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  1. The Basics

  2. When you pray...

    Yes I understand that, and have experienced that too. But the heat sensation is with me always - its unusual to have times without, and thats what I always wonder about since I think I've only met one person who had similar (well, that told me about it). I guess I'm just thinking aloud in some ways, I just don't understand *why* and I like to know why things are the way they are!
  3. When you pray...

    Yes I agree too, God works even when we feel tired or don't feel anything at all in any way. But I still get curious
  4. When you pray...

    Thats good, but emotions aside, anything else? The reason I ask this, and have asked people before, is because when I pray (but not necessarily *just* when I'm praying) I feel a 'heat' sensation/feeling all over and in me. Mainly in my hands its most intense and near my forehead. It's hard to explain, but generally that feeling is with me all the time, some days stronger than others. Usually stronger when praying for healing etc. I don't always tell people because some have acted a bit weird about it, and I've rarely met anyone the same - as in, feel it constantly, but I am curious who else can relate?
  5. Ah the wonders of creation!
  6. When you pray...

    Thats really cool I like it when God breaks through in major ways like that
  7. Haha I just noticed all these comments here! Hi :P

  8. Transgender and the church

    It was no intentional strawman. I just think it's a valid point to consider because you say these people are in sin with lusts etc to be a different gender because thats how they feel internally, so that would mean hermaphrodites who feel the same would be sinning? I'm not trying to derail the topic, just gender issues have a wide scope and I think how you deal with one issue could easily affect the next. Please don't think I agree that wanting to change sex is right or anything, but when dealing with people, it's just not so simple. Dealing with these issues is about as simple as saying to someone who is gay "Don't be gay!" and thinking that's enough.
  9. When you pray...

    Hello everyone. Been a while since I've been here! I've seen some familiar "faces" around in some threads as I've browsed around today, which is nice! Anyway, to the point of this: This is something I've asked various people randomly over the years mainly just because I'm a curious person, and I realise that just because something is always the same for me it doesn't mean that it is "the norm" (if there is such a thing ) What do you feel when you pray? The answers have always been different to some extent, some more similar than others. But either way I'm curious to know peoples responses. I'll answer my own question later, I'm more interested in hearing about other people first!
  10. Transgender and the church

    How is that different? Other than the fact that the parents had to make the decision for the child rather than the child grow up and choose for themselves? You're saying that a hermaphrodite is given an operation as a baby to be one or the other, and then they *are* that gender, no questions. But then you say a man who chooses basically the same operation is still the gender he was initially. Granted, he didn't have both sets of genitals, but gender is so much more complex than what physical bit of genitals you have, or would you not agree? If it were that simple, these issues would exist in our world to begin with. OK, hypothetical question: what if then, when the hermaphrodite grows up, they 'feel' more like the other gender that the parents didn't choose? What if all the impulses and hormones etc in their brain and mind made them feel more compelled to be a "man" for example, yet the parents chose the female genitals at birth? Would you say these feelings are invalid or would it be acceptable for an hermaphrodite to have a sex-change because they were originally born as both? Gender isn't quite so simple.
  11. Thanks everyone It's been an.. interesting ride! hehe but it was fun and I learnt much there
  12. For those who remember, you will know that I have been studying at Bible college for the past 3 years to get my honours degree in Theology. Well last week I finally graduated! And that only happened by God's help! I was