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  1. Derailing thread

    I knew I wasn't the only one!
  2. Derailing thread

    Can you sit them, Noobs? They may be comfier that you think...
  3. The New Animal thread

    LPT saved the thread! Hip hip! Horray!!!!!
  4. The New Animal thread

    I guess that would be close enough, but what about all the cute fuzziness?
  5. The New Animal thread

    Where did the all the animals go?
  6. Derailing thread

  7. Derailing thread

    Definitely not mint jelly, but natural unsweetened mint herb
  8. Derailing thread

    I like it with mint seasoning, I don't know if that's an English thing though....
  9. Derailing thread

    I feel conflicted now, as I love eating lamb.... sorry Bo!
  10. Derailing thread

    Yeah guys, stop enjoying the thread so much! I can't believe how much I immediately reply when I see someone has responded to my previous post. Stop acknowledging each other!!!! Or just gingerly take the hair out from Noober's mouth and replace it with a cookie. I miss cookies. Now I REALLY want a cookie!
  11. Derailing thread

    Take a walk with her but just don't trip
  12. Derailing thread

    A hairy thread? That is what interests the Enoob today????