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Book of Revelation

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Hello Elaine
I enjoy the book of Revelations and I believe we are living in a very exciting time. We don't know the day or hour but the global political and economic climate seem to be opportune.
In my younger years I had some religious education and for the book of Revelation the conclusion of the matter was a number of theories 'so take your pick'.

A few years later a good friend told me to hear a so called prophet 'William Branham'. My initial reaction 'prophet - heard that one before' but out of respect to my friend I went along.
My current perspective is that only God can speak things into existence, raise the dead, make the blind to see and make the lame whole.
The man William Branham is a sinner saved by grace like you and I but God chose to do a work, not to show that He can do these things but to catch the attention of those who will hear. (I personally know witnesses and recipients who can testify of William Branham's ministry)
I believe because we are living at the closing hour 'a mystical WORD' would not serve it's purpose. God is never late or in a hurry and at the right time He will make things known to accomplish His purpose.
If you choose to do so I would encourage you to check it out.
If only for an explanation to the book of Revelations.
God bless
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    I really enjoy discussing the Bible. There is so much to learn and so much to share.

    I am led to reach my hand out, in love, to those in need.
I would not take much of what William Branham's as truthful. You will not find many who believe in astronomical constellations and aspects of pyramidology as the base of a theological standard. Neither will you find anyone who believes God wrote three bibles, which he called the zodiac, the great pyramid and the holy bible.

If you want to understand Revelation, study scripture. The Holy Spirit will always teach those who seek to understand.
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the book of Revelations and most of the interpretations are wrong, the mark of the beast is a literal thing, it will be just as it is described, without it you will not be able to buy or sell.......legally..........so with this in mind be well aware the international bankers will be apart of the beast system, and also be aware that the beast is described as a Leopard, its a cunning and elusive creature, it hides and is always in the shadows

also in regards to the mark, it will require worship given to the beast, I'm guessing a world banking system that will require a universal ID will be a front runner for the mark, as the world banking system is who the money changers were in the days of Jesus
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