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  1. Derailing thread

        Gratefully loving you from afar, Noobs!
  2. imback-s492x454-277352.jpg

    Join me, and we will derail together!!!

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    2. *Zion*


      That's Italy, dude, but whatever slurps your noodle... :grin:

    3. enoob57


      oh that's right... oooops what geographic blunder :red_smile:  :24: 

    4. *Zion*


      I've seen worse.  There are some people out there who think Africa is a country...

  3. imback-s492x454-277352.jpg

    Join me, and we will derail together!!!

  4. imback-s492x454-277352.jpg

    Join me, and we will derail together!!!

  5. Our minimum responsibility?

    Pam if you were nobody then how on earth did you manage to post your reply?  Cool trick! Seriously, you are a valued worthy-ite, and your above post is exceedingly worthy of attention.  Much love and blessings to you, sis.     And I do agree, our minimum responsibility is to just obey in the flow and leading of the Holy Spirit.  Anything else is exceedingly unworthy, for works in the flesh yield no fruit.  True thing.
  6. Counterfeit Spirit

    Ok, new update.  I have talked with my pastor, and he has confirmed what I have seen.  He is not doing nothing, he is simply waiting on God for direction, which makes sense, as His ways are better than man's ways.  He and his family have peace, and actually God has given me peace about it too.   Not only that, more and more people seem to be picking up on these two offenders, and another one with a controlling spirit has surfaced.  I think God is in the process of weeding out His church, but what we are praying is that these offending ones would come to repentance in God's mercy and grace, because, as we know: The gates of hell cannot prevail against it, one should touch not the Lord's anointed, he who touches those that are His touches the apple of His eye, and that vengeance indeed is the Lord's. God is getting ready to do something in our midst, so those who are offering strange fire will have to submit or get out of the way or something.   God is in control.  To Him alone be all the glory! God bless you all
  7. The New Animal thread

    The Other Ones have spoken....
  8. Derailing thread

    I'll be happy to move in and cut the cost
  9. Derailing thread

    Hi guys, I missed you something awfully rotten!                
  10. Derailing thread

        Late to the game, but: MG, you should be in advertising - best caption ever!!!       And the thing that is missing of course is the seat belts, but these guys are obviously too manly for that.  They look like warriors more than villagers to me, so I would have gotten outta the way whatever the case
  11. And thanks for your beautiful messages, I shall try my best to revenge wub.gif

  12. Wow, God is good!!!  Glad to back, and - warning - crazier than ever!  Look out! :happyhappy:

    Can't wait to catch up, I trust that you are all blessed in the Lord xx

  13. Thinking about you sis and missing your great sense of humor.