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  1. the_patriot2015 added a post in a topic Donald Trump calling Anthony Weiner a 'perv'   

    All this and I'd still vote for him over anyone the democrats have put forth so far. Far from my first pick but I do like the fact he obviously can't be bought. 
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  2. the_patriot2015 added a post in a topic Is it just me...   

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  3. the_patriot2015 added a post in a topic A wall separating Canada and the U.S.?   

    That is over the top. A wall on the Mexican border makes sense, but the Canadians arnt trying to sneak in and steal our jobs, in fact in a few years we maybe jumping the border to steal their jobs. So, it may actually be wise if Canada built a wall lol
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  4. the_patriot2015 added a post in a topic Is it just me...   

    It's biblical we all will grow old and die, and we each have a time we will die, none of us will escape that, regardless of what science sorry your not going to avoid it...
    And I might also add this thread is not here for debates take your debate to the debate forum and leave my last alone please. :-)
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  5. the_patriot2015 added a post in a topic Recent Shootings   

    And with that last statement you just proved why gun control DOESN'T work. More gun laws will not stop violent crime. The best way to stop a criminal with a gun is a gun in the hands of a good guy. It's not a hard concept, yet many people simply cannot grasp it.
    And a big part of it is the media. The media not only focuses on these shootings, they twist it. They in essence turn the shooter into a celebrity but they demonize the gun, even though the gun was not at fault.  They need to stop making such media spectacles of these type shootings, its only encouraging more, and the only reason they are making them big stories is to push their nazi style gun control laws.
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  6. the_patriot2015 added a post in a topic Is it just me...   

    everyone grows old at the same rate, some people just handle it better, and some people use surgery to cover up the lady said there's nothing wrong about growing old, no shame at all. :-)
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  7. the_patriot2015 added a post in a topic Is it just me...   

    you have never had last, nor will you ever, soon to be old person!
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  8. the_patriot2015 added a post in a topic Is it just me...   

    dont laugh, your next. Now leave my last be!
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  9. the_patriot2015 added a post in a topic Win 10 Grows Nearly 4x as Fast as Win 7?   

    well ya, they didnt give windows 7 out for free lol.
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  10. the_patriot2015 added a post in a topic Its Not Just Windows 10 Spying. 7 & 8 Spy Too   

    pretty much everything you do online your being spied on, in one form or another. Think about it, even if you have a anti-malware program that gives you active protection, its spying on you to, monitoring where you search (looking for threats obiously) and oftentimes uploading results to the designors so they can improve upon it. . .
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  11. the_patriot2015 added a post in a topic Is it just me...   

    being schooled by the school boys on technology, and to think, I used to be thought of as a geek. man im getting old....I am last though.
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  12. the_patriot2015 added a post in a topic Two women make army ranger history   

    well, what about them? theyre consenting adults, and something tells me if theyre tough enough-and smart enough, to get into the rangers, that the thought has indeed crossed their minds. They made the decision knowingly, they have to live with the consequences.
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  13. the_patriot2015 added a post in a topic Sarah Palin seems to stump for Trump   

    it does surprise me palin coming out and supporting trump, but then again, palin has never been one to follow the status quo either, one of the reasons she hasnt been taken seriously as a presidential candidate by the GOP. The difference is, Palin neither has the mouth-nor the financial backing Trump has, to get away with it.
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  14. the_patriot2015 added a post in a topic Should Christians charge for services rendered?   

    I say a lot depends on the services, and what they feel led to do. Im not going to let my family starve, so Im going to use my services to work for a company that pays me money, and I will not work for free for them. I also, off and on, have run a computer business on the side. Now, how that worked was, it was a service I offered, but at the same time, I wanted to help people-most of my repairs that I did, were at 1/3 or more the cost of a computer shop-I was still getting paid for what I did, but at the same time, the lower income people who couldn't afford the big name shops, still were able to afford to get their computer fixed. My computer builds, were typically high performance however, and I made a high profit rate off of those-the exception being churches. Churches, always got the work done for the cost of parts and that was it-never charged a church labor.
    As far as other services, well after I got off work tosmorning I spent most of my day helping a lady in our church reshingle her house and replace a rear door-did it all for free. There are people that go around and do everything they do for free, and if God provides for their needs thats great! but, on the same note, I have a family, and part of my responsibility as a father and husband is to provide for them-so a good portion of my time each week-is spent hiring out my services.
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  15. the_patriot2015 added a post in a topic Co-Founder of Newsboys: “Now I’m an Atheist”   

    Sounds like someone who may not have been real with his faith to begin with. Not saying he was never a christian or judging his salvation-but it sounds like someone who got into it from the get go with messed up priorities, and the wrong reasons. Sounds like he also has a lot of anger....
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