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  1. RustyAngeL added a topic in Prayer Requests   

    My friends son has Leukemia
    I saw my friend Daneil,
    She looked sad and very discouraged.  She dropped the bomb that her year old son has Leukemia.  She is going to a good hospital but I suggested St. Judes in Tennessee.  She said that is where they are going.  Ashton's kidneys are starting to fail.  It could all be a domino effect.  At this age they have so little to fight with, and of course the chemo is tearing him down even more.
    Of course she had her husband are terrified.  I told her that I was going post this as soon as I got home.  I"m asking for your prayers.  We all know God can and does heal.  He has not changed, He remains constant and can lift up this little boy to full health and a full and long life.
    I"m asking remember this little and his family.  Time is ticking and the doctors prognosis is not good, but again we serve the Great Physician and by His Strips we are still healed.
    Thank you family God Bless all of you, and thank you most for praying.
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  2. RustyAngeL added a post in a topic Looking for a religion to suit me   

    Welcome to Worthy Seeker.  Once you have posted only one more post I would suggest you go to Seekers  and ask all your questions.  I know you will get the answers you are looking for.  God bless you.   and by the way religion is not your answer, Jesus is.
    Because He Lives!!
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  3. RustyAngeL added a post in a topic Hello to all!   

    Hi Trying and welcome to Worthy. Glad to have you here.
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  4. RustyAngeL added a post in a topic What can Christianity offer me?   

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  5. RustyAngeL added a post in a topic What can Christianity offer me?   

    Excellent Sister!
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  6. RustyAngeL added a post in a topic What can Christianity offer me?   

    Hi seeker,
    For one thing and the most important thing is everlasting, eternal life with Jesus.  We believe that Jesus went to the cross in obedience for us. He took our punishment on that cross so we many have life everlasting in Heaven.  When you ask God for forgiveness of your sins and ask Christi into your life to be the Savior and Lord of your life, your next stop is Heaven forever with Him.
    Peace, in the midst of the storms of life, we can count our anchor holding tight  if we are in Christ.  It's not easy, for anyone of us to say that just because we are Christians we have no problems would be a lie.  God never promised us an easy walk.  He did promise however that He would never leave us or forsake us.  We are going to have tough times but we are promised also that nothing happens in our lives that we cannot bear because He is there.  Jesus told us to cast our cares on Him because He cares for us.
    Don't search for religion.  Religion is mans attempt to reach up to God, that is impossible. The Christian faith is God reaching down to us through  His Son  Jesus Christ.  You take a hold of God through Christ and I promise  your search will end, because you will have found the truth, because Jesus is the way the truth and the life.  No man comes to the Father but through Him.
    I"m glad your here and you have given me a chance to share my faith with you.  I hope you come  back often.  We also have a chat room you can come and visit and ask your questions and I promise you we will do our best to help you with the answers.  May God richly bless you.
    Because He Lives!!
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  7. RustyAngeL added a post in a topic New Here   

    Hi Angie and welcome to Worthy.  May you be richly blessed with the fellowship you find here.
    Because He Lives!!
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  8. RustyAngeL added a post in a topic Greetings from Liverpool, UK   

    Welcome Falan to Worthy.  Glad to have you here.
    Because He Lives!!
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  9. RustyAngeL added a post in a topic Hello!   

    Hi Rebbeca,
    I just realized that we are on  the welcome forum.  I look forward to chatting with you more on this in the proper fourm.
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  10. RustyAngeL added a post in a topic What is partaking of Homosexuality?   

    I can promise you I would not bake a gay wedding cake under any  circumstances.  We are to follow God's law.  We are in the world not of it.  To me baking a cake for these people is going against everything God has spoken in His Word.  I don't believe in lending myself in doing the enemies work.
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  11. RustyAngeL added a post in a topic God help me when no one is looking   

    And you never will be.  His Grace just keeps getting better and better and more glorious.  You are Gods property and the enemy has no hold over you.  Speak to him and remind him who you belong to and tell him to leave in the name of Jesus.  Take him by storm.  Trust me sister God will continue to do great things in your life.  Welcome to Worthy!
    Because He Lives!!
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  12. RustyAngeL added a post in a topic Hello :)   

    Hi Ericka and welcome to Worthy!
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  13. RustyAngeL added a post in a topic Hello!   

    That is not true.  Going to a good Bible believing church is what you need to do.. Jesus cares about your soul, He wants to be first in your life.  
    No sin is worst then the other, and by the way going to church while you are still an unbeliever is not a sin  Why are churches there?  To cater only to the good ones?   I don't think so.  Billions of people have come to Christ while sitting in a church. Jesus came to this world to save it.  John 3:16-17 The Bible also says He came to seek and save those who are lost. It sounds as if your boyfriend is trying to take charge of your soul.  You choose to give your heart to Christ not him.   I encourage you to come here often.  Also we have a chat room that would love to help you.  Please don't fall into the lie your boyfriend is feeding you, because that is what it is an out and out right lie.  I might add too that Jesus said,"I am the way the truth and the life, no one comes to the Father but through Me.  There is only one way to God and that is Jesus, not your own way.
    Because He Lives!!
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  14. RustyAngeL added a post in a topic An Atheist on Atheism.   

    Yes Mr. Evens, knowing you gave your life to Christ would make me very happy but then again I think you know that.  Blessing, Rusty
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  15. RustyAngeL added a post in a topic Could climate change be used to discredit prophecy?   

    I don't  mean to be disrespecful but how do you create man made climate changes?  Can you give me an example?  I don't understand. Thanks. 
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