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  1. Shalom, Hippie333.

    I just wanted to say thank you for closing the thread. Obviously, I got in over my head. Seriously, I'm SEARCHING for a reason to believe in the Trinity. So far, all I've received is rhetoric saying, "That's the way it is; like it or lump it." So be it. I tried ... and failed.

    I'll be a good little toad and bow out now.

  2. Why do people say, Catholics are Christians ?

    Locked - The reason this thread is locked - "When you are right ...and go about it the wrong way ....YOU are wrong" - to again have to make a point of this with the same people ... while you have the ability and the knowledge to have an extremely educational ...and good discussion, you have turned it into a board full of clanging cymbals. We have repeatedly publicly and privately asked for this type of behavior to stop. Being right in your theology does not give one person here the right to put themselves over another and speak to them like they are incapable of having a loving , decent discussion. While this thread ( and others involving you guys and gals) contains a great deal of good information...it's TOTALLY DEVOID OF ANY LOVE.... I am sure myself and the other moderators don't have to point fingers at people and name names.... this is the last warning on the subject of speaking as gentle as a dove to others I want to give the same group of people. The next action is time off / or permanent time off. Please consider how you type things out when debating/discussing items on the boards.... ALL OF US HAVE THE ABILITY TO PROOF READ....WAIT TO HIT ENTER.... PRAY ABOUT IT.... EVEN WAIT 24HOURS BEFORE RESPONDING....whatever it takes to control ourselves... Please and thank you... God Bless, Hip
  3. Why do people say, Catholics are Christians ?

    Please.... ALL INVOLVED - steer this back to topic. If you three cannot speak to each other ... part ways, and don't respond to each others posts... discord is one thing...disagreeing in one thing...but this is spreading all over the boards and it's time to change the behavior...change company with each other ... or change venues. God Bless, Hip
  4. While I believe all I need is God's Word and prayer over God's Word.... and I also believe that's all he told us we need...however.... Most? Who is most? and where did anyone say God's Word is not good enough. Let's simply refute things with scripture and explaining scripture..... sarcasm generally heats the pot. God Bless, Hip
  5. When Muslims attack

    At no point did God ever cease to be God .... Christ in the flesh was flesh....but not a weaker version of....separate but the same. God never changed.
  6. intellectual but nothing else

    5 miles is too far for some.....
  7. Trump questions Mitt's Mormonism

  8. Trump questions Mitt's Mormonism

    It was also not about just the old comment Vendtre it was about the entire exchange between those involved...and it is spread across several threads with the same people.
  9. Trump questions Mitt's Mormonism

    Is there something we are doing that is out of line with policy? The diatribe being constantly exchanged by several people over politics is getting out of hand. I find it somewhat bewildering that people complain when no action is taken in their view... or action is taken that the fault always lies within the moderators here and not the people that continually attack each other. God Bless Hip
  10. Black Students kicked out of Trump rally

    Just really? Worthy is not a Political Trash Talk Site - this is about enough - Locked - Let us please discuss things in a proper manner..
  11. I have a Mustard Seed.... and I'm not afraid to use it !

    1. seraph


      I'll be sure to stand a safe distance from the mountains.

    2. coheir


      I've encountered that seed the mountains are not safe go farther

  12. Killing the family members of terrorist

    This thread is to do nothing but create disdain... locked - Vendtre... let's choose our topics more wisely please.
  13. "probably" does not constitute proof of anything ... Reinitin, stop with the personal attacks
  14. Do All Souls Exist Already?

    We have had to follow people around the site hiding posts....locking threads because the same group of people cannot seem to stick to topic without accusing, baiting and insulting each other. It really needs to stop and stop now. I don't know if you need to take a break from Worthy... the internet...or each other... but I think it's best if you all take a moment to review your tactics and return to the table in a manner worthy of discussion on the topics or action will take place. God Bless