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  1. My Beloved Wife Has Cancer

    praying for your wife and your family(.i was healed of cancer 2 years ago)
  2. praying,i suffer from siezures and wear tinted glasses,i dont use ipads,and im carefull how long im on the computer for.i look away bout every 10,-15mins,and rarely spend bout then an hour on it
  3. How would you approach this....

    i didnt know my mum had been rushed to hospital,,but about an hour before i was told,i had such a strong sense of peace and the presence of the Holy spirit,it was like being wrapped upwarm on achilly night,i got the phone call to go to the hospital i held my mums hand as she passed away,iv come to realise what a wonderfull comforter the Holy Spirits is,im shareing that as a few years ago i was in abad way in hospital,i could hear the drs and nurses around me,i heard the drs say ,the blood clot it going to the heart,,,what i shared about senseing the peace etc over my mum is what i felt then,such love and peace,,,
  4. The posts are updated so slow in this forum

    i look at the forums every day,i find them uplifting ,most anyway,it also depends on what time i come in if there has been any new theads etc,becourse of the timeline,Being in uk im ahead of bout 5hours,so when i come here you are mostly in bed,so not really many new theads,if im makeing sense,,we come from differant places in the world with differant cultures.We can forget that sometimes when we read the posts.I know we are one in the Lord ofcourse,,,thank you George/mods for doing such a great work in the lord,,,,,,i hope i havent wondered from the topic
  5. 2020 Vision of the doors in (Mat 24:33)

    iv heard so many things about dates over the years,im not into them,Im into Gods words
  6. Oklahoma City tornado emergency

  7. Preventative surgery

    the Lord healed me of breast cancer,and i have family members who have died from cancer,,but i personal wouldnt do it,,
  8. My Confession

    Bless you brother
  9. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Mowgli Bear

    Happy birthday,,can i have some birthday cake,,
  10. What would you name the Autobiography of your life?

    il let you know when iv finished writting it
  11. Eaglewings

    Happy birthday,have a wonderfull blessed day
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