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  1. The New Animal thread

    try my household .. at the moment it is fairly quiet with just my own three dogs ( collie , sprollie and insane cocker spaniel ) along with a labradoodle pup and 2 8 week old shih Tzu puppiesĀ  oh and 9 grandchildren vying as to who gets the first cuddle of said pups
  2. Is it just me...

    we judge not nor are you last as it doesn't like watering rodents
  3. Is it just me...

    well that is just greedy
  4. Is it just me...

    you are all nuts and I am last
  5. Derailing thread

    tinkle tinkle little star how I wonder where you are Up and down the halls so wide with a hall pass at your side
  6. Is it just me...

    moles in holes last in Wales
  7. Is it just me...

    at last a solution to naughty people in cinemas
  8. Is it just me...

    well you are clean off your rocker but you are not last
  9. Is it just me...

    he wont last here at this rate telling fibs like that
  10. Is it just me...

    and I am last
  11. The New Animal thread

    that has to be a male cat
  12. Derailing thread

    so stop getting violent and be violet instead
  13. Is it just me...

    and yet last understood as did I
  14. Is it just me...

    she can bee whatever she likes apart from last
  15. Is it just me...

    but I am last and that is not unpredictable