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  1. Do All Souls Exist Already?

    We have had to follow people around the site hiding posts....locking threads because the same group of people cannot seem to stick to topic without accusing, baiting and insulting each other. It really needs to stop and stop now. I don't know if you need to take a break from Worthy... the internet...or each other... but I think it's best if you all take a moment to review your tactics and return to the table in a manner worthy of discussion on the topics or action will take place.   God Bless
  2. http://www.worthychristianforums.com/cometchat/modules/chatrooms/index.php?basedata=null&popoutmode=1
  3. Mediums and Clairvoyants

    No, there you are not allowed to start topics... and she is correct in telling you that only ministry members can teach. All members are asked to please post all topics in the form of a discussion...posing questions and open for answers and difference in opinion.   God Bless,  Hip  
  4.   http://www.chick.com/articles/frpg.asp     precisely sir... to say there are not dangers "pretending" to be things such as warlocks, witches, and so on would be wrong. It is indeed dangerous...and why tempt ones self with it. God Bless Hip  
  5. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRADDA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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      no it's not my birthday

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      WELL THEN!!!     LOL til next time !!!!


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      Maybe you should have cake if everybody thinks it's your birthday ? :)

  6. Derailing thread

    Uncontrolled sandwich meat launch apparatus
  7. Hello

    Welcome to Worthy
  8. The Cult of Mary

    Thanks MG. SinnerSaved.
  9. The Cult of Mary

    start another thread on this please... let's stick to the OP here for now .
  10. The Cult of Mary

    Then why don't we all just list the questions and answers .. ? Does the RCC pray to Mary and the Saints.? Is is scriptural ? I saw the list of the definition of "pray" - either way it's still forms of communication with the dead. I don't see why it takes 8 pages of comment after comment to just put the answer on the table. Secondly, I agree just because someone is Catholic does not mean they are not saved, not a Christian... it comes back to doctrinal and tradition issues... Either way, from here on out let's stop the insults... word games and playing coy with each other..it's not suitable behavior. Let's get to the point ... or the thread will be closed.   God Bless, Hip
  11. I have just been kinda wondering... what more books than are in the Bible now are needed>?  Is mostly a pointless discussion... I have always maintained that if God wished for more or less than what is in there now... it would be made so? My God created the Universe... getting a book to read as he wishes seems like an easy task no ?    What would I change about the Bible .. "nothing" .... what would I change about this conversation? ... the fact people want to change it now.. or think they can/should/ would. God Bless, Hip  
  12. Preterism and the OT...proof.

    Consider this a warning as to the way people are speaking to each other here... I am not concerned over who said what to who first... it's the total behavior from all involved that is unacceptable per the terms of service here. This is what causes us ( the moderating team) to close-delete-lock threads... believe me, it's not in my personal interest to stop debates or discussions...but when name calling and questioning peoples salvation starts... the thread stops. God Bless, Hip
  13. Promoting world religion or 'other gospel' is wrong.

    Where should we draw a line Jeff? What exactly is it we are failing to do here? Completely silence any and all discussion we deem wrong or unnecessary ?  - How can users have discussion about scripture if we simply allow one doctrinal viewpoint. If threads are allowed to continue it's because we feel that the users should / and are / or could be / properly using apologetic replies, witnessing / sharing of the Gospel. Instead of continually focusing on who is correct 100% in their belief and in total agreement with you - use any and all opportunities to witness / and show the errors of their theology / or lack of.... and to do these things showing love - not ridicule, name calling or attacking each post someone you disagree with makes... what are our actions worth if someone outside looks in and sees nothing but attacks??  If we are unable to discuss things or engage in conversations with those that disagree with us? What is the point of having a forum? - otherwise we would just post our beliefs on a single page here and simply allow users to view that. God Bless, Hip  
  14. The movement is called Chrislam ( spelling) and it's happening.  -