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  1. shiloh357 added a post in a topic Why I stopped believing   

    This appears to be a troll with an agenda, not someone who is actually seeking the truth.  Ocatpulse is just here to pick a fight.  He/she was probably never a Christian to start with.   I have seen this several times before on the boards.
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  2. shiloh357 added a post in a topic Godhead or no   

    I haven't explained why I believe, merely what I believe.   You have assumed a lot about me.  I can certainly fathom someone believing as I do and deconverting to the RCC.   Happens a lot.   I am simply not that weak.   I can't be led or manipulated to give up the truth for a lie.
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  3. shiloh357 added a post in a topic The Lord Jesus Christ   

    That is wrong.   Jesus gave up divine prerogatives, but Jesus did NOT give up divine attributes.   Jesus did not give up anything that made Him God.  
    Jesus has no limitations because Jesus as God.  It's only a fleshly, unregenerate mind that says Jesus is not God and that Jesus is limited by having a physical body.   Jesus temporarily submitted to those limitations while on earth, but those limitations no longer apply.
    The Bible demonstrates the Trinity.  It is there in function if not in form.   
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  4. shiloh357 added a post in a topic Godhead or no   

    You don't know why I believe what I believe.  You assume you do.   I am not wrong.  I simply don't add traditions and a pagan magisterium to the Word of God.   I go by the Scriptures alone and by Scriptures I mean the 66 books of the Christian Bible.   Those 66 books are the final arbiter of all matters of Christian faith and practice.  A doctrine that cannot be found in the Bible,  is to be rejected.   The RCC theology is not based on Scripture alone and Scripture is actually less of an authority than the RCC's traditions and magisterium.
    I believe what I believe because I am not brainwashed by the RCC.  I choose to think for myself.  I don't need a magisterium to control and dictate to me what I believe.  The RCC is the road to Hell.
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  5. shiloh357 added a post in a topic Fecal matter found in ground beef   

    I never eat any meat with pink in the center.  My meat is always well done, and the more done, the better.  I don't mind a little burned on the outside.  That's the beauty of eating chicken.  There is only well done when cooking chicken.
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  6. shiloh357 added a post in a topic Christianity is incompatible with evolution   

    Evolutionists who argue that Evolution is incompatible with the Bible are more intellectually honest, than Christians who try to fit square pegs into round holes in an attempt to make Evolution fit the Bible.
    Evolution is a naturalistic theory and that is why it is attractive to atheists.  Richard Dawkins says that it makes an atheist a more fulfilled Atheist.
    Theistic Evolution is as oxymoronic as "Atheistic Christianity."   It makes no sense at all.
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  7. shiloh357 added a post in a topic Godhead or no   

    Yes, and mine is the correct view because it is based on Scripture not your Catholic drivel.   Just before he returns in Rev. 18, he will destroy the RCC.  Glory to God
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  8. shiloh357 added a post in a topic what is the way.. for who died without hearing gospel.   

    Yes, and I have already acknowledged that.   But I am speaking about prayer, not the old English use of the word "pray" to mean request.
    Theologically, prayer is more than requesting.   Prayer is a form of worship.  It is just one form of worship in the Bible.   
    But it doesn't matter what your purpose is, praying to those who have passed on is forbidden in Scripture.  I and several others have made that point clear enough.   The RCC has continually violated God's commands in that regard.    The ancient Romans prayed to their gods and the RCC simply replaced praying to pagan gods, with praying to "saints."
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  9. shiloh357 added a post in a topic Godhead or no   

    Jesus as the Jewish Messiah and the Savior of the world is the overall subject of the NT.   When Jesus returns, it will be as the Jewish Messiah to rescue Israel from destruction at Armageddon.    Jesus is both the savior of the world and He is still the Jewish Messiah of Israel, which means that anyone who stands against Israel is an enemy of Jesus.
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  10. shiloh357 added a post in a topic what is the way.. for who died without hearing gospel.   

    When the Bible speaks of prayer theologically, it is always an act of worship.    You are playing word games.    I am perfectly aware of the secular uses of the word "pray."
    But in the Bible, prayer as a theological concept is never applied to anyone but God.
    Prayer is never anything except worship in the Bible.     Sorry, but you clearly don't know the Bible are really not theologically or intellectually equipped to discuss this. 
    When Catholics pray to saints, Mary and angels like Michael, they are indeed engaging in worship.   They are asking not merely for intercession, but for blessings, and help, protection, healing, etc.   They are asking Mary and Michael and saints to give them what they should be asking God to give them.
    God is the one we pray to.   Jesus ALONE is our mediator.  He is our go-between.   He is our advocate.   The Bible never ascribes that role to anyone else.   The RCC saints are not even in heaven anyway.  They are in hell.    And it is a violation of Scripture to pray to angels.   
    I don't care what their intent is.   Genuine prayer is worship whether you  accept that or not.  
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  11. shiloh357 added a post in a topic Christianity is incompatible with evolution   

    No, what I am saying is that there is a history here that you are not aware of. 
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  12. shiloh357 added a post in a topic Christianity is incompatible with evolution   

    No, this person doesn't have questions.  There's more going on here than you realize.
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  13. shiloh357 added a post in a topic Christianity is incompatible with evolution   

    That is just really dumb.  We have uncontrovertible proof of Napoleon's existence and that proof takes many forms, including his own death mask.    To even deny his existence is intellectual suicide on your part.
    Again, you were not there, and neither was anyone else when the earth was made so your views are as much faith based.   Try being a little more honest and having some integrity.    The fact is that you don't KNOW how the earth was made or when it came into existence.,   And please stop trying to dream upo ridiculous, immature and silly analogies.   It really does nothing to help you and demonstrates that you are willing to descend into silliness just to preserve your lame arguments.
    Evidence isn't proof.  Evidence is only evidence and that requires faith.
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  14. shiloh357 added a post in a topic Acts 12:15 (Peter Mistaken for his Angel) My Answer   

    Yeah, no one but you knows how to use "proper English."   That's your lame crutch when you can't refute sound theology.  
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  15. shiloh357 added a post in a topic Christianity is incompatible with evolution   

    No, that's really not the same.   There were historical eyewitnesses of Napoleon and Caesar.    But this is different.  No one was around to witness the beginning of the earth.   And since no one was there, you have to have faith in your claim that it was 10 billions years after the heavens were created.  Sorry your analogy is flat wrong.
    And yes, you rely on evidence or what you think is evidence.  It's still a faith statement.  We have undeniable PROOF of Napoleon's existence.   Again, you simply have to have faith in your scientific claims, just like we have faith in biblical claims.
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