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  1. People are just idiots! We get walkins all the time, we get homeless, all kinds of people, we welcome them all. One of the homeless guys came once and had a huge coat on, it was warm! he said he wanted to meet God with his best suit. Made many tear up because this man had the right mind for Him. We come to Him in the best we have, that can be shorts, dresses, suits and ties, pants or whatever we have. If we have the heart of Him He accepts us how we are, if we are able to wear 'better clothes' we should, we are meeting our King our God each week. I think what bothers me so much are the ones who think its ok to come to worship, who know better anyhow, in short shorts, tank tops, tatts and piercing all over and tell everyone God made them that way and they are showing it off as some sort of glory to Him. So many dont have much modesty and think modestly went away on the cross also. I have heard some of the 20 somethings say, 'God is my covering I can dress how I want' and one of my favs 'God is helping me to show men I am godly and available', no kidding on that one either. Modestly goes along way to show the condition of our hearts but that may just be me. shalom, Mizz
  2. Yeap~! Wear Bib Overalls And Carry A Big Bat And Maybe That Good Old Boy Will Get The Meaning Of "No", Bless His Wee Heart Reminds me of my pappydad! lol As the story goes he got stuck pulling a stump out before church one morning and found he didnt have time to clean up and change into his suit. So he went in his bib overalls covered in dirt but he did clean his hands and face and put on good shoes! Guess the pastor had a good go at ribbing him for years. lol The way I look at dressing accordingly is this, How would you dress to meet your King and Savior? Most would dress to meet the prez or some important person but many see going to church as a social thing and not really what it is we are really there for, Him, it is the day we all stand before Him as a congregation, as a family and present our sacrifice of praise to Him. Doesnt mean we have to go and buy suits, ties and expensive dresses or whatnot but that we should meet with Him in the manner He expects, with respect and a humbled heart. shalom, Mizz
  3. It is true that dress distinguished tribes, and it did distinguish the Jews over the thousands of years, it was only when they assimilated within the nations around them that they failed to be distinct. Honestly I do think we need to see how our dress shows our lifestyles and hearts. For instance if a woman is coming to church in shorts, speg. strapped t's, with or without a ton of makeup or earrings or piercing yet stands up on how unmoral the church is I would think twice about listening to her. Its kinda like going to a dr who is obese and that dr tells you your fat. Theres are universal 'type' of dress, I live in the desert also and know I am not going to go around in winter clothing as some in Norway would but I can dress modestly. God wants a set apart people, how do we achieve this when most of the church looks like the world? In the fellowship I go to woman wear pants most are dressed very nicely, modestly, rarely does anyone ever come in anything unmodest. I went to a memorial at a pretty big mainstream church a few weeks back and most of the woman who were members and not staff were all dressed in summer clothing, one woman was actually gossiping about our head coverings yet her body was full of tatts, pretty short shorts and a speghetti strapped piece of cloth that covered her upper parts and not much more. Yet she had the gall to say that God was frowning on us poor legalistic people while He rejoiced in her walk because she was free from any laws and that included modest dressing. I so agree with you we can and should dress modestly, and the older woman in our congregations need to take these young woman and sometimes older woman under their wing and teach them godly ways, which is what we are told in scriptures to do. I dont like being told what and how to do things either brings back memories! lol but I know that when I meet with my King and Savior every week and as I walk with Him daily I want to represent Him in the best ways I can. shalom, Mizz
  4. Common path for all the people

    Dear Mizzdy, How can anyone objectively know what might or might not be out there? Isn't it a matter of faith, of someone basically saying "this is what I want to believe"? I suppose all of us would like to believe that there might be something better out there someday. But all we know is what we see in the here and now. Another, separate question: Is it possible for someone to follow the teachings of Jesus without putting faith in Jesus himself? Or are they one and the same? How can I know whats out there beyond this world? Because Yeshua has spoken of it, has given us the promises of eternal life, free from pain and disease, free from death. That is what is promised in our changed bodies and yes its faith, faith is trusting in His word. I look forward to that day but yes I live in the here and now, dont have to be reminded of that every day when I wake up and can hardly walk but I am alive and another day I can serve my Adonai. You know Mark there are an awful lot of good people who enspouse the teaching of Yeshua and not know Him. But those people and I have a brother just like this, he is good, caring, giving all those attributes but he has no promise of life after death, he rejects Yeshua, the bible and Yahweh. What matters is if you know Him, what matters at least to me is putting my trust in Him relying on that trust each and every day and He has never once failed me. I fail in understanding a lot, yet He is always faithful to bring me resolve, bring me answers sometimes I scratch my head thinking 'what' but in the end it all makes sense even if it wasnt what I asked for or even wanted. Sure it is a matter of faith and I do believe, thats the choice He asks of us and when we make that He makes Himself real and known to each of us in the ways we can understand. So I can say with positivity that He will come again and He will fulfill His words to all those who do put their faith in Him, so I know there is a place prepared for me in His kingdom. shalom, Mizz
  5. This is not intended to start a huge debate on clothing, etc. I did think it was a good article and it should make us think about what He really expects from His called out people. link
  6. Fair Judgement; is it possible?

