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Weight problems.... possitive ideas?

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I grew up self concious about my own version of weight and body image. So I. Always avoided looking at weight and just learn to accept my size. On the otherhand, its terribly hard to know how to motivate someone you love to accept themselves and change their size because of their health risks. I feel evil when I cough him not to eat too much because I get flashbacks of how people hatefully tried to control me to think I wasn't a "normal" looking woman. We both love each other so there isn't a awkward. Hesitancy of telling the truth and opening up about things. But this area is very senitive so it have been a topic I avoid to say. I love what he looks like now cuz looks isn't everything btwn us and I'm use to complimenting his looks, but he's telling me that he's on the verge of diabetes or other risks so I feel like I'm complementing him straight into sickness.... any advice on this??? n
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cook healthier foods? lower the carb intake as well as the sugars, because carbs turn into sugar. and exercise portion control with him. i've found that seems to be the easiest way to "diet", because i'm not depriving myself of anything i want. the problem i DO have is stopping at one serving. i bought this thing off amazon, a portion sizer thingy. it's my crutch. it's this red plastic thing with four cut-outs... one for meats (which is cut out all the way to the edge so that you don't have to try and fit a square peg in a round hole, so to speak), and three smaller, round holes, one for fruit, one for veggies, one for grains/starches. using that tool helped me visualize how much i should be eating, and i was not only losing weight, i was feeling healthier.

i'm not diabetic, but my dad was, and my mom is "borderline", so i'm at risk. but i think this method of eating is the best option for controlling both weight and health, at least for people who love unhealthy foods.
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Here is the way I see it: God gave us only one body, there is nothing vain or sinful about taking care of that body!
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I'm sorry to hear about your situation. Maybe you can find a way to express to him that your concerns are not about the weight or his appearance, it's about his health. And that since you love him you would like for him to be around for as long ass possible. Sorry I couldn't help more. Good luck.
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LadyC is right ... carbs turn into sugar. Sugar turns to fat.

But, remember ... a mans' daily intake on calories is more than a woman. They need a little more food intake than us.
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My wife joined weight watchers and lost 58 lbs over a year and has kept it off. She no longers has problems with planter-fasciotous
(sp). She does not have to take chloresterol medicine anymore. Since she has lost the wieght all her health isuues have gone away.
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