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  1. Is it just me...

    To bad that man ain't you, its me. Or, good thing, rather.
  2. yes or no

    Even if its a case where they don't realize it, I still wouldn't advise Tigger adding her, all it will do is add stress as this person is likely to continue in her behavior. Unless the two have sat down, face to face and had a heart to heart discussion resolving the issues there would be no friendship on fb or anywhere else, just stress.
  3. yes or no

    Don't. No sense having a bully on your list. Doesn't mean you haven't forgiven it just means your smart enough to not put up with any more of her garbage.
  4. Who's winning the 2016 Superbowl?

    I see what your saying, but on the same note bad calls happen, early in the game and only down by 3? Wouldn't have been worth it to me, not over a first down in the first quarter. If it had been a touchdown? Or down by more then 3 points? Yeah maybe then. But the way it was if it had been me I would have just accepted the bad call and saved my challenge.
  5. Is it just me...

  6. Chris Christie drops out

    I stopped listening to the vast majority of C/T type people. Most of them destroyed their credibility a long time ago.
  7. There is a fine line between a rant, and someone sharing their opinions. Someone telling you that you or something your doing is wrong, is not a rant.    Incidentally you are now ranting about others rants. So, what am I supposed to do, take your advice and ignore your rant?
  8. Who's winning the 2016 Superbowl?

    I would have called that a catch as well butero, but on that note it was stupid to challenge it. That early in the game, only down by 3, using a challenge that early in the game seemed like a waste to me.
  9. Chris Christie drops out

    I think that's a different scenario, but if I had an auto mechanic that has proven he can do health insurance I'd give him a try. My point is career politicians have ruined this country, adding more career politicians won't fix the problem. Just like if a mechanic did a horrible job on my car I'm not likely to hire that mechanic again.
  10. Is it just me...

  11. Chris Christie drops out

    I would disagree. The world is full of inexperienced people making big Advancement's without experience  
  12. Chris Christie drops out

    While technically, your right he has the "ability" to so. Whether he can do it and getaway with it is a totally different story.
  13. Chris Christie drops out

    While "technically" your right he has that ability, whether or not he can actually do it and get away with it is a totally different story. Especially right now.
  14. Chris Christie drops out

    I doubt that will happen. I don't think Obama has that kinda power, though he likes to think he does. To get away with it a total gun ban would have to be enforced and to date he hasnt managed to do that yet, and his chances don't look to good for him doing so. But time will tell.
  15. Everything in it's RESPECTIVE PLACE

    Well, I'm sorry you got attacked for sharing your view that was entirely uncalled for, on the same note, if you don't want to participate in a thread don't... If you think it's in the wrong place...then report it and let the mods take care of it...worthy is a good place, there are humorous threads, there are serious threads...but worthy is not a church.   And I don't know about your church but even my pastor cracks jokes from the pulpit from time to time. But, your right there is a time and place for everything, and we don't talk during the sermon. But worthy isn't a church, there are hundreds of threads of different topics. Don't like the topic of one, or think it's in the wrong forum, getting in a fight over it and then marching off angry, not only won't solve anything but is childish beyond measure. Just report it, if you feel led leave a nice post saying this would belong over here better, and leave it be.   Kwik, your an amazing sister in the lord, and while I agree people shouldn't be attacking you, I want to encourage you to check your attitude as well. It was a thread that started off somewhat serious and sidetracked to the you said nothing wrong with that. And it got moved to the appropriate forum, on top of that. Sure some things where said that may not be right...but this whole angry rant I'm leaving thread is just abad and unchristlike. I would love it if you calmed down and talked it out reasonably and perhaps all parties can find resolution. But, if you can't, them that's your choice....bye and God bless.