    Judgment is Yahwehs alone, He will judge our life, our deeds, how we talk of Him, how we teach others of Him, how we live our lives. Yahweh alone is the only righteous judge, He puts forth His instructions, His rules for our lives and expects us to walk in them and that is how He will judge the world and all mankind. When I think about your defination of judgement, I feel that it should be separated for people who have heard His instructions, and they should follow the path witch is showen to them, and second group are people who haven't heard it and what happens to them? Those who have not heard and heeded His voice to follow Him will also be judged by His instructions. Some have heard about Him and reject Him, some have not and will be judged by how they have lived their live, good deeds, a heart that wants to do right is also a heart that searches for Him. All regardless of their religion, where they live, when they lived will be judged by His righteous ways. Its just like living in any country one must abide by the laws of that country, it is your responsiblity to know the laws and follow them, being ignorant of them doenst make you any less guilty for breaking them does it? Hopefully the judge will be a bit more lienate if we are ignorant of the law we have broken and that is one of the reasons He came and died for you and for me, to take away the permante death penalty for breaking His laws. Now that we are no longer under that condemnation we can freely walk in His ways knowing we have an advocate for us. When a person that doesnt know Him stands before Him on judgment day you will have to give an account for your life. He might even ask you if you knew about Him and if so why didnt you follow Him. If a person knows about Him then fails to obey He is a blantant sinner and will be judged accordingly, by His laws. Yahweh created this world He made the rules He gave us life, He makes things to be easy and light not horrible and burdensome, its your choice. We all will be judged by His ways no matter if one choose to walk in His ways or not all are judged by the same measuring stick. shalom, Mizz
  7. Fez and South

    Wow two years already!!! He is pretty awesome isnt He! Happy day to you both!
  8. Common path for all the people

    Not true. There is the Bema Seat Judgement and the Great White Throne Judgement. Those who take the narrow path will only have to give an account, at the Buma Seat Judgement, of what they did with the knowledge GOD gave them upon Salvation, while all others will face GOD's judgment at the Great White Throne Judgment. Eh, judgement is judgement . . . do we have to be nitpicky about which "seat" it is? Not nit picking! lol It took me a long time to think through the judgment seat and the great white throne judgment. If the bride is separate from the rest why will she be in that great white throne judgment? thats what I couldnt understand. After all the bride has been changed and the second death has no hold on them. So if they are 'saved' from the second death then they dont have any part in the judgment that comes after the millennial reign. I came to the conclusion that the bride must have been judged at His coming, changed and then made ready to do whatever it is He calls us to do. Scripture does kinda show us two different ways of being judged. Perhaps when we are taken to whatever place of safety during the great trib we are then judged? I am not really sure but it does seem there are two judgments one for the remnant/bride and one for those that rise at the end of the thousand years. Thats how I have come to see it now, doenst make me right but it makes sense in light of the bride being changed at His coming making it seem as if they have been judged and made ready for Him. shalom, Mizz
  9. Fair Judgement; is it possible?

    Judgment is Yahwehs alone, He will judge our life, our deeds, how we talk of Him, how we teach others of Him, how we live our lives. Yahweh alone is the only righteous judge, He puts forth His instructions, His rules for our lives and expects us to walk in them and that is how He will judge the world and all mankind.
  10. Common path for all the people

    No I didn't say, I don't want to follow him. My question is about the path. I ask about exactly what you said now. His Instructions. ofcourse those instructions will show us a way, but I ask, What those instructions are showing us? They show us how to pass the way, so, maybe we can do the same things without being a follower, and even hearing it from this God. Without Hearing. that's why I mentioned Time and Boundary. A person can be good, kind, caring, loving, all attributes of follpwing Him yet they do not have the truth within, they do not hold to any life apart from this worlds. There is so much coming beyond this everyday life, a life free from pain, free from illness and death. Can a person have that apart from Yahweh? no one cannot have any of that without accepting Him. Just passing through life is really all you want? just getting by? I look forward to what is coming a renewed body, no more sickness, no more strife no more worries that people are killing and hurting each other daily. Is this life all you want? Also by following Him we are not told we would be free from any of that but that we could have shalom, the ability to overcome the chaos of this world. Why would anyone want to just get by in this world when there is such more more promised to those who do follow Him? shalom, Mizz
  11. Common path for all the people

