it requires more faith to state that there is no evidence for God.
    faith is required because finite man cannot see infinite God and live, not because there is a lack of evidence.
    and faith is not restricted to religion.  i have faith that you will respond to this post, but i have no evidence.  since you cannot know that the sun will be shining tomorrow, you must have faith that it will be when you arise.
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  11. BlessedByTheBest added a post in a topic Proof That God Exists   

     i understand.  there is a difference in knowing, and knowing experientially.
    May God bless you.
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  12. BlessedByTheBest added a post in a topic The Book of Revelation/Past or Future   

  13. BlessedByTheBest added a post in a topic Which miracle would you like to see.   

    i would love to have been present to witness Jesus command Lazarus to rise from death.
    "Take away the stone... Lazarus, Come Forth!"  whew...
    but by far....this was the most excellent miracle:

    John 20:28  And Thomas answered and said unto him, My Lord and my God.  John 20:29  Jesus saith unto him, Thomas, because thou hast seen me, thou hast believed: blessed are they that have not seen, and yet have believed. 
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  14. BlessedByTheBest added a post in a topic Proof That God Exists   

    thanks for responding gray wolf.
    i agree.  faith is indeed called for because, even when we think something to be true, there exists the possibility that it is false.

    so an absolute truth must logically exist, with or without my knowledge of it.
    considering my finite viewpoint, who am i to define it? 
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  15. BlessedByTheBest added a post in a topic The Book of Revelation/Past or Future   

    the books are kept because God requires payment for sin.
    where is there even a hint of an OT type where the High Priest is examining books in the Most holy place?
    well, of course.  2 John 1:9  Everyone transgressing and not abiding in the doctrine of Christ does not have God. The one abiding in the doctrine of Christ, this one has the Father and the Son.
    that is exactly what you are doing, because there is no judgement performed by the earthly High Priest.
    and i am not arguing against an anti-typical application.
    Christ's death fulfilled the slaying of the goat.  He rose from the dead, ascended, and took His blood DIRECTLY to the mercy seat.  the entire sanctuary service was based upon sacrifices, which have ceased, and thus the services have ceased.
    1) like sin that's washed away
    2)  no, the sanctuary service typified Jesus.  The prototype.  The first-born among many brethren.  a temple built with no hands.
    the Holy Spirit of God does abide in you if you are abiding in Christ, correct?
    3)  that is the heavenly sanctuary, where there is no longer goat-slaying.  where did i deny a heavenly sanctuary exists?
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