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  1. satan

    The Bible says to guard you mind and your heart.  I believe this is best done when you stay in the word of God. I believe a very good time to read His Word is just before you go to sleep.  Fill your mind with His Words, His Truth.  I believe even what we watch on TV can have an impact on our minds and our spirits.  It's like what someone said about computers, garbage in.... garbage out.
  2. Stay or Go?

    Hi Zimbo and welcome to Worthy.  When you accumulate 5 posts you will be able to go to different forums and ask your questions.  This a place to meet and greet.   All you have to do is answer five posts with just a thank you or something very simple and you will have five posts before you know it  Again Welcome. 
  3. Do you think that being baptised will change someone?

    The changing comes from within.  It's the power of the Holy Spirit that changes a heart.  We will always be changed by what we choose be it good or bad.  After I was saved I wanted to be baptized because I choose to follow Jesus.  But just being baptized will not change a person unless they are first a believer and follower of Christ.  This is just my  opinion.
  4. Hello!

    Thank you Willa for reminding our newbies about the five posts.  Well done sister!  RustyAngeL
  5. my dream

    Hi Mary ann and welcome to Worthy.  Just two more posts and you can move this topic to Questions and Answers in the Inner Court.  God to have you here.  We also have a chat room you might like to go into and get some ideas.  Again welcome.
  6. Hola

    Welcome Vendtre, glad to have you here.
  7. hi my names michael im new

    Hi and welcome to Worthy Michaeld.
  8. Alcohol

    my question to the board monitors, is how can someone bypass the Welcome Forum and have no posts and go directly into the Seekers Forum?  Is there a new rule that I don't know about?  Just wondering.  Thanks.  Rusty
  9. Hello Everyone

    Hi Valula and welcome to Worthy.  Looking forward to hearing more from you and to just let you know we also have a chat room if you wish to visit.   RustyAngeL
  10. Isaiah 45:5 vs Psalm 82:6

    Very well explained and stated Rick.  Thank you .
  11. My Friends Husband

    My friends husband Hall has major health problems.  His kidneys are failing and he is having heart problems.  They are going into the hospital tomorrow for tests.  Please remember them both in prayer.  Her name is Martha.   Thank you family... RustyAngeL
  12. Friends Son Ill

    I saw my friend Daneil, She looked sad and very discouraged.  She dropped the bomb that her year old son has Leukemia.  She is going to a good hospital but I suggested St. Judes in Tennessee.  She said that is where they are going.  Ashton's kidneys are starting to fail.  It could all be a domino effect.  At this age they have so little to fight with, and of course the chemo is tearing him down even more. Of course she had her husband are terrified.  I told her that I was going post this as soon as I got home.  I"m asking for your prayers.  We all know God can and does heal.  He has not changed, He remains constant and can lift up this little boy to full health and a full and long life. I"m asking remember this little and his family.  Time is ticking and the doctors prognosis is not good, but again we serve the Great Physician and by His Strips we are still healed. Thank you family God Bless all of you, and thank you most for praying.
  13. 3rd Commandment

    What is IRT?
  14. Youth Radio Programme- need questions!

    The Word of God is infallible.  However anytime there different translations there are going to be disagreements in peoples minds as to how accurate that translation is.  I love the NKj I find it easy to understand.  I also like the Amplified, but a lot of people disagree with me on that one.  I believe anytime man is involved in translations I don't think any of them are going to be as you put it infallible. 
  15. No one knows when Christ will return, not even Him.  The only one is the Father Himself.  And the names you mentioned I see no connection to the ac.  There are a lot of details about him but I don't believe anyone you mentioned is the ac.