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my BC days and how Jesus saved

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I was born and bread in Sout Africa. My father is a professor in theology and my mother is a teacher. My dad is also a reformded minister and is asked to preach every now and then. So I grew up in a pretty Christian home. However, though I went to church and heard all about God and the Bible, I never really understood what was being said. I found church boring and soon stopped going to sunday school classes. I always believed in God. but I didn't know one had to be born again. So I did all kinds of things to try and be good.

I am a natural intovert, with some extrovert tendancies. Primary school was a bit scary too me. To add to this I have a phycial disability, but its not an obvious disability and not at all severe. Mostly it affects my reflexes, balance, writting speed, and general speed. I always felt a bit awkward at school. i wasn't picked on but I wasn't really included in anything, and I was often teased, making few friends. My parents were always very busy and me and my older brother, Thomas (we are 4 years apart), didn't get along well at all.. I felt very alone. I went to three different primary schools and in all of them I felt like no one really cared aabout me. In one school, I tried to fit in so desperatly, that I always put on this mask.I a into it, acted cool, went to all the cool parties, and tried to speek and act the way everybody else did.

Coming from an accademic family, I was fortunate enough to learn a lot from an early age and in fact and looking back, if I had put real effort into my school work, i could probably have done much better. But I did just enough to get B's and C's and an occasional A here and there. I like learning, but i felt school was to limiting and I always wanted to find things out for myself. I also played a lot of chess and this really helped me to think a lot..

So what i did was, I put up mental blocks in my head. I was hurt the past by coments people had made and I decided I wouldn't be hurt again, so I escaped into my mind. I felt mistrust towards almost everybody, never letting people get close to me.

When I was about 12, my mother took me to a church called Vinyard Christian Fellowship. Don't ask me why she did that, but she nagged until finally I decided to go. I saw myself as a Christian, though I still hadn't been norn again, but somehow I kept going there. I started high school and made a few friends. One particalar friend started talking to me alot about God and I started realising more and more that I had no Idea who God is. I mean I had read portions of the Bible and I new God existed, but I was still empty and I was just trying to do the best i can. So when this told me I had to be born again, it came as quite a shock, but I immediatly knew it had to be the truth.

One day, on the 17th of October 1999 when I was 14 years old, I felt an urge in my heart. A I had to deep conviction that had to confess my sin and acknowledge what Jesus had done for me. So I prayed to God. And almost instantly I felt this joy welling up inside me. I could never describe what I felt at this point in words. i knew. I knew God had saved me.

Its almost 13 years on and I have learned a lot , and my life has changed completly. It was actually hard writing this down as always, because I feel like I am writting about a completly different person. Not, that it was easy, I have had my struggles, and I still have a lot of things to sort out. But I was baptized and Spirit filled, then I left Vinyard and started going to Shofar Christian Church. I can't imagine my life without Jesus. He saved me in the nick of time.

Praise God!


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didn't mean to post it three times. My computer acting up again. how do i remove the other two?



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Thanks for sharing, God bless. I think you can delete your posts at the bottom right of them, or if not, one of the board mods can remove them. :)



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Thanks for sharing!
God is always on time!
God Bless!


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