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  1. Right or wrong?

    yes all three worked for God's plans...all were acts of righteousness.
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  3. Jesus right NOW

    Jesus after the resurrection ascended back to heaven and now is sitting on the right hand of the Father.  Jesus told us that if he didn't go away that the Comforter (Holy Spirit) would not come and that we wouldn't be left comfortless.  The Holy Spirit descended you can read on the day of Pentecost and we are no longer comfortless but we have a comforter sent from God that will lead and guide us into all truth.  Jesus is not walking the face of the earth today but he does live and breath in the life of a believer who will be a living sacrifice giving their voice, hands and feet to Christ living in them.
  4. Opening spiritual doors into our lives

    First off I would like to say that it is God alone who open doors for us to walk through and it is God alone who shuts doors that we cannot walk through.  What God opens to us no man can shut and what God closes to us no man can open.   We walk through spiritual doors as God opens them for us and the spiritual forces or the gates of hell shall not prevail (overtake or prosper) against the church of Jesus Christ.  We are in a spiritual battle every single day as saints from the time we rise in the morning till the time we rises the next morning as spiritual forces of darkness are about us though we don't fight against flesh and blood nevertheless we are in a spiritual battle and we as saints of God either get up every day with our armor on and fight or we leave our armor behind and get wounded.  Sometimes fatally wounded because we don't understand the nature of the battle that we are in. 

    Because we are no longer under the law of Moses but under grace in the New Covenant the royal and perfect law of liberty (Christ).
  6. wow.... just wow.....

    I wouldn't sign such a thing instead I would run as fast as I could in the opposite direction saying my final good-byes in the wind as I went.  
  7. Two People Burden With A House


    I love the word picture
  9. Where Did The Sabbath Go?

    Yes this 
  10. Where Did The Sabbath Go?

    I found the Sabbath rest in Jesus in Hebrews 4:
  11. The seed of Abraham

     Then were do you think we are then?
  12. The seed of Abraham

    Not under the Old Covenant but through Jesus Christ under the New Covenant anyone no matter who they are can be made the righteousness of God by or through the faith of Abraham who believed God.   Even the descendants of Ismael today can be saved if they confess their sins believe Jesus died and arose again on the third day.
  13. The seed of Abraham

    Ismael was not heir nor was he the promised child of promise but it was Issac in whom Sara had in her old age God promised to Abraham.  None of the descendants of Ismael are heirs with Isaac.  The inheritance and blessings of Abraham was passed to Isaac only Ismael was not to be heir with Isaac.