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  1. the media

    Amen and agreed. And for it to come out of a Christians mouth is just plain sickening. I too call people on it. So far they have respected my request.
  2. the media

    Just believe..... even the devil just.. believes. I'm sure you don't smoke or swear but if someone does and claims to be a believer, what does that say about the fruits in their life. Smoking is a choice. It isn't a sin, watching R rated movies is not a sin.... Swearing, I believe is a sin, not a choice. I have a friend who is a Christian and still uses the F word when she is with me. I find that disturbing, and I have mentioned it. So I guess what your saying is if you just believe and walk in the Spirit It's all OK . My question how can someone use foul language and walk in the spirit? Just asking....
  3. Thank you Pat you always come to the point and make the truth very obvious.
  4. greeting from Indonesia

    Hi ann... Welcome, welcome, welcome! We are excited to have you here with us at Worthy. Blessings RustyAngeL
  5. the media

    OK I made my reply to my sister Kwik but I'm going to make another because I believe this to be the bottom line. We are living in a fallen and sick world which continues to get sicker by the day. We as Christians with either live by our convictions of our Christ centered life or we will continue to look the other way doing nothing and saying "don't know their hearts" The Bible says we will know them by their fruits. The excuses can go on and on and pretty soon we find that nothing bothers us, and to me as a believer that is very scary. Jesus said you are either for Me or against Me, so where are you? I have a friend. Janet says yes she is a Christian. OK I accept that. Yet, last week in Walmart when I went to the self check out, I had gotten two peppers. One red one orange. I didn't know how to scan them,( I do now). Her solution was to scan them as green peppers which are cheaper. I couldn't do that. I told her no. I called a lady over who showed me how to scan properly. So I ask you, if I had done it Janet's way was I stealing? In my book it was and the check in my spirit was immediate. The bottom line is, in the end, when it's all said and done, I'm not going to to answer to anyone on this earth. So where do we draw the line and stop being so complacent and start standing up for what we believe and for what Jesus expects out of us? When do we stop turning our heads, and start stepping out and speaking out, even it is not the popular thing to do? Blessings, RustyAngeL
  6. the media

    Yes Kwik I know the commercial. It is very obvious. Another one showed the beautiful tropical bedroom in a beautiful hotel in the Bahamas. All you saw was two pair of feet, then one got out of bed. She was a beautiful woman... so was her friend in bed. I saw it a couple of times then it was gone. Your right no way to justify it. it's blatant and ugly and in your face. It is what it is. I really hope no says, We don't know their hearts," We know exactally what they are saying. Well done. And Amen to Lord have mercy, Blessings RustyAngeL
  7. Heart damage

    Amen, we serve the Great Physician and is still in the healing business. Thank you Jesus for an already answered prayer of healing.
  8. Hi I am rosita

    Welcome to Worthy Rosita. I hope this is more than a visit, I hope you stay with us. Blessings RustyAngeL
  9. How do u know Gods plan?

    Amen, He does not change. We are here because we all have a purpose. We just have to keep perusing God and never giving up. Blessings RustyAngeL
  10. Passover

    Welcome..... interesting name.
  11. Life of a Desciple

    Hi Faithie, Welcome to Worthy!
  12. Hindu boy who is believer in Jesus Christ

    Hi Moti, and welcome to Worthy! We rejoice with you in your new found faith in Christ. We look forward to the fellowship with you. Blessings RustyAngeL
  13. New to this forum

    Hi Rethinknow, and welcome to Worthy. Glad to have you here with us.
  14. I Ride With Jesus

    Hi Faith Rider, welcome to Worthy, Blessings RustyAngeL

    I don't understand any of it. I have a friend who cannot even go to the store without having her cell phone glued to her ear. It makes me nuts too.!!