    Fez said it best, there is only one way to eternal life, one path, one God, one Savior. It is this one God that created time and space, He didnt create religions but gave us all His instructions, His Word to follow. The question is why wouldnt you want to follow Him? shalom, Mizz
  12. Identity Crisis

    This is by a 'Messianic/hebrew roots' teacher explaining Israel, Judah, gentiles, grafting in. link I cant figure out how to embed this so if anyone knows how please embed it and let me know how you did it! shalom, Mizz
  13. G-d or L-ord

    This is mostly addressed to Yod. Ken and Mizzdy, I ask again: How do you reconcile those verses? Acts 15:23 And they wrote letters by them after this manner; The apostles and elders and brethren send greeting unto the brethren which are of the Gentiles in Antioch and Syria and Cilicia. Acts 15:23 Then the emissaries and the elders, together with the whole Messianic community, decided to select men from among themselves to send to Antioch with Sha'ul and Bar-Nabba. They sent Y'hudah, called Bar-Sabba, and Sila, both leading men among the brothers, 23 with the following letter: From: The emissaries and the elders, your brothers To: The brothers from among the Gentiles throughout Antioch, Syria and Cilicia: Greetings! This also seems to show the reader that these brothers are from the gentiles and not gentiles. Romans 16:4 Who have for my life laid down their own necks: unto whom not only I give thanks, but also all the congregations of the Gentiles. Sterns has this as saying 'but also the congregations amoung the Gentiles, not that there was gentile congregations. I include verse 3 here since you referenced it below. Doesnt seem as if its talking about gentile congregations but the congregations among the gentiles. Roms. 16:3-4 Give my greetings to Priscilla and Aquila, my fellow workers for the Messiah Yeshua. 4 They risked their necks to save my life; not only I thank them, but also all the Messianic communities among the Gentiles Ephesians 3:6 That the Gentiles should be fellow heirs, and of the same body, and partakers of his promise in Christ by the gospel: Eph. 3:6 1 It is a consequence of this that I, Sha'ul, am a prisoner of the Messiah Yeshua on behalf of you Gentiles. 2 I assume that you have heard of the work God in his grace has given me to do for your benefit, 3 and that it was by a revelation that this secret plan was made known to me. I have already written about it briefly, 4 and if you read what I have written, you will grasp how I understand this secret plan concerning the Messiah. 5 In past generations it was not made known to mankind, as the Spirit is now revealing it to his emissaries and prophets, 6 that in union with the Messiah and through the Good News the Gentiles were to be joint heirs, a joint body and joint sharers with the Jews in what God has promised. Again isnt Yahweh pulling the gentiles out of the nations and joining them to His already existing body? joint heirs, part of what is promised, joint sharers, grafted in to that body. We no longer belong to the world but to Him, we are then added to that body called Israel. Are we not called to 'come out of her' out of what we were into what we will be forever. Rom 11:12-14 12Now if their transgression is riches for the world and their failure is riches for the Gentiles, how much more will their fulfillment be! 13But I am speaking to you who are Gentiles. Inasmuch then as I am an apostle of Gentiles, I magnify my ministry, 14if somehow I might move to jealousy my fellow countrymen and save some of them. Yes Yah uses the bringing the gentiles into His body as a way of showing the unbelievers that He is the Yahweh of all peoples not just 'Jews' but for anyone who will join and those anyones are called gentiles since they are outside of the covenant. Only by joining into the body, the tree do they become His. The Jews were supposed to see the gentiles joining and becoming like them with the abundant grace and mercy that once was only shown to those who converted to 'Judaism'. Not one word about staying as a gentile, gentiles I think you might agree were not very good people, pagan worshippers, idolatry was rampant, foods, sexual immoratility was also very much a part of the gentiles way of living. Why would one want to stay a gentile, we were once that but no more. We now have two houses within the body of Messiah then, gentiles and Jews, each with their own ways of doing things, the church leaves off the instructions of Yahweh but have the testimony of Yeshua, the