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  1. The experimental thread!

    Turtles. And grapes. Oh, and hollyhocks.
  2. Derailing thread

    Uh... shame on who? On me? All I did was answer the question!
  3. Derailing thread

    That was Moses who had the Ethiopian wife, and his sister Miriam who was struck with leprosy.
  4. Derailing thread

    Actually... 2 Samuel 2:10  Ishbosheth Saul's son was forty years old when he began to reign over Israel, and reigned two years. But the house of Judah followed David. So while David was king over the tribe of Judah, Saul's son Ishbosheth was king over the rest of Israel. And if you continue reading in 2 Samuel, you'll see how after a number of intrigues, a couple of guys snuck into Ishbosheth's house and murdered him, then when to David to brag, expecting a reward - and David had them executed for their murder. I don't remember what other name(s) Ishbosheth had.
  5. The experimental thread!

    I like to knit.
  6. The experimental thread!

    *ahem* PURPLE!!!
  7. Derailing thread

    Here's the thing about how far apart east and west are. If you start out heading north, eventually you run out of north and start going south. Same thing with heading south; you eventually wind up going north. But if you're going east, you never run out of east! You can circle the globe endlessly, but you're still heading east! And the same with going west. You may head west and wind up east of where you started, but you are still facing west and going west; you never get into the situation in which going straight ahead of you winds up with you going in a different direction (as with going north or south).
  8. Happy Birthday Sheya Joie!

    So yesterday my son found a big box propped against our front fence when he went out to catch his bus for school. The box was addressed to me (and was slightly damp, as if it had been out there all night; do delivery trucks really just dump out the packages like that for anyone to make off with them???). Anyway, I opened the box, pulled out the packing - and inside was another plain cardboard box. So I opened that one too - and inside it was a third box, but this one was labeled TELESCOPE! Yippie! My kids went in together to order me a telescope for my bday!
  9. The experimental thread!

    Who would eat pease porridge that's been sitting in the pot nine days old anyway? Ew!
  10. Derailing thread

    Ok, going back to the beautiful pic of the redhead - I don't have red hair, but my dad does. Just recently one of my daughters, who has always been blonde, has been developing red hair instead. I think it's gorgeous!
  11. Derailing thread

    Who are you talking to, me or some other Texan? (And anyway, I'm Irish meself!)
  12. Weird...

    You are 84% weird. That makes you a “Total Weirdo!” So, you’re odd. Who cares? Wear it like a badge of honor! You're one in a million, and although that may create some awkwardness from time to time, people like you make the world more interesting. Some of our favorite people are weirdos! (And here I thought I was more of a thinking-out-of-the-box type...)
  13. The experimental thread!

    Teeth have protruding sheep?
  14. Derailing thread

    I like sushi. Not the raw stuff though (isn't that sashimi?), but it's the taste of the seaweed wrapper, the nori, that I love!
  15. The experimental thread!

    But sometimes it's worth the effort to install the shag carpeting. Just sayin'.