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  1. ann2 added a post in a topic Weslyanism   

    Agapegirl, the best way to find out about a particular faith is check out their mission statement.Good luck in college.
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  2. ann2 added a post in a topic What if you know your leader is doing wrong, do you stay?   

    The bible clearly states u r to go to the person and talk to them first,if that dosent work u r to take aelder with u to talk to him,if that dosent work the whole church should be told and lastly he should be put out of the church.
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  3. ann2 added a post in a topic Is Jan from TBN really as bad as everyone says?   

    Chickens?--Crisco? sounds yummy to me.
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  4. ann2 added a post in a topic Female Sunday School Teacher Fired By New Pastor   

    Does any one know the age group this lady taught?
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  5. ann2 added a post in a topic 2nd Ministry to leave TBN   

    Dont count on it!Money talks and TBN listens.
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  6. ann2 added a post in a topic methodism   

    Who said that Methodists are not christians?I beg to differ,i am a christian that goes to a methodist church.
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  7. ann2 added a post in a topic Christian Forum   

    I am not very vocal on Worthy but sometimes i just have to have my 2cents worth.A few months ago i had to stop posting because i was getting upset with some of the stuff that was going on.Mean spirited remarks and not always bibical.This site has been a great sourse of joy and knowledge and freindship for me over the last few yrs.We are all on the same journey but on different roads and sometimes just listening is what we need to do most.Take a few days off and pray about your concerns about Worthy,maybe God has something wonderful in store for you.
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  8. ann2 added a post in a topic Adam and Eve   

    I think all you children seriously need a nap.

    Love mamma ann
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  9. ann2 added a post in a topic The 700 Club   

    cjrose,to God and God alone be the glory.Let nothing or anyone steal your joy or your healing.Keep the faith!!!!
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  10. ann2 added a post in a topic request   

    George would be the one for that.How about it George?
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  11. ann2 added a post in a topic Would this offend you?   

    The flag and the cross should be kept seperate.I am an american and a christian,but church and state must be kept seperate.When they are not we could end up being like the Taliban.
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  12. ann2 added a post in a topic Saints in tribulation   

    I most certainly believe in the rapture of the church.,but if i am wrong i am willing to die for God.
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  13. ann2 added a post in a topic Inportent Question?   

    All good advice ,nothing i can add.
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  14. ann2 added a post in a topic The Death of a Thousand Cuts   

    Sue the post sure gives us something to think about,makes sence to me.
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  15. ann2 added a post in a topic Ozzy Osbourne....a very nice guy???   

    Well i am going to judge!!!Not ozzy because that is the job of God,but his music is about satan and cemetaries and frankly he scares me.i realize that he is a preformer but one can become what they do,when they do it day after day after dayThe music is trash but the man is one of Gods creatures,so lets all pray that his heart will be touched before it is too late.
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