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  1. Food Combination Game

    Ok, I have an example of my daughter's weird food combos: Chocolate cookie dough is good. Browned Italian-style turkey sausage is good. ...Does anyone really want me to finish the thought? But that's what my daughter did!
  2. Food Combination Game

    Fruit salad is good. Veggie salad is good. Tuna salad is good. All three together? what I had for breakfast today.
  3. Derailing thread

    Including the little stick figure? No. The house by itself, sure.
  4. Derailing thread

    No, thank goodness! Just the song.
  5. Derailing thread

    I can't. It really is a song. My daughter was singing it and got it stuck into my head.
  6. Food Combination Game

    Now I've got to think of what I've seen my kids do... Well, one of 'em adds milk to her root beer. I thought that was awful till she pointed out that it's like a float with no ice cream. Aw, I know one of 'em makes some seriously weird combos, but I can't think of any right now! I mentioned to her once that I had a friend who liked tuna salad/peanut butter sandwiches, and my daughter seemed to take that as inspiration.
  7. taking those extra packets of condiments?

    I have one kid that, when we go to Taco Bell, she'll grab over a dozen of the little sauce packets - and then use them ALL on her one or two burritos! *bleah!*
  8. Derailing thread

    Put a banana in your ear! Put a ripe banana into your favorite ear...
  9. How Many Public Rest Rooms Are Needed?

    I've seen some places (including the public library from which I'm posting this) that have, in addition to the usual Mens room and Womens room, a Family bathroom. It has a single toilet in it with a sink - often a diaper changing table - and a locking door.
  10. Television Shows

    And here I am with my DVDs of The Wild Wild West and Ellery Queen... (Yep, I'm stuck in the 60's and 70's.)
  11. Derailing thread

    Wellllll... not anymore, it doesn't!
  12. Is it just me...

    Hopper? Hopper! Hey, good to see you!!!
  13. Derailing thread

    What's happening here is that she packed her stuff, then packed up all the stuff he thinks he won't need but will. He, during trip: Uh-oh, I don't have my [fill-in-the-blank]. What am I gonna do? She, pulls in from her 'too-big' bag: Here it is.
  14. Mow Bear - James

    Praying also!
  15. Derailing thread

    It's been 13 years. And he was praised the Lord in his sleep shortly before I found out I couldn't wake him up.