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  1. The New Animal thread

    should have called him enoob !!!!!
  2. It's spring; time to clean?

    My dogs clean my windows with their tongues cant see out of them afterwards but its the thought that counts isnt it ?????
  3. Is it just me...

    last is happy here as we share lots of things and for a while we will share with Logan as well
  4. Derailing thread

    no mon !!!!
  5. Is it just me...

    sorry you cant have either
  6. Is it just me...

    mmmm lamb chops for tea tonight ?????
  7. Is it just me...

    i dont fear I prepare so I dont need to make the last piece last
  8. The New Animal thread

    yep he ripped up a large slice of my artificial grass and tried to dig down to Australia !!!! ( and they have three digging areas as well as two paddling pools and two boxes of toys to play with !!!)
  9. Derailing thread

    Two of my nieces lived in the USA as children and it is funny to hear them speak Welsh with an american twang
  10. Is it just me...

    if its the last of the toilet paper you had best go buy some more and stop playing around with my last
  11. The New Animal thread

    after what my puppy did yesterday I dont mind posting him ..what is your address??????
  12. Derailing thread

    Sorry one does not have an accent here it is just you foreigners that have accents
  13. Is it just me...

    Hope everything is ok with you Logan and you know you have my prayers always ..... you can share last with me xxx
  14. Is it just me...

    thank you for the prize Paul it will go well in my dog room for the pups to play with
  15. colloidal silver.

    be interested in knowing if it works OO as my asthma meds have been discontinued by the manufacturer and the ones they now make affect my coeliac problems