Jews have the instructions but not the testimony of Yeshua. We both know Yod that this is not what He wants, He doesnt want two bodies going two separate ways, it is these two entities that need to be joined back together, something we both see and both I believe adhere to in our walk. Can you honestly say that these two bodies different in more ways than we can count, are the bride, the remnant? Or is it perhaps the one body that was present in the first century, the gentiles joining with believeing Israel who make up the true body? And I ask what is that remnant called, gentile/jew assembly? Messianic Jew assembly, hebrew christains, gentile christians, what is the remnant called? are they only Jews in it? Frankly I see it as Messianic, restored Israel. Not gentiles who only have the testimony nor the Jews who only have the commandments. I see that there needs to be a fulfillment of the two houses coming together as one, the Jews need to accept Messiah dont they? and the church needs to get back to all of His words not just what christianity has taught for all these years. If you dont agree with that then you must not really have been agreeing with what you have written over the years or what you testify in some other places. It is a bring back, a reconcilation, a restoration that cannot happen unless there is just that, a coming together of those from each side uniting as one body. Who does Yah calls His own, does He says that its the Gentiles that are His alone? is the it Jews who are His alone, the Messianic Jews? No not one, two or three groups with different avenues but one, one body, one Yahweh one way to the kingdom, and that is by accepting Him His ways and are grafted into the commonwealth of Israel. I have already explained why I believe and posted from a source that you nor anyone else can come against as a two house adherant. McKee is a respected author and teacher who also sees all grafted into body called Israel, Israel not in the sense of a genetic body but sees that the prophecy has not been completed yet and that the restoration is more than likely starting and we all will be united when He comes. Yod, anyone can you answer this for me, do you see the complete fulfillment of Jer. 31 and Heb. 8 when the Jews came back to the land? Do you see the Eze. prophecy of the two sticks as completed? And if so how did it come about, where can I find this amazing group of people who are from all the tribes who all call upon the name of Yeshua, where can I find the place where no one is still teaching, etc. In order for these to have been fulfilled we should be able to find all those things listed in prophecy. Again I do not see that the fulfillment of these has taken place, that is why I still see that the two houses have yet to unite under His rule and reign. I am not ignoring anything, some of us are busy also life calls us away, He calls us away to serve Him in other ways also so please knock off 'cant you answer' stuff. And if you truly knew Ken you would know that he homeschools two children, takes care of his land, and has many obligations that dont allow him to sit waiting to reply to your posts. And yes Yod I would expect a bit more grace from you as well as anyone who claims Yeshua as their guide. What gets me is that its ok for you to be rude and condescending when something is said you dont agree with, its your mo here at Worthy and I dont say that lightly its something you know to be true. We should be able to have a discussion without the rudeness and arrogance that seems to come from you. Posting on the fly is no excuse either nor is the idea that because you say its so it must be, we have had many discussion here about the whole 'I am right and your wrong' attitudes. We both know how threads are, someone posts, someone disagrees, someone takes the person to task over their believes, words are exchanged, etc. Frankly that is what is wrong with so many forums, not many are ever willing to calmly and rashly discuss things without the 'right' card coming out. I am done with this thread as you and I both know you think I am a two house genetic bloodline adherant, you labeled me that nearly the day I stepped foot here and you just are not going to change your mind. My whole two house as you call it is really a one house made up of all of us, all who confess His name, who have His testimony, who have His instructions and follow them, made up of the believer in Judah and in Israel. You can call me what you want I am done with it all. shalom, Mizzdy
  14. G-d or L-ord

