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The 7 Churches of Revelation

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Get a fresh perspective on the book of Revelation and Jesus’ message to churches in all times. Travel to the land of the Bible with host Joe Stowell to visit the ancient sites of the seven churches described in Revelation. Gain insights into God’s love for the world, His warning and correction for the churches, and His hope and encouragement for the future. A perfect resource for individual or small group study.

Part I: Introduction—The Conquering King

Part II: The Church that Left Its First Love (Ephesus)

Part III: The Church About to Be Tested (Smyrna)

Part IV: The Church that Compromised (Pergamum)
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I choose to respond to this topic because I had an interesting thought a few minutes ago concerning Islam and the Churches. I should confess that I am not exactly sure what I am about to say here...

in the cities where the 7 churches were at the time of the receiving of the Gospel of Revelations and several hundred years after, al these cities were Christian, today all these places are Muslim and Christians remaining from the original churches are being persecuted...in Turkey, which was a mainly Christian country until the 1300's- I believe when Islam began to rule. the other churches are situated in Middle Eastern countries where Islam rules.

I am a Christian and I love Jesus and I know that He and Our father loves me. I study the Bible religiously and believe every word to be the word of God KJV.

Perhaps the one who comes on a white horse conquering and to conquer... is the Anti-christ and his power is Islam and Sharia Law.. the so-called religion of peace. For about 800 years the Christians fought for Constantinople, the seat of Christianity, but Islam conquered in the end, just as it is happening here in North America. Once conquered and installed, it cannot be removed.

Sorry I veered from the topic, but it was just a thought and as you read it, so I wrote it, never had it occurred to me before a few moments ago. I could be wrong.
Just a thought...
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They really could use to make these things either downloadable or user friendly for slow connections. Thanks for trying to provide Nebula!

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