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  1. hey thanks mts!!!

    So great to hear from you!

    talk to ya soon.



  2. finally got my ID card not too long ago. i attempted to move to the lower 48 only to find out i didn't have the funds got all the way to Fairbanks, spent two night there.

    where are some pics i took(the first 5)

    and man...i seriously miss the sub way sandwiches. -_-

  3. Hi mts!

    Hope all is good for you.

    Hope to be in touch soon.

    blessings and prayers,


  4. Every Idle Word

    my point was that christains find the weak/alone christains and tell them how wrong they are. the reason i said sarcasticly, "you need to go to church to get your feeling hurt."
  5. Every Idle Word

    back in 04. i would manipulate people into thinking a few things. i'd say a few words and make it seem like i was being serious only to end it with something sarcastic. and once i said what i said, i would then say. "you need to go to church and get your feelings hurt." <,< didn't always get a laugh though.
  6. Passwords to avoid using

    it wasn't too long ago that a supermod's password was 12345 and the site got hacked and everything that was posted in 2 weeks or a month got deleted.
  7. Simple Thoughts On Promises

    keep'em coming man.
  8. I know being lonely can be emotionally draining. wanting to read the bible and singing songs become less and less appealing. i'm not typing in the spirit, i don't have scripture to give you. i'm in doubt weather i should post this due to me still being lonely for about 5 years. advice from me is a bad idea about this. i havn't been close to anyone emotionally or talk to alot of people. i do talk to people just not sharing close friendship with anyone. Try not to think God brought this upon you(trust me, it's not going to help). i've thrown my bible away three times, almost became an atheist, and didnt' care for God anymore. something i do regret. Don't throw your fellowship with god because of this. Mary Mart-He's so close, is a nice song to listen to. You are my God-Rich mullins is a very good song. both are slow with Mary Mary song more secular sounding and the Rich Mullins song is more about having fellowship with your creator. Learn to fly-Third Day is a nice pacing song (first verse) My troubled heart makes me weak, i wait for you to comfort me, and in you i'll will find my strength, i will soar on the wings of eagles. i will learn to fly high above this world, and i will soar on the wings of eagles i will learn to fly i will learn to fly high above this world. my hope is in you-Third Day another good song. To you oh Lord, i lift my soul. in you of God, i place my trust. do not let me be put to shame. don't let my enemies triumph over me. my hope is in you. show me your ways. guide me in truth in all my days. my hope is in you. Rise Up-third day is another good song to listen. I was there when you were torn apart, now a piece of you is gone. somehow you wish that you could only find a little strength to carry on. You try to hard to try and make it on your own. and that your heart has come undone and so i am here to prove that i alone have the power to over come don't let your heart be troubled this world will never keep you down it will never keep you down. so rise up my friend. know this will never be the end. so rise up my friend. The Truth-ZOEgirl They called you a failure, they called you lost cause. they said you would never become anything at all. Of a generation with no direction. but when i look into your eye i see the fright yet to(not sure what she says) i'll say it once i'll say it twice. but your life was worth the price. paid for you, paid for me. and i believe in you and i know you'll find the truth. i know you've been broken. cause i'll seen the aviance(i think that what she says) i know theres a place inside your heart begging for truth for a soft spoken answer that won't brake your spirit This is my offering-Third day. very good song. Of all the things you've created, still you choose to think of me, who am i that you should suffer your very life to set me free. the only i can give you, is this life you've gave to me. this is my offering dear lord this is my offering to you God. and i will give you my life for it's all i have to give because you gave your life for me. I stand before at this alter. so many have given you more, i may not have much i can offer yet what i have is true to you. not sure how much help this will be since i'm not typing in the spirit to help.
  9. how long have the eagles been doing this for?
  10. it's a video. maybe they said merry christmas instead of happy holidays. just a guess though.
  11. What Do You Have

    oh. ok. thanks.
  12. i think they mean well. just not lead by the spirit but rather being told to do this as a good deed. as for me. in 04. i used to sit in the back of the church alot. the preacher for some reason...thought that sitting in the front row was more important then sitting in the back when i could easily hear him from maybe, 20-30 feet away(yes it's that small of a church) he waited for me to move from the back to the front a few times. and after a few weeks of this...he finally went to the back of the church to preach to try and see what i would do. i never really fit in with those who were close or had friendship with the preacher. i remember being the reason some people didn't go to church or didn't want to go because of me.