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  1. 2 Sisters saying Hi

    Welcome to Worthy!
  2. New here

    Welcome brother!!
  3. Heartbroken!

    I would absolutely agree with my brother Patriot. It is all about trust and long distance is not a good thing for building any kind of a life on. God has something so much better for you. Wait, Bestill and know that He is God. Blessing RustyAngeL

    Amen this so worthy of an amen just as MG said.
  5. Theology Teachers that are encouraging

    I can't believe you have never listened to Billy Graham. He is spot on gospel. His ministry is going into it's 7th decade with his son taking over for him. His message has not changed in all those years..

    Amen, it's what I needed to hear!
  7. Hi my name is Gaven

    Welcome to Worthy Gaven! Praise God!!
  8. hi, am new here :)

    Welcome to Worthy OnaHinata, glad to have you here.
  9. Flashbacks and anxiety due to PTSD

    I really think you know what to do Tj. All of us here have shared Jesus with you. The only way to end all of this is to put your trust in Him. He is your answer not people. Put is all in God's hands and let Him deal with it for you.
  10. Christ centered twitch stream

    Nor do I but welcome anyway!
  11. Spring cleaning of our spiritual 'house'.

    I don't have to clean my oven, it broke so I bought a toaster oven. It's great and easy to clean. My chore this spring is the cupboards. New lining things like that. The thought of all of that work almost brings me to tears. And by the way get a self cleaning oven.
  12. Symptoms of the Spirit

    Never be embarrassed by your tears Willa. The Bible says God counts every one and put's them in a bottle.... I must have millions by now. Blessings
  13. Wolves in sheep's clothing

    I know this has nothing to do with what were talking about but what a beautiful picture of a wolf! Thanks bopeep
  14. It's spring; time to clean?

    Thanks a lot I thought we were supposed to help one another. To bad the three if us couldn't get together. Still love you two Kwik and MorningGlory. Hugs RustyAngeL