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  5. refugees to wear wristbands in cardiff

    The problem lies with the fact that the liberal application of these texts completely dehumanize the victims of criminal violence. Loving one's enemies was not being applied to how we respond to physical threats. Using Jesus' suffering is not really applicable to a criminal violence scenario as mentioned above because Jesus' suffering was intentional. Jesus was not a martyr. Jesus suffered and died as sacrifice for sin. He endured violence for the purpose of redeeming mankind, so to try and compare that with suffering criminal violence is an intellectual nonstarter. It simply doesn't wash as a rational argument. And again, it never really answers the question about how we react to criminal violence when a loved one is threatened.If "loving one's enemies" means that we cannot defend our loved ones even violently if need be, then it creates a huge theological problem. Do you love your family, or the criminal, more? From the nonsensical position, which is completely bereft of any rational or intelligent value whatsoever, we are supposed to love criminal more than our own family. What you listed above provides NO prohibition to violent self-defense up to and including deadly force. It just show, once again, the lack of intelligence in liberal pacifism and why it is such an evil position to hold.
  6. Dr.Ben Carson

    How about as the head of Health and Human Services?
  7. Teen Refugee Arrested in Stabbing Death of Swedish Social Worker

    Islam is the only religion that Liberals will defend. Ironically, Islam hates what Liberals value and Liberals are the first ones that Muslim terrorists will come after once they are finished with the Christians and the Jews. As Churchill said, "He who appeases the crocodile simply gets eaten last." The Liberal Jews in Israel discovered that truth first hand in the 2nd Intifada.
  8. refugees to wear wristbands in cardiff

    A good way for us to maintain peaceful society in the face of Islamic evil is for good, law abiding people to be better at violence than the Islamists.
  9. refugees to wear wristbands in cardiff

    Kinda like the kiss of Judas, isn't it?
  10. refugees to wear wristbands in cardiff

    People like you only serve to pervert what Jesus meant. All you seem to have to offer is Liberal slop.
  11. refugees to wear wristbands in cardiff

    Exactly.... That's the short sidedness of the liberal attempt to apply "love" to the refugee crisis. It is what Europe is facing now. The Liberal approach to "love" in this kind of situation forces you to choose between the attacker and the victim. It even requires a person to ignore the threat that many of the refugees who are terrorizing their host countries, pose to the citizenry. It's like the classic dilemma for a pacifist when it comes to defending one's family. They claim we can't respond violentlythe attacker because that would not be "loving your enemy." Yet they cannot really provide a satisfying response to who you should love more, your family members who are being attacked or the attacker? It shows what happens when verses of the Bible are cherry picked to suit a particular agenda without regard to context. Pacifism isn't "love." It is moral indifference to evil. It is even worse than hate. Pacifism enables and emboldens evil and leaves innocent people defenseless. Pacifism is an evil ideology. This issue in Europe is showing the failure of liberal "multiculturalism." It's a complete joke.
  12. refugees to wear wristbands in cardiff

    That is not a fair comparison, at all. Nor, is an intelligent one. The reason for the Star of David was to mark who was a Jew for the purpose of eliminating them from society. A Star of David marked you for death and eventual extermination, in addition to other forms of persecution. It was the result of a mindset that sought to dehumanize the Jews. The red wristband is to identify refugees, to keep track of them, not to persecute or humiliate them. Refugees are not immigrants. It is a temporary status and given the immense numbers of refugees coming from the Muslim world, and given the threat of ISIS infiltration, there needs to be way to keep track of them. While no one things that refugees should be persecuted, they should not be allowed to roam freely across the country. Refugees are only refugees until the conditions in their country of origin changes and they can go home. In order to provide for them properly, they need to be identified and that means we need a means of identification for them. They need to stay in the camps where they are safe and where they can be cared for until they can be sent back.
  13. Grand Jury Indicts Abortion Foes Behind Undercover Videos

    If they go to trial, it will force the evidence against PP to come to light and it will test the claims made by the Grand Jury. Their indictment doesn't mean these people are guilty.
  14. Anti-Zionism: Prophecy Update
  15. Muslims demand cross be removed from Swiss flag

    We are to be kind to strangers want to live in peace and assimilate into our society and be one of us. But those who come here who want to change our way of life and want us to ban parts of our culture that they don't agree with in order to appease their sensitivities... We don't have to live in peace with them. They need to leave and go live somewhere else. We are not going to change our ways, our country, and forsake our traditions just to appease some foreigner. And if they want to force us to change, and force their culture on us, we can deal with them in ways that will be rather unpleasant.