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  1. When I become world dictator I will.....

    Abolish diabetes.
  2. Your favorite type of cheese

    I would have to say my favorite is Parmesan.
  3. medieval people do not like drones either

    'Drone spearing' - I love it!
  4. God has a sense of humor

    As for an example of the LORD's sense of humor... ...consider the platypus.
  5. pop ups in upper left hand corner

    Just now I signed it at Worthy, and the pop-up came up once the main page loaded again. I chose Not Now, then clicked on the Unread Content link - and as soon as that page loaded, here came the pop-up again! So unless you chose the Receive Notifications option, you have to click to get rid of the pop-up on every page that loads - which, essentially, is no option at all, so why even give a choice that isn't a real choice?
  6. pop ups in upper left hand corner

    In my experience, if you select No, it pops up again each time you load a page at Worthy. Every. Single. Time.
  7. Is it just me...

    A Happy Star Wars Day to you all! May the Fourth be with you!
  8. Another thing to keep in mind: Elisha was told that if he saw Elijah being taken from him (up to heaven in a whirlwind), Elisha's request to have double the LORD's anointing that Elijah had had would be granted. And he did in fact see this. So in Scripture it is recorded that Elijah once raised someone from the dead. Elisha during his lifetime also raised one person from the dead, and here his bones raise a second person from the dead. It's fulfillment of prophecy, you see.
  9. Derailing thread

    Southern accent here. Funny thing is, I don't hear myself as sounding Southern except when I hear my voice on a recording - and then I sound extremely Southern!
  10. It's very simple: Jesus is the Son of God; this is a foundational statement of Christianity. Islam, however, states that Allah has no son, that it is blasphemy to say that Allah has a son. Therefore, how can God the Father of Christianity and Allah of Islam be one and the same? They cannot. It's as simple as that. (By the way, I think C S Lewis was amazingly prescient in his final Narnia book, The Last Battle, in which the great Lion Aslan was conflated with Tash, the demonic god of the Calormenes, into the horrifying false god Tashlan. We are seeing this come true in our lifetime.)
  11. Derailing thread

    WHY... are there two bodies... but three pairs of hands???
  12. The Ark of The Covenant

    Just a note: the word cherubim is the plural of the word cherub.
  13. Derailing thread

    My problem is that potatoes a) mess with my blood sugar and b) give me a heavy feeling along about the sternum. Had to give 'em up, but I sure used to love 'em!
  14. Derailing thread

    Goofs... Lady Pear, tater tots are kind of like hash browns, but the tiny potato bits are shaped into a cylinder, then fried. They're pretty tasty (but probably not very healthy).
  15. Is it just me...

    Hey, the Klingon is back! Good to see you, brother!