    This is how I see the 'commonwealth of Israel' link Sorry Nebula didnt mean to really address any of that to you or anyone else for that matter I am frustrated thats all. And below is not addressed to anyone either. I am so tired of the two house label and this is how I view it all and I really dont care to fight over the way I use words or what articles I chose to read. I do agree it is an assembly not a new one but one seen already at Sinai that is where we get the names from that particular one refering to a body of set apart by Him. That assembly was called Israel, a group that was mixed up and just a rag tag bunch of people who had too much world in them but God still called them all by Israel as a collective or a commonwealth as they came from Egypt with the same goals, God would save them. If we are all His, which we would agree I believe, then we are expected to act as if we are doing His will, being the shiining light to the nations, set apart from the rest of those in the nations we are to shine His light upon. I think we are in agreement with that too. If we are going to be going into the inner courts during the kingdom shouldn't we start learning that behavior while we are still here in these bodies also? After all if that is not the case and we automatically get a 'download' on behavior at our resurrection, then why bother? Why bother going about learning to rid sin from our lives. I say that tongue in cheek because we all know thats just silly to think we are not to be in the business of conforming our lives to His. If this commonwealth of Israel that Paul is talking about is governed by the same sets of laws that will eventually be used in the kingdom then why couldnt he be saying the same things about how we are to conduct and identifing ourself now. Its a label, a title of first born not a genetic bloodline as some think I am speaking about. Its not about separating but bringing together in the same bounds that will reunite us all as His bride. Being not of this world but in this world, is like being Israel as a body of believers and Israel to come all united under His Kingship. Why do so many people have the trouble with the word Israel, Its ok to say christian, hebrew gentile, messianic gentile but Israel is so taboo for some reason. Is everyone that is spoken of the bible united now. Is the fullness of the covenant been given. Some may see that the state of Israel as Gods fulfllment of bringing Israel back together I do not. I whole heartedly agree it was a fulfillment of prophecy, the land and those in it have always been His hands on the clock I believe, a special place in His heart where He gives so much to have them see Yeshua as their Messiah also and one day that will happen. Till it does we have unfulfilled prophecies of the fullness of the covenant and the houses/people/nations united in His name. To me that is what the Messianic movement is all about bringing them together but just like every single organization that tries to wear the label of 'religion' there are problems. I am so sorry that so many see me as two house, some kind of separatists and the all important 'cult'. But I see Yahweh at work around the world bringing people together who are finding these common grounds, back to basics with Yeshua as their teacher, with the movement of the Spirit in such force its just so amazing to see it happening. Yod brother, you can sit there and tell me all about how you are right and I am in a cult of the two house movements but then by your thinking theres so many of me everywhere its got to be worrying you. Continue to label those who dont agree with you and tell me all along you have been right about the two house stuff, you and I are never going to see eye to eye on this. There should be some respect between the faithful but sadly in so many cases where theres such a complete disagreement with someone there is no grace given, nothing but contempt. Disguise it in 'straighten out the doctrine' or whatever one likes it still shows no grace or mercy. This is the last post I make on this subject since it is always one that leads to such ill mannered debates. Again Nebula I am sorry, the post did seem like I was addressing you personally and I wasnt and I aplogize if I have been rude to anyone. shalom all, Mizzdy
  15. G-d or L-ord

    Are you saying that the "Judah" is not "Israel"? Even the believing Jews? No I am not saying that at all, I am saying that the body, the bride and all of us who make up that bride is Israel. Why is there only one tribe ever present in front of our faces? why is it so hard to see Judah in the land and Israel scattered out in the nations coming to Him everyday? Every single person who confesses Yeshua as their Messiah is His dont you think? Do you think that God is going to come back and excuse those who reject the Messiah? Do you think that just because they are Jews they get a free pass into the Kingdom? I am pretty certain the that bride is a lot smaller than most would ever guess and that theres a lot of people, Jews included who will be the ones standing outside in the outer court crying about how they kept all of Torah or that they preached His hame everywhere. We all have to make the choice to accept Him as our Savior and allow Him to bend our hearts and will to His, not many will actually acheive this status. We often read here and everywhere else about those 'pew warmers' well is Judah much better at it all? They uphold His Torah but have no Spirit within that shows them the Messiah, Judah also has a lot more faith in Him than most christians I know and that includes faith that the Messiah will come and bring us all back under one roof and one way, His. Many, including myself, often times doesnt want to see that Judah/Jews are still in unbelief, not one person here can deny that, yet today in Israel and all over the planet Jews are starting to see the Messiah for who He is and they also are now back in right covenant with Yahweh. We are all joining in one body, Yah, one Yeshua, one kingdom, one way, there is not separateness in His bride. If as some here think that its only the Messianic Jews who are the only true ones out there, that we are all offending them somehow by wanting to join with them and be a part of His bride, where does that leave us all but outside of the covenant. It just seems theres some double standards going on with the idea that Judah/Jews get some kind of break for being who they are, yes they are important to Yah, He doenst want to see anyone lost, yet we cannot deny that they do not believe in the Messiah, we cannot deny they are still rejecting Him. The land is central in many prophecies, the land belongs to Yahweh and He is coming back to claim it and sit on His throne to rule and reign over all things. I firmly believe that Judah was prophecied to come back to the land in unbelief, that they would be seen as being favored by Him as a testament to His glory, grace and mercy. Yet we all in His name need to be a light to those in the darkness also. shalom, Mizz shalom, Mizz