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  1. NH Primary

    Why a Christian would support Trump totally baffles me. With his colorful language and his horrible Character and integrity 
  2. NH Primary

    I thought about that.
  3. NH Primary

    It looks like Trump and Sander will will the NH primary. My congratulations to all those who were rooting for them. 
  4. Short Post

  5. Short Post

    Isn't that Calvinism enoob?
  6. Derailing thread

  7. Derailing thread

  8. The New Animal thread

    Remind you of sibling rivalry? 
  9. Curious

    Respect is earned. I can tolerate someone who is a toxic person for a very short time and turn the other cheek but I sure do not want a steady diet of them. I think that the golden rule is a very good rule to live by.
  10. The New Animal thread

    It happens  . I used to love ice cream sandwiches when I could have chocolate. 
  11. The New Animal thread

    Now ain't that the pot calling the kettle black. I like feeding the ducks at the park big boy. That would make for a real nice date.
  12. Lent 101

    Lent is fine for those who choose to observe it but it is not for everyone.
  13. The New Animal thread

    It ain't big enough sweetcakes 
  14. Derailing thread