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  1. shiloh357 added a post in a topic What happens when "the law of the land" is unlawful?   

    There is no law to overturn!  The Supreme Court did not make a law, contrary to popular consensus.   The legislative branch cannot overturn laws.  They make laws.   It is the duty of the Supreme Court to overturn laws based on their lack of constitutionality.
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  2. shiloh357 added a post in a topic Rapture! False teaching.   

    The rapture and the return are two different things.  They were looking for Jesus to return in their day.  Whether or not they were looking for a rapture as we know it, is a different story.   
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  3. shiloh357 added a post in a topic Rapture! False teaching.   

    There are people who hold to different rapture views and all claim to read the Bible literally and they make their case.   The issue is that we simply don't have enough light from the Lord on the issue to be 100% dogmatic on the issue.   There are issues in the Bible which God has not told us everything we want to know about them.   We have what need for now.  But to say we can come down hard and fast on any rapture theory as if it is THE one, is simply not possible at this point.
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  4. shiloh357 added a post in a topic U.S. officials conclude Iran deal violates federal law   

    This Congress does not tell him no, because this Congress is collusion with the president.
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  5. shiloh357 added a post in a topic Rapture! False teaching.   

    That is precisely what it means.   Which truth are you referring to?   Everyone sees their rapture point of view as "the truth." 
       The rapture theories came along long after Church doctrine was established.  The rapture theories have not been codified by the Church.    There is no one rapture theory that corners the market on truth.   We simply do not have enough light.  Everyone has their speculations and their arsenal of Scripture to back up their speculations.   If the rapture was actual doctrine, then there would be only one rapture theory.   
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  6. shiloh357 added a post in a topic Why are we seeing "OLD" posts rehashed as new   

    That would be nice accept the problem is that depending on the post, information changes and people who were involved in those threads that are still active on the boards, may not hold to the views they expressed back then and don't want to be accountable for those views any longer. 
    People change and their beliefs evolve over time.  Not only that but depending on the topics, as facts, politics, world events and reality in our world changes, those old posts are not really of great value. 
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  7. shiloh357 added a post in a topic Rapture! False teaching.   

    Not believing in the rapture does not mean someone is engaged in false doctrine and the same goes for those who DO believe in one of the rapture theories.
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  8. shiloh357 added a post in a topic Rapture! False teaching.   

    Right, that's what you believe, but there are those who look at those same verses and see something else. I didn't state a position on the rapture for you to disagree with.   I said that it is not doctrine.   I hold to a pre-trib rapture.   But I also know enough to know that it is only one legitimate point of view and that I do not have the right to assert that anyone who believes or doesn't believe the way I do on this matter is engaging in false doctrine.
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  9. shiloh357 added a post in a topic Rapture! False teaching.   

    You are misquoting me.  I didn't say anything about the resurrection of Church.   My point is that no one knows when the rapture will occur, if it does occur.  There is not enough light given to us in Scripture to be 100% dogmatic on this issue.   It's not like the deity of Jesus, or justification by faith where the Bible clearly states the doctrine we are to believe.    The rapture is something people infer from Scripture but it is not formal Church doctrine and while Christians can vigorously debate this issue, no one can claim that they alone have the correct teaching on the matter. 
    I think anyone can tell the difference between debatable issues and established Church doctrine.

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  10. shiloh357 added a post in a topic Rapture! False teaching.   

    I don't think we can label any rapture theory as "false teaching."   "False teaching"  is when you pervert or teach against established Church doctrine.  The rapture is not part of doctrine and since there is no one who knows for sure when or if there will be a rapture, it is only speculation.   It is not a doctrine.   So no one who holds to a rapture theory or if they hold to no rapture theory at all, is engaging in false doctrine.
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  11. shiloh357 added a post in a topic Christians have become desensitized to ungodly media   

    Not all seminaries are created equal.  There are very liberal seminaries like Fuller over in CA.  There is a another in Denver, I think. 
    But the media and even Christian media is really dropping the ball.   The media glorifies Satan.  There is a new series that has either come out, or is going to, where Satan decides he wants to join the LAPD and become a crime fighter/criminal detective.   It is called, "Lucifer."    It makes Satan out to be a good looking ladies man, and a witty charmer.
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  12. shiloh357 added a post in a topic Christians have become desensitized to ungodly media   

    True, I got off on a rabbit trail, there.   The problem is that most of us don't surrender that part of our lives.  We don't see God as Lord over what we watch.  It would probably be better if we didn't have TV in some respects because that is the #1 way people are desensitized to sin.
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  13. shiloh357 added a post in a topic Breaking - Oregon college shooting   

  14. shiloh357 added a post in a topic Can anyone tell me how to cleanse the inside of the cup and the plate?   

    One of the hardest things for human pride to accept is that the height of God's commands are matched by the depth of His grace.   When it comes to cleaning the inside of the cup, as we are commanded, we make the mistake of thinking that God actually expects us to do the cleaning.   Everything God commands us to do, he gives us the grace through Jesus to accomplish it.   Jesus is the one who cleans us up and purifies us.   When God gives us something to do, he expects us to lean on Him to see it done. 
    God always tells us to do things that are beyond our ability to do.  He always gives more than we can handle in our own strength.  He calls us to take hold of what is just out of our reach, so that in our obedience, we trust Him to enable us to do what is beyond us, and to help us take hold of what we could not grasp hold of on our own.
    The same is cleaning the inside of the cup (our heart).  He is the only one who can do that.   So, cleaning the inside of the cup is a commandment to trust in Jesus as Savior, to let His blood cleanse us inwardly and to empower us to  walk in that spiritual reality through the Holy Spirit.
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  15. shiloh357 added a post in a topic Christians have become desensitized to ungodly media   

    I guess it depends on what a person's standard is.   I mean, if you are going to be hyper-judgmental, you will never find a church that is perfect that meets everything on your checklist.   There are no  perfect churches and you will always find something wrong with any church you encounter.   Some people use that as an excuse because they are lazy and don't want to go to church.   They mask that laziness by pretending that they are just to spiritual and operate on a spiritual level that so above everyone else that it would be beneath them to be in the same room with those "worldly" people. 
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