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  1. Happy Birthday sorry the other did not work !!

  2. Lust

    Truer words were never spoken!
  3. matthew 5:23-24

    EXCELLENT response!
  4. A new Job and a better financial future

    I am SHOUTING with you! It is a good feeling, isn't it?!! Especially when you know it was our FATHER WHO "opened those doors". Be joyful Sis, and start going about planning what you have to. GOD has shown you favor and GIVEN YOU the JOB!!! Congrats!!
  5. Victory over Divorce

    I will joyfully stand with you in praise for your request. I am VERY pro-family oriented! Amazing isn't it, how our FATHER starts a work oftentimes before many come to an eventual salvation not only of their soul(s), but also of their marriage?!!!!
  6. What a wonderful article! Thanks for posting Nebula...good job, Sis!
  7. Total Honesty

    If my heart wasn't right and I wasn't a Christian, then I believe my overall reaction would be full of the type of remorse I think JUDAS may have displayed (when hanging himself). However, personally I really believe that even though my fears and deep pain would surface (especially with my wife and two sons included), GOD would give me the GRACE and Silent Comfort (a serene feeling) just before my head is removed. Like a struck match, there would probably be a "flare-up", and then seconds later like a moth to the flame, I'd be in HIS presence. Just beyond the dark door of death, you and I will be greeted by the SON of RIGHTEOUSNESS. I truly believe that HE will give you and I grace in that "hour of death"......**Precious in the sight of the LORD is the death of HIS Saints.** (Psalm 116:15)
  8. new movie Da Vinci

    Our FATHER is just laying out the "playing field". HE's never caught offguard. With the big flush of heretical writings and movies, which have been hitting the public strongly over the last 15-20 years, none of this should be a surprise to you. One thing I will say here....this is a golden opportunity for any Christian, who truly loves CHRIST to stand up in defense of the Gospel. This should challenge us all to get deeper into our FATHER's Word to ensure YOU are steadfast and immovable. Movies such as the Da Vinci Code come and go, but they do leave their mark...dirty as it is. Personally, I look at this as a challenge to have open discussion (face-to-face) with those whose curiosity has been aroused by the movie. It becomes your and my opportunity to share the TRUTH for the sincere inquiring mind. Remember....we are in a spiritual war. The Enemy fights dirty. He will never unveil the whole truth, because he IS the "father of the Lie". Look for outreach opportunities. Ask the HOLY SPIRIT to open "doors" for you to share with those who have read the book, and/or seen (will see) the movie. I can't wait to try and win souls for CHRIST through it!
  9. Psalms 23

    Ray: If you can, as crazy as this sounds, try looking at it from the perspective of YOU being a "Sheep" or a "Lamb". And think of the LORD JESUS CHRIST as YOUR GOOD SHEPHERD (John 10:1-18...27-29). The GOOD SHEPHERD takes tremendous care of HIS Sheep...HIS Flock. They never want, because the Good Shepherd takes care of all your needs. HE provides your food, water, covering (clothing/shelter), medical aid, protection against your enemies (including YOURSELF), along with the promise of Eternal Paradise (HEAVEN) at the end of life's "travels". Years ago my very first pastor use to say to me concerning the beginning of the 6th verse, that these (Goodness & Mercy) were the two "watchdogs" assigned to follow me, side by side (one on my left and one on my right), as I traveled the paths of this life. He called them my "sheepdogs". Ray, though you and I, like sheep are weak, wayward, and often downright DIFFICULT to handle, to HIM WHO loves us, we are more precious than gold, silver or diamonds. HE will do anything in HIS Power to keep and preserve YOU and I in HIS Hands, like the GOOD SHEPHERD that HE is!
  10. Salvation

    Now I know.....that explains everything.
  11. Salvation

    "easy-believism"...Hmmmmmm. Well Chad, for the sake of respect towards my brothers/sisters in CHRIST, partner, I'm not going to go there. I distinctly recall reading where you said something to the effect of "I don't mean to demean anyone's FAITH here." How quickly we forget what we say. You know friend, I gave my life to CHRIST 29 yrs ago (1977), after being reared as a "Black Muslim" (Nation of Islam)...a cultist. And the saddest thing I've seen in the Body of CHRIST are things such as this. Well, let me just reassure you of this.......this "easy-Believer" will be standing at the Judgement Seat of CHRIST, and many others like myself likewise. Be careful of the words that you choose again, Chad. You could very well be unintentionally confusing and causing doubt in those who are still nourishing on the "milk". Those such as myself don't have a problem with your beliefs, because I don't allow them to effect me (Psalm 1:3). My challenge to you is to do as King Solomon did...ask our FATHER to give you HIS pure WISDOM from above. You say you've been saved for two (2) years? Here's a little advice an older Christian gave me 20 years ago..."Remember (he told me), while in your Christian walk to keep in mind that GOD is not as concerned about your perceived knowledge, as HE is about your character. HE wants you to develop daily more into the image of HIS SON than anything else." THAT statement has helped me tremendously through the years involving my growth spirtually. The belief in our LORD's Words are not that complex.
  12. Salvation

    Bo...let me also apologize for intervening on two posts, which were directed to you vice myself. I allowed the "urge" to get the better of me, and I do stand corrected. "Thinking Cap" was in my briefcase...."Impulsive Hat" was in my hand. Sorry old pal...
  13. Salvation

  14. how old was Jesus????

    Concur....in accordance with the Word!