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  1. Is it just me...

    Well it would if you were last.
  2. Rick Warren Joins Hands with Pope

    alright thats fine, I guess since were not supposed to hang out with those types, lets go find our little cottage in the woods and refuse to associate with anyone whos not a christian.....
  3. Is it just me...

  4. Is it just me...

    He's trying to contain a laugh...and is likely break your porch....
  5. Is it just me...

  6. Rick Warren Joins Hands with Pope

    I can't believe the hatred coming out here. People, do you know what your sounding like? "Don't shake his hand, I won't be in the room with that man, I will go out of my way to avoid him"  I'm trying to be nice, but I'm having a hard time. This entire thread is making me really, really, angry. Have any of you actually read the Bible? Did you just skip over all the parts where Jesus commanded us to LOVE. Do you not understand that we are sinners to? That in reality our sin is no different then theirs? That we are just as despicable in Gods eyes as Hitler? Do you not understand that the only difference is that we are saved by GRACE? Grace means we are let off the hook even though we don't deserve it.   Look this entire conversation. And then compare it to the Pharisees of old. The ones who refused to help the man beaten by the roadside. The ones who refused to help someone on the Sabbath. The ones who wouldn't associate with anyone who was "beneath" them. It's nothing more then pride and arrogance, its not Christ's love. Grace trumps legalism, and love trumps all bounds. It is actions like this that has given the church a bad name. We really are a bunch of white washed tombs.   So before you set down in judgement of another because how dare they even be in the same room as someone from another church, sit down and examine your own hearts.
  7. Is it just me...

    negative, go back to the owlhoot trail and leave last alone!
  8. Rick Warren Joins Hands with Pope

    Shaking hands is a common sign of respect. In some cases its to sign a deal but not when you meet someone. I would never shake hands on a deal or agree with him, but I would just to show a common courtesy. I see no where in the Bible that tells me not to, and many places that command me to love. If I can shake the popes hand and tell him about Jesus then that is exactly what Jesus has commanded us to do. The pope is human just like us. Jesus died for Him to.
  9. Kaspersky?

    It's called active protection many anti viruses offer it now. A full system scan on a regular basis is still recommended, but you technically don't have to. I dont use such features as it slows my browsing down but each to their own.   Kaspersky is from what I've heard a reputable company and solid antivirus. I've never used it personally, I'm more of a ESET guy, but I've heard nothing bad about them.
  10. Is it just me...

    You may be last last and last but I am LAST and there's NOTHING you can do about it. So cry away home little birdie...
  11. Rick Warren Joins Hands with Pope

    Yes-Jesus called us to love our enemies. I would never endorse him or stand by what he says but I would extend the common Courtesy of shaking his hand and being you know, a human being, created in His image and commanded to love others.
  12. Is it just me...

    you forgot to tell me im last.
  13. Is it just me...

    thats because I AM last. So put that in your ice cube tray and freeze it.
  14. Is it just me...

    my parents do.....I went the way of the ice maker a long time ago. But mainly, because the house I bought came with a freezer that had one. my previous fridge at the apartment I had before this did not, we had ice cube trays.
  15. Rick Warren Joins Hands with Pope

    well davida, you obviously have some unfounded bias against Graham, but thats ok. Im not going to convince you, but I should point out, this is why the church has so many problems-wed rather snipe at each other, find each others weaknesses, and then tear them down. Was Graham perfect? no. But, does he deserve the church spreading conspiracy theories and half truths about him? no. The modern church is turning into a bunch of pharisees and saduccees-and I think its about time we all